Metal Gear Solid 5 - Over the Fence Mission Guide - Mission 5 - Extract the Prisoner

Metal Gear Solid 5 - Over the Fence Mission Guide - Mission 5 - Extract the Prisoner

Extract the prisoner from Wakh Sind Barracks with this Metal Gear Solid 5 Mission 5 walkthrough for the Over the Fence mission.

This Metal Gear Solid 5 Over the Fence mission guide will show you exactly how to complete the challenging mission 5 in the early hours of Metal Gear Solid 5. For this mission we chose to infiltrate using the landing zone to the east, however you should choose the LZ to the south. We also spent some time cleaning the camp out of materials and resources, but will be focusing on showing you how to complete your primary objective and get back out undetected. Follow our Metal Gear Solid 5 - Over the Fence Mission Guide - Mission 5 walkthrough for all the info you need.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 Over the Fence Mission Walkthrough - Mission 5

As mentioned, we used the east landing zone, but knowing what we do now, the south landing zone might be the better option. If you look at the map on your iDROID, you will see that there is a large building to the north side of the camp. If you make it to this building you can descend the stairs and rescue the target. The problem with our landing zone (east) is that it requires you to pass by a large amount of enemies, while the south LZ provides a better path to the target.

Land to the south and make your way north until you see a few small guard posts. You’ll have to spend some time studying the movements of your foes and systematically taking a few out, but keep in mind that your job gets much easier if you interrogate a few enemy soldiers. It doesn’t matter which ones, but isolate a one or two enemies and ask about the positions of their friends, as well as to tell you everything that they know. This should give you an idea of where most soldiers are, as well as the location of the target.

Stay on the west side of the camp and make your way north. There should be a large gun on top of a hill, and just beyond that will be a shipping container. Near to this will be a fence line that you can follow all the way to the target building. Expect to find at least one soldier on top of the building, as well as several more that will frequently patrol in it and around it. In fact, several soldiers have patrol routes that pass through the building and past the target’s cell.

What you want to do is mark as many soldiers as you can, and then sneak into the building. Once inside, there are plenty of places that you can hide from patrols, or hide the bodies of people on patrol. You will also want to eliminate the soldier posted on the roof, as that is the area that you will be using to extract the target using your Fulton Recovery Device.

When you have cleaned out any patrols, as well as the extraction point on the roof, make sure to loot this building for materials. These are essential to upgrading Mother Base, and there are plenty to be found around here. After that, pick the lock on the cell door of your target, and then carry him up the stairs to the roof. From here you can use the Fulton Recovery Device to extract him, completing the primary objective of your mission.

What you do now is up to you. There are plenty of other buildings to loot, and there is even another secondary objective to complete - the extraction of another prisoner who is hiding to the south of the camp, on a hill top that overlooks it. You can spend some time killing and looting, or you can simply make your way out of the hot zone and call for a helicopter extraction. We’d advise the former, as you have a lot to gain by gathering up materials for Mother Base.

If you choose to simply extract, follow the same path out that you took in. You should call your chopper in a minute or two before you arrive, just in case you get spotted and have to get out of there in a hurry. Once you’re the helicopter you can choose between heading back to Mother Base, or if you’re up for it you can go back out on another mission.

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