Mad Max Walkthrough - In It for Glory and Paint My Name in Blood Missions Guide

Mad Max Walkthrough - In It for Glory and Paint My Name in Blood Missions Guide

Find Glory in The Dunes, defeat Stank Gum, clear Scrotus' convoy and beat the game!

As we reach the end of Mad Max on PS4, Xbox One, and PC we round out our walkthrough with a guide to In It for Glory and Paint My Name in Blood Missions. Read on for a complete guide on how to finish Mad Max, defeat Stank Gum and clear the convoy.

Destroy the vehicle to complete the game. Congratulations! However, there's still a lot left to do if you haven't completed all of the camps and Wasteland Missions. Head back to our Mad Max guide hub for more tips and walkthroughs!

Mad Max Story Mission - In It For Glory

-Follow the tire tracks.-

-Reach the dig sites.-

-Descend the elevator shaft.-

Head out to The Dunes to the next green marker to find the old man sitting by himself. Approach him to begin the mission. Follow the green line marked on you map showing the tire tracks. When you reach the main gate at the end of the tracks, boost through it to see another short cut scene.

You're not back in the airport from before. Drive toward the next green marker until you reach the elevators ahead. Get out of the Magnum Opus and head down the open elevator shaft. Go down the ladder, then climb up the wall at the bottom to find yourself in another room. Head right to find another ladder on the right.

Climb down then move across the top of the elevators. When you reach the bottom, go up the ramp ahead and into the next room. Head left to find scrap at the end of the room, ammo in the far right corner and more scrap to the left. Continue through the doorway to the east. If you want all the scrap you can find, there's another piece down the stairs, otherwise head up the stairs to continue.

-Defeat the Buzzards.-

--Investigate the dig site.-

-Find Glory.-

Go through the door at the top of the stairs to engage a few enemies in the next room. There's food in the room to the south if you need it, otherwise investigate the dig site to the west to find a child, but unfortunately not the one you've been looking for.

Kick open the door to the north, to find three more dig sites. Head down into the dig site to the left (southwest) to find two more pieces of scrap. Investigate the hole at the end but you won't find anything there. Head back up and investigate the next dig site to the north. Take out a few enemies down below, pick up the two pieces of scrap and look in the hole here to find a child, but not Glory.

-Investigate the noise.-

-Bring Glory back out.-

-Put Glory into the Buzzard car.-

-Drive Glory to her mother.-

After the ground shakes it's time to investigate what happened. Head back up again and move south toward the next green marker. Head through the doorway and investigate the hole to the right. Move around to the back side of the hole and squeeze through the narrow opening. Interact with the ice cream bin on the other side to find Glory.

Go back through the small opening, then through the doorway ahead. Another boss-like enemy appears with a few normal enemies. Focus on the normal enemies first, then treat the boss that you would any other enemy of this nature. Wait for him to charge, then dodge and counterattack. After each counterattack another group of lesser enemies attacks. Repeat the process until all enemies are down, then pick up Glory and put her in the Buzzard vehicle, then get in the car yourself.

Follow the green line on your map to reach Hope. As soon as you get out of the airport a group of Buzzard vehicles will ambush you. Use mines anytime they're behind you and the side ram attack if they get next to your vehicle. If a Buzzard car gets in front of you, watch out for the mines they'll drop. As long as you stay ahead this won't be a problem, but if you fall behind, just avoid the mines, side ram any vehicles that get close and drop mines of your own as often as possible. Once you reach Hope, the mission is complete.

When you're ready to start the next mission, walk toward Friah to see a cut scene. After the cinematic you need to reach Chum's Hideout to the far south. Be careful along the way because you don't have Chum to fix your vehicle at the moment.

You can fast travel to the vantage outpost in the Blackmaws region to cut your travel time significantly. There's an intel point just south of Chum's Hideout which will inform you that Scrotus and Stank Gum are inside. You should use the Griffa location in this region to upgrade Max again before the upcoming battle. Head over to the Chum's Hideout and walk toward the Magnum Opus to begin the next mission.

Mad Max Story Mission - All Is Lost Forever

-Defeat Stank Gum.-

-Drive to Deep Friah's temple.-

The battle against Stank Gum is very similar the battle against Tenderloin after the big Gastown race. Wait for Stank Gum to attack, then counter or dodge depending on the type of attack. Periodically lesser enemies will join the battle. Just keep the camera facing a bulk of the enemies so you know when to dodge and when to counter to avoid being attacked from behind.

Once Stank Gum is down you must head back to Deep Friah's temple. You can't fast travel directly to the temple, but you can go to the vantage outpost in the Dump region to cut your travel time. Once you reach Deep Friah's temple the mission is complete. To begin the next mission, travel to Gastown then head east and then north to the green marker on your map. When you reach the door, access it to begin the mission.

Mad Max Story Mission - Paint My Name In Blood

-Eliminate Scrotus' escort.-

-Destroy the Land Mover.-

-Ram the Land Mover.-

The final mission is basically just a convoy run. You have to defeat all of Scrotus' escort vehicles before you can do anything to the Land Mover. Use the harpoon to take down the tires of most vehicles to quickly disable them. Other's you'll have to harpoon the doors off to get to the drivers.

If the Magnum Opus takes too much damage, you can stop and have Chum fix the car, however you can't linger too long. After a short time a warning will appear on screen that you need to catch up to the Land Mover. If you don't get going soon after the warning appears the mission will end. If the Magnum Opus wasn't fixed enough, once you get close to the convoy again, stop and fix it more.

Once you've taken out all of the escorts, quickly move to both sides of the Land Mover and use the harpoon to tear off the sides. After you've removed a side panel, use the Thunderpoon or shotgun to blast it. You must do this to both sides to destroy the Land Mover. If you delay too long more escort vehicles will show up to interfere, although these new escorts do not have to be defeated in order to take down the Land Mover.

After a brief cut scene, the Land Mover is seen dangling off a cliff. Race toward the Land Mover to watch another cut scene. At this point you must pick up Thunderpoons scattered on the ground and wait for Scrotus to stop circling and face you in his vehicle. When this happens, aim the Thunderpoon at the vehicle, but keep in mind it will be moving toward you so you may have to aim lower than you might expect depending on how far away you are when you throw the Thunderpoon.

You won't be able to auto-aim like you could for most of the game. You'll have to finish off Scrotus the hard way.

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