Mad Max Walkthrough - Balefire Flatland Story Missions Guide

Mad Max Walkthrough - Balefire Flatland Story Missions Guide

Unlock Jeet and Gutgash's strongholds and install the sniper rifle! All this and more in our Mad Max walkthrough for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

In this Mad Max Walkthrough we tackle the Balefire Flatland Story Missions so you can complete them with ease. Read on for info on how to unlock Jeet and Gutgash's strongholds and install the sniper rifle! All this and more in our Mad Max walkthrough for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Mad Max Story Mission - Into Madness Walkthrough

-Follow Stank Gum's Legion.-

Drive a short distance until a new green marker appears on the map. These are the Stank Gum's Legion, but you won't be engaging them just yet. After another cut scene, head north until another green marker appears on your map, which is Jeet's stronghold. Along the way you'll pass an abandoned ship. Stop the car and look inside the ship to find another History Relic, two scrap locations and a fuel can.

Get in the balloon on the far side of the ship and go as high as you can to reveal the Black Maws region. Move your binocular view to the left to reveal three scarecrow locations, two oil pump camps, a sniper, a Top Dog camp and a Death Run. Below the second oil pump camp you'll find another sniper that can be revealed. Circle all the way around, or move your view to the right to see Jeet's Stronghold. Just below that is another scarecrow location that can be revealed. This unlocks a fast travel location.

Head back down to the surface, then head just east of the ship to find a second ship that holds another scrap location, shotgun ammo and a shiv. You can now head back to your car and continue on your mission.

It's recommended to check out your map to see all the new locations you just revealed. Taking out the scarecrows is helpful to reduce the threat level in the region (taking out one will allow Griffa to enter the region), as well as provide scrap for you. There are also snipers similar to the one at the Undertow oil pump camp from before.

-Drive to Jeet's stronghold.-

-Make a deal with Jeet.-

-Speak with Chum about the sniper rifle.-

-Collect the trigger mechanism.-

Handle any side activities you'd like, then head to Jeet's stronghold when you're ready. Upon reaching the marker you get to watch a lovely a cut scene. Once that's over, head up the stairs to the left and speak with Jeet. Go back down to the garage area and speak with Chum, then head back up the stairs to find the trigger mechanism at the next marker.

-Install the sniper rifle.-

-Exit Jeet's stronghold.-

-Test the sniper rifle.-

-Drive to Dead Barrens Pass.-

Head back down to Chum and install the sniper rifle (you need 40 scrap), then get in the Magnum Opus to leave the stronghold. At this point you have a lot of options. There are plenty of scavenging locations, camps and scarecrows in this area, as well as another Death Run and convoy. Many of these are already marked on the map, but driving close to any of them or accessing the vantage outposts will reveal many of their locations as well.

If you decide to head directly to Dead Barrens Pass, you will pass several hostile locations along the way. You can simply race past them and deal with these areas later, or take care of these scavenging points, camps and snipers as you come across them. The choice is yours, but be sure to check out our camp guide for walkthroughs of each camp in the area.

When you arrive at Dead Barrens Pass, there's a fuel can near the entrance if you need it. Head up the ramp and then climb the ladder. Continue to climb until you reach the top, you can go down the path to the right, but before you do climb down the ladder here. It's easy to miss if you just turn the corner and run, as it looks like the end of the path, but there is a ladder here.

Climb down the ladder to find more scrap on the platform below. Head back up the ladder, then down the hallway to the left and into the room at the end. Continue to work your way along the path here as you move deeper into the complex. When you head down the next flight of stairs you'll find shotgun ammo at the bottom. Continue down the path until you reach the next open area where a Buckler enemy awaits.

The Buckler has a shield and most of his attacks need to be avoided with a dodge in either direction. After he lunges toward you, quickly run over and attack with a barrage of punches. When he recovers, back away and wait for another lunge attack. If you stay on him, he will randomly counter an attack with his shield and you'll take damage, so it's best to back off and let him use the lunge attack.

Once the Buckler is down, the other normal enemies attack. Take them out, then head through the northwest doorway to find more scrap in the next room. Go through the doorway to the left and continue straight to find another small room to the right. Head into the room to find a History Relic.

Continue down the path and into the next open area. Circle around to the left to find a water source, refill your canteen if need be, then continue to circle around to the left. Before you reach the next open area, look to the right to find more scrap off to the side.

Head back into the main area and up the stairs on the far side. When you reach the room at the top, climb up the bumpers on the wall to the right.

Continue up to the top to find two sniper rounds to the right. Collect the loot, then climb the ladder here and move around the stairs. Before you go up the stairs to the right, head left to go down the stairs instead. Climb down the ladder at the bottom of the stairs then circle around the small area to find scrap on the other side. Collect the loot, then head back up to the stairs and continue to the very top for a cut scene.

-Return to Chum.-

There's yellow paint on the ground on the northeast side of the platform. Stand there and you can zip line down to the rooftop below. In the corner is the final piece of scrap in this area. Kick down the ladder to the northeast, climb down and head back to Chum to complete the mission. Head back to the stronghold and speak with Chum again to begin the next mission.

Story Mission - A Wasteland Classic

-Speak with Jeet.-

-Exit Jeet's stronghold.-

-Find the required car body.-

View the archangel requirements in the garage, then speak with Jeet. Head back down stairs and talk to Chum again to get your first Wasteland Mission, then get in your vehicle to leave the stronghold. The Wasteland Missions are optional, so we've covered them in a separate article.

If you continue with the current mission, head over to the Dry Gustie vantage outpost and unlock it by getting in the balloon and scanning the area for notable points. There are a few enemies in this outpost, but nothing to worry about. You can also find food by the grill and a water source upstairs. Unlocking this vantage point allows you to fast travel back to the Blackmaws vantage point so you can easily complete your first Wasteland Mission (Dinki-Di) if you desire.

When you're ready to continue with the main story mission, head to the next green marker on the map. There are several enemies waiting for you here. Take them down, then you can find sniper ammo right in front of the car body you've been looking for. There are also two pieces of scrap just southwest of the car body. To the right of the scrap you can climb up to the platform above. Use the ladder from here to reach the top platform to find a Scrap Crew Project Part.

-Use the garage to install the upgrades for the Jack.-

-Drive to Gutgash's stronghold.-

-Collect the welding wire.-

-Use the garage to install the final upgrade for the Jack.-

With the area completely looted, access the garage from the pause menu and install the car body you just found to change the body of the Magnum Opus to the Shovelface. Your next objective is to head to Gutgash's stronghold in the Parch Moon region to the west. Once you arrive, head up the stairs straight ahead as you make your way toward the green marker where the welding wire is found.

Collect the wire, then access the garage in the pause menu and install the baby bars armor to complete the mission. This also unlocks the archangels. Before you can begin the next mission, you need to dismantle one of the camps in Gutgash's territory (Parch Moon) and reach Day Lizard rank. Head over to our camp dismantling guide to find walkthroughs of each camp in the region.

Continue on to the Parch Moon Story Missions and Jeet's stronghold.

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