Metal Gear Solid 5 - Phantom Limbs Mission 1 Guide - Infiltrate the Village and Rescue the Target

Metal Gear Solid 5 - Phantom Limbs Mission 1 Guide - Infiltrate the Village and Rescue the Target

Infiltrate the village and rescue the target in this Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Limbs mission guide and walkthrough. A complete guide to MGS5 Mission 1.

This Metal Gear Solid 5 - Phantom Limbs Mission Guide will provide a walkthrough of the Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Limbs, mission 1 in MGS5, highlighting exactly how to complete the mission as quickly as possible. We won’t be worrying too much about secondary objectives and collectibles, instead trying to help you find the quickest path to complete the mission. Of course, you can take any detours that you see fit if you would like to wander around and explore a little bit more.

If you need anything else on Metal Gear Solid 5 whatsoever, including additional mission walkthrough guides as well as general tips and tricks, make sure to head over to our Metal Gear Solid 5 guides walkthrough hub.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Limbs Mission Walkthrough Guide - Mission 1

Start off by doing as you’re told, bringing out your iDROID and getting the lay of the land. You’ll then need to spot the Da Wialo Kallai village to the northwest using your binoculars. If you aren’t sure which direction you are facing, bring up your iDROID and you can reference north, south, east and west. We’ll be using the compass to guide you through this expansive land quite often.

Also to the northwest, about halfway between your current position and the village will be a guard post that has two guards stationed at it. You can avoid this without much trouble at all, but we decided it would be best to pay them a visit and try our stealth and combat skills against two, isolated foes. You can ride your horse almost all the way up there, but should dismount before one of them can spot you.

For our first interaction with the enemy, we tried both ranged and close quarters tactics, shooting the closest guard in the head. For the second bad guy, we snuck up and performed a stealth kill. You don’t have to go the lethal route, and can instead choose to knock your foe out, or even interrogate them. Interrogation is absolutely the way to go, as this will provide you additional intelligence that can help you complete your objectives.

Your approach on the village should come from its west, which is also ideal because there is high ground that you can use to spot the enemy using your binoculars. We didn’t actually see a lot of movement, but we did spot a Soviet flag and a satellite dish, giving away that we were most likely looking at the command post. You will want to infiltrate that location and gather intelligence on Kazuhira Miller’s whereabouts.

Sneak toward the command post, crossing over a small wooden bridge with a light colored building in front of it. There will be a guard to your left, and another guard will occasionally wander over and meet up with him, meaning you can’t just kill him and leave his body to be found.

When you cross the bridge, look to your 10 o’clock and you should see an open entrance to a building beside the light colored one a few feet in front of you. That is where you want to go. You just have to watch out that no guards spot you along the way, but once you’re inside you should be out of sight. Keep in mind that if you use your binoculars you can mark guards, keeping tabs on their patrol routes so that you can plan your moves. It goes without saying that patience is a huge benefit in Metal Gear Solid.

Just inside that building will be a Rough Diamond that you want to pick up, and there will be a window next to it that you’ll be climbing through when the time is right. Wait for the guard to walk away, and then hop through the window and turn to the left. You’ll be going through the metal door that has one side open and one closed, and then turning right and going up the stairs. You should be alone up here, and after you enter the nearby room you can locate the file on the desk. This will give you a better idea of where Miller is being held.

You’re now free to move toward Miller’s position, but first you have to sneak back out of this village. We would advise that you go back the way you came, and then circle around to the east. If you look at your iDROID you will see the number 19 marked on it, and that is where we would suggest that you head. This gives you a straight shot to approach Miller’s location to the north. It also allows you to avoid having to sneak through the bulk of the enemy and buildings that you face if you approach his location from the west.

There will be a few guards in the village and area where Miller is being held, but for the most part you should be able to sneak in. We had some trouble here, as the suppressor on our weapon broke at the worst possible time. This caused the entire enemy force to attack, with reinforcements from Da Wialo Kallai actually traveling across the map to make our lives difficult. If you end up in a firefight, just be sure to stay in cover and pick off your advancing foes one at a time. Don’t forget to mark them if at all possible.

Whether you sneak in or fight your way in, you’ll find Miller handcuffed to a wall. Approach and interact with him to trigger a cut scene, and when it’s over throw your friend on your back and get ready to move. You’ll be extremely vulnerable while carrying him, so ensure that you have either killed everyone, or you have marked them and know their location. You really don’t want to start getting shot at while carrying your friend on your back.

After reaching the LZ the Skulls will show up and ruin your extraction. Throw Miller on your horse, and then hop on as well. The Skulls are covering the only way out of the area, with the path behind you being considered out of bounds. We waited a long time to see if they would move, but eventually found that sneaking by them would be nearly impossible. The game seems determined to throw you into a chase sequence here, so you might as well oblige.

Ride across the bridge and toward the secondary LZ. You are going to be chased and hounded by the Skulls, but if you keep ducking and weaving around objects you should be able to limit the damage that you take. Try passing through ditches, behind rocks, and ultimately just keeping your movement as unpredictable as you can. Eventually you’ll lose them and the mission will be near its end.

The only thing left to do is to dismount and throw Miller on your back again. Approach the LZ and get him on the chopper. Once that’s done you’ll want to board yourself, which is the last bit of business you have to worry about in this episode.

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