Diablo 3 Ganon Armor Guide - How to Get the Ganondorf Armor, Transmog Guide

Diablo 3 Ganon Armor Guide - How to Get the Ganondorf Armor, Transmog Guide

Hyrule’s baddest has come to Diablo 3 on Switch. If you’re looking for info on how to get the Ganondorf armor, you’ve come to the right place.

Diablo 3 finally arrived on the Nintendo Switch towards the end of 2018, continuing the trend of fantastic games being ported to Nintendo's latest console. In this complete Diablo 3 Ganondorf Armor guide, we'll be walking you through how to unlock the Ganon Armor in Diablo 3 as easily as possible.

If you’re jumping back into Diablo 3 for the Switch version, or if you’re a complete newcomer, you’ll want to check out our Diablo 3 Best Class and Builds Guide.

Diablo 3 Ganon Armor

To celebrate Diablo 3 coming to Nintendo Switch, Blizzard and Nintendo have collaborated on a brand new armor set. It’s modelled after the baddest boy in all of Hyrule, and looks pretty awesome in battle. You’ll need to have picked up the Eternal Collection of Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch first, which includes Diablo 3, Rise of the Necromancer, and Reaper of Souls. Even then, the armor is not available from the outset, as you’ll need to use the Transmogrify system. Let’s take a look at how it works, below.

How to Get the Diablo 3 Ganondorf Armor

So you’ve picked up the Diablo 3 Eternal Collection on Nintendo Switch, you’ve booted it up ready to lay waste to your foes as Ganon, but cannot seem to find the armor in your inventory. Well, you’ll need to Transmogrify the armor first, and you’ll also need a fair bit of gold. We’ve detailed the steps for getting the Ganondorf armor below:

  • First, head to Town (any will do)
  • Head over to the starter chest (image below)
  • Select the "Legend of Ganondorf" text and then head into your inventory and use it
  • A message will appear onscreen saying "Transmogrification Unlockd"
  • Now, you’ll need to locate the Mystic - Myriam Jahzia
  • Myriam will allow you to Transmogrify new armor, so select “Transmogrify”
  • You’ll need to change all 6 pieces of armor into the Ganondorf variation to get the full set
Source: GameXplain

How Much Does the Diablo 3 Ganondorf Armor Cost?

Transmogrifying can get pretty pricey, especially because you’re essentially just altering the appearance of existing armor. You’ll need to change six pieces of armor, at 50,000 Gold a piece. This means that if you want a full set of Diablo 3 Ganondorf armor, you’ll need 300,000 Gold in total.

When Does Transmogrify Unlock in Diablo 3?

Unfortunately, the ability to Transmogrify is not available from the get-go, and you’ll need to do a quest first. The quest in quest-ion is part of the main story campaign. In Act V, you’ll visit the Mystic Myriam Jahzia and escort her to camp in a mission called “Souls of the Dead”. After completing this, Transmogrify and the Ganondorf armor will be available.

Source: GameXplain

Diablo 3 Ganondorf Armor Stats

Given that the Ganondorf armor is exclusive to Nintendo Switch, and singled out as a special item, you might be expecting some crazy stat boosts or high armor rating. Unfortunately, the Ganondorf armor is just a cosmetic piece, only available via the Transmog system. Transmog only alters the appearance of existing armor, and does not change any of the attributes.

Source: GameXplain

Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch Cucco Companion

The Ganondorf Armor isn't the only thing that Diablo 3 Switch players get for picking up the Eternal Collection, there's also a new companion. It's the Cucco, basically a chicken, and is available in your inventory when loading up the game. There's also a Triforce Portrait, and some The Echoes of the Mask wings.

Diablo 3 amiibo Portal

If you followed the steps for picking up the Ganondorf Armor, you'll have seen the amiibo portal. All you need to do is move it into your inventory and use it when in battle. Depending on what amiibo you use, a different selection of enemies will appear, each group granting special armor and loot. You can only use an amiibo once every 21 hours, so choose carefully.

Source: GameXplain

That’s everything you need to know about the Ganondorf armor in Diablo 3 for Nintendo Switch. If you have any questions, or have run into any issues with picking up your armor, let us know in the comments.

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