Metal Gear Solid 5 - Lingua Franca Mission Guide - Mission 14, Extract the Interpreter - How to get S Rank

Metal Gear Solid 5 - Lingua Franca Mission Guide - Mission 14, Extract the Interpreter - How to get S Rank

Rescue the Viscount in about three minutes in this MGS5 Lingua Franca mission walkthrough.

This Metal Gear Solid 5 Lingua Franca mission guide will tell you exactly how to get the elusive S Rank as quickly as possible in Mission 14 of MGS5. This is one of the easier missions to get an S Rank on, with the time bonus alone being enough to get the job done. In fact, it will only take you a few minutes from start to finish. We’ll still list all of the mandatory and optional objectives, and if it’s your first play through you will definitely want to extract the interpreter to add to your skills. If the S Rank is the reason you’re here, however, follow our Metal Gear Solid 5 - Lingua Franca Mission Guide and you’ll get your 130,000 points without much trouble at all.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 Lingua Franca S Rank Guide

  • Identify the Afrikaans interpreter (Optional).
  • Identify the Viscount (Optional).
  • Extract the Viscount (Mandatory).
  • Pinpoint the locations of the four prisoners from an Intel file (Optional).
  • Extract three prisoners held at Kiziba Camp (Optional).
  • Extract a materials container at Kiziba Camp (Optional).
  • Listen to all four prisoner interrogations (Optional).

Metal Gear Solid 5 Lingua Franca Mission Walkthrough - Mission 14

Just to be clear, if this is your first play through you’ll want to work on some of the optional objectives, leaving the S Rank play through for later on. The Afrikaans interpreter is someone of use to you, and the materials container can be extremely helpful in expanding Mother Base. Don’t ignore these items just so you can get a good score.

If you’re just looking for the S Rank, you’ll want to infiltrate using the landing zone to the northeast of Kiziba Camp. When you land, bring up your iDROID and set a custom waypoint that is directly east from your location, halfway between the road and the 04 that is displayed on your map. Here you will find the only mandatory objective of the mission, and your key to getting the S Rank.

Grab your D-Horse and start riding to the east, closing in on your custom waypoint. In case you were off by a bit, your goal is to find a hut that doesn’t have any walls, and is guarded by a lone solider. You should have no problem sneaking up on this fool, and when you do a tranquilizer dart to the face will help you to secure the No Kills bonus that will add to your score.

With the soldier down, bring him out from under the roof and send him to the skies with a Fulton Recovery Device. Return to the hut (it’s more of a gazeebo, honestly) and do the same with the Viscount. From here you only need to summon your D-Horse, and then ride clean out of the hot zone to complete the mission.

When it’s all over you should be done this mission in about three minutes, and without triggering any Combat Alerts. You should also be able to land the No Kills and No Reflex bonuses, and should easily have the 130,000 points that you need to secure the S Rank for MGS5 Mission 14.

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