Metal Gear Solid 5 - Pitch Dark Mission Guide - Mission 13 - How to get S Rank

Metal Gear Solid 5 - Pitch Dark Mission Guide - Mission 13 - How to get S Rank

Easily earn your S Rank on the Pitch Dark mission in this walkthrough for MGS5 mission 13.

This Metal Gear Solid 5 Pitch Dark guide will run through how to complete mission 13, while also ensuring you achieve the S Rank for your efforts. We’ll cover how to complete all of the mandatory objectives in Pitch Dark, plus list the optional objectives and what they require. Our play MGS5 Pitch Dark walkthrough will focus on getting you the fastest time possible, since a time bonus provides you with the highest score possible. In order to get an S Rank on any of the missions, players must score 130,000 points, or more.

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MGS5 Pitch Dark S Rank Guide

  • Shut down the oil transfer pump (Mandatory).
  • Destroy the oil water separator tank (Mandatory).
  • Extract four child soldiers being trained at Masa Village (Optional).
  • Escape the hot zone before Mfinda Oilfield is sealed off (Optional).
  • Extract the vulture that wandered into the burned village (Optional).
  • Extract four Walker Gears sealing off Mfinda Oilfield (Optional).

Metal Gear Solid 5 Pitch Dark Mission Walkthrough - Mission 13

As with our previous S Rank walkthroughs, we’ll be skipping a few steps to help you get the highest score you possibly can. You do get additional points for completing some of the optional objectives, but these take more time, and the payout for finishing them doesn’t beat the payout for getting a faster time.

Begin by completely ignoring what the game wants you to do. Well, if you are just looking to play through and get the most out of things, and don’t care about the S Rank, maybe you should listen to the game. If the S Rank is you goal, however, head north to the Mfinda Oilfield. You can take D-Horse most of the way, but you should avoid the main path if at all possible.

When you arrive, have your tranquilizer gun handy and take a look at the complex from the cliff. You should see two objectives on your screen - one to the left and one to the right. For now you are going to sneak toward the one to the right, neutralizing any guards that you bump into along the way. Use your tranquilizer pistol if you want the no kills bonus, and your Fulton Recovery Device if you need to add a few helping hands to your Mother Base. You might also want to use D-Dog here, as your canine friend can mark targets that you have no line of sight on.

When you reach the objective, shut down the oil transfer pump, and then sneak your way back out of the base to the cliff you started from. If you don’t have a rocket launcher with you, call for one to be dropped off, and then take aim at your second objective, the oil water separator tank. You can shoot it with a rocket while on the hill, making your exfiltration from the base that much easier.

You’ll want to switch back to your D-Horse at this point (or never switch away from it in the first place), and then ride your way out of the hot zone to complete the mission. As long as you really moved, you should have a high enough score based on the time bonus alone. If you didn’t get spotted, and didn’t kill anyone, you should have more than enough.

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