Metal Gear Solid 5 - Traitor’s Caravan Mission Guide - Mission 16 Walkthrough - How to get an S Rank

Metal Gear Solid 5 - Traitor’s Caravan Mission Guide - Mission 16 Walkthrough - How to get an S Rank

An S Rank in under five minutes in this Metal Gear Solid 5 Traitor's Caravan mission guide. Mission 16 Walkthrough.

This Metal Gear Solid 5 Traitor's Caravan mission guide will teach you how to beat mission 16 while also obtaining that fabled S Rank. To do this, we will focus on getting the time bonus, completing the mission in less than five minutes. We’ll still list all of the mandatory and optional objectives for you, but the optional objectives are not necessary for the S Rank. The only criteria to an S Rank is 130,000 points during the mission. The time bonus alone will more than cover this. Follow our Metal Gear Solid 5 - Traitor’s Caravan Mission Guide - Mission 16 Walkthrough for all the details on how to get an S Rank.

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Metal Gear Solid 5 Traitor's Caravan S Rank Guide - Mission 16 Walkthrough

  • Identify the armored escort unit (Optional).
  • Identify the transport truck (Optional).
  • Extract the transport truck (Mandatory).
  • Eliminate the Skulls (Optional).
  • Extract the transport truck driver (Optional).
  • Pinpoint the escort unit’s route by recovering the intel file (Optional).
  • List to all conversations between the transport driver and soldiers (Optional).
  • Extract three zero risk security soldiers (Optional).

Metal Gear Solid 5 Traitor's Caravan Mission Walkthrough - Mission 16 Guide

After being dropped off by the helicopter, ignore the game’s instructions to move to the nearby outpost. This is something you might want to do on a first play through, trying to knock off the optional objectives and extract the zero risk soldiers. For an S Rank walkthrough, however, you only need to skip to the final part of the mission and complete it quickly. For us, that was about five minutes from infiltration to the time that we exited the hot zone.

For this mission, D-Horse the way to go. Ride him to the south, heading around to the southwest side of the Nova Braga Airport. Once there you will see a gap in the barbed wire on top of the fence, and a box that will let you vault over to gain access to the airport grounds. Sneak along the wall in front of you, and as you approach the truck you will trigger a cut scene.

When the cut scene is over the truck will be surrounded by four Skulls, which isn’t really a problem given our strategy. Sneak forward and plant the Fulton Recovery Device (Cargo +2) on the truck, ignoring the Skulls even if you find yourself in Reflex Mode (where time slows down). Just attach the Fulton Recovery Device and then start to run southeast along the runway.

The Skulls will of course chase you, so call D-Horse as you’re sprinting, jumping on when he runs alongside you. Continue to gallop to the end of the runway, going out the exit and into the fields beyond the airport. The Skulls will try and get ahead of you, shooting at you when they can. If you see them trying to box you in, take a hard turn with D-Horse to throw them off. It won’t be a short chase, but if you don’t flee in a straight line you should be able to lose them without much trouble. The moment that you are out of the hot zone you’ll complete the mission.

No point sticking around this area. When the Skulls give up the chase, call for your helicopter and take a trip back to Mother Base. If you were able to follow in our footsteps, you should have more than enough to get the S Rank based on the time bonus alone.

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