Metal Gear Solid 5 - C2W Mission Guide - Mission 4 Walkthrough

Metal Gear Solid 5 - C2W Mission Guide - Mission 4 Walkthrough

Sabotage the transceiver antennas using C4 with this Metal Gear Solid 5 C2W Mission guide. Mission 4 Walkthrough.

This Metal Gear Solid 5 - C2W Mission Guide - Mission 4 Walkthrough will show you how to complete the Metal Gear Solid C2W mission of The Phantom Pain. For this operation we decided to infiltrate from the west, moving east along the road until we reached the area of operation. We’ll also cover a side operation that you can complete along the way, but this is completely optional. Remember, if you choose to infiltrate for a different area, our plan of attack may not apply to you. Follow our Metal Gear Solid Mission 4 Guide for all the info you need.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 C2W Mission Guide - Mission 4 Walkthrough

As you move along the road there will be a guard post with three soldiers. If you have been playing ahead with your side operations you may have already completed this. If not, use your iDROID to mark all three bad guys, making sure not to kill the one marked as the Russian interpreter. You can kill his two buddies, but make sure you use non-lethal means to subdue him, and then the Fulton Extraction Device to send him back to Mother Base. This will allow you to listen in on Russian conversations, as well as interrogate Russian soldiers on the battlefield. Both of these will come in handy during this episode.

When that side quest is out of the way, move forward along the road and use your iDROID to scout the path ahead. There is a guard post a short way up with one soldier, and three more additional soldiers who will occasionally patrol to the same post. The three additional soldiers are split up into a group of two and another lone bad guy. Just let the team of two move through the area before you make any moves on the remaining two (lone) enemies.

We would advise that you stick to the north side of the road until the coast is clear, and then sneak behind the lone soldier at the spotlight and take him down. You have the option of killing him, choking him out, or even interrogating him for some additional information. We’d advise you do the latter, choosing to ask him about the locations of all his comrades.

When the soldier who uses the search light is down, hide his body and wait for the lone patrolling soldier to return. Take him out as well, also hiding his body so that nobody else can spot it. From here you will want to return to the north (left) side of the road, working your way up the cliffs that overlook the camp. There will be on soldier who wanders up from time to time, but you should have no trouble taking him out without the rest of the camp knowing. For the most part you won’t have to eliminate any other soldiers to complete your mission, but you can proceed how you see fit.

Your goal here is to blow up three transceiver antennas, which look like small satellite dishes on top of three separate rooftops. Before you begin, target each one with your iDROID and ask for additional intelligence on it. This will put them on your map. From here you’ll want to sneak close to each building, climb on top and plant some C4. If you don’t have C4, things are going to get rather sketchy, as you’ll have to use grenades instead, alerting your foes before you can get clear of the base.

You shouldn’t need to kill any additional enemies to complete this task, so just make sure you’ve marked them all and can keep tabs on their whereabouts. When they have their backs to you, sneak to the transceiver antennas and plant the C4. Once you have planted all three, sneak back out of the camp in the direction you came from. When you’re clear of the area, you can blow the C4 and call in your extraction helicopter.

Of course, if you wish to do right by Mother Base and expand your operation, there is a benefit to moving through the camp and systematically taking out all of the occupying soldiers. This will allow you to gather resources that you might need in the future, and perhaps even complete an additional side operation. If you’d rather quit while you’re ahead, use your iDROID to call for a lift home and meet it at the landing zone.

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