Mad Max Walkthrough - Outer Graves and Blackmaws Story Missions Guide

Mad Max Walkthrough - Outer Graves and Blackmaws Story Missions Guide

Find Chum and escape the Graveyard as you begin to build the Magnum Opus. All this and more in our Mad Max walkthrough for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Carry on your adventure in Mad Max with out walkthrough of the Outer Graves and Blackmaws Story Missions. Find Chum and escape the Graveyard as you begin to build the Magnum Opus. All this and more in our Mad Max walkthrough for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Max Max Story Mission Walkthrough - Feral Man Guide

-Find water.-

-Drink from the canteen.-

-Find the dog.-

-Speak with Chumbucket.-

After the opening cinematic your first order of business is to find water. Run straight ahead to the green circle on the map. When you reach the water source ahead, fill your canteen. Drink from the canteen to replenish a small amount of Max's health, then it's time to search for your trusty dog. Yes, he was right next to you just a moment ago, but now he's mysteriously disappeared.

Run back out of the broken down structure and the green marker will appear again to indicate the location of the dog. Head toward the green marker to initiate a cut scene, then make your way to the next marker for a second cut scene.

-Find wire for Chum's buggy.-

-Loot the body.-

At the next green marker you'll find a dead body. Loot the body to find two shotgun shells, then continue toward the next marker to find a War Pup enemy waiting for you. With the shotgun shells you just discovered, fire one round into the enemy to put him on the ground, then continue toward the marker to find more War Pups. This time you need to take them out using your fists. There are two groups of enemies that need to be taken down before you can find the wire at the next marker.

-Return the wire to Chum.-

-Follow Chum to his buggy.-

-Put the dog in the back of the buggy.-

-Drive to the lookout point.-

-Follow Chum to the lookout point.-

Before you head back to Chum, collect the two items in this area. The first is in the tent and the second is on top of the carrier on the far side.

Head back the way you came to return to Chum, then carry the dog to Chum's buggy and place the dog in the back. Get inside the buggy and drive to the next green marker following the green path on your mini-map. When you arrive, get out of the car and follow Chum again for another cut scene that completes this mission.

Use the binoculars to look at the fortress ahead, then drive to Chum's hideout (the next green marker) to continue the story. When you're ready to start the next mission you can speak to Chum, but before that head back out and make your way to the scavenger location on the map. Here you'll find three more enemies that are easily taken down. Collect the scrap in both containers, then head back to Chum's to begin the next mission.

Mad Max Story Mission Walkthrough - Magnum Opus Guide

-Drive to the Graveyard.-

-Find fuel for the Magnum Opus.-

-Refuel the Magnum Opus.-

-Store a fuel can in the Magnum Opus.-

Head toward the next green marker on the map and soon you run low on fuel. At this point several more green markers appear on the map. The closest one (to your left) only has an empty fuel canister, but two pieces of scrap you can pick up. You have enough fuel to drive directly to the marker to the left, collect the items, then drive to the second marker on the right. You run out of fuel just as you reach the second marker so long as you didn't deviate from the direct path to each.

Get out of the car and take care of the three enemies that attack, then collect the fuel, refuel the tank of the Magnum Opus and put the second fuel can in the back of the vehicle. Collect the scrap in the tent to the right and inside the carrier just behind it, then get back in the car and head to the next green marker.

-Destroy the gate.-

-Find a car body.-

When you reach the gate, get out of the car and grab the spare fuel tank in the back. Ignite the tank and throw it at the gate. Get back in the vehicle and follow the green road on your map. Along the way there are several traps setup in the form of hanging bombs that explode on contact. There's no rush here, so drive slowly to avoid hitting the hanging bombs.

Some of the bombs will start swinging as you approach, exploding automatically after a few seconds. You'll hear the bombs detach, warning you that there's a swinging bomb ahead. You can choose to race past these bombs, or take the safer route and move slowly enough to stop when you hear the bombs detach. If you think you're an expert driver, feel free to put the pedal to the metal and drive through, but your car has a health bar, and the more reckless you are the more you risk blowing up your car.

-Reach the car body platform.-

-Collect the flashlight.-

After a short cut scene, run into the tunnel ahead. There's a piece of scrap along the left side of the tunnel as you make your way to the top. No enemies will attack at this point so don't worry about the person running ahead of you. Use the zip line at the top to reach the far side, then pick up the flashlight just ahead.

Squeeze through the crack ahead, then refill your canteen at the water source to the immediate right. At this point your health is probably still low from before, so drink out of the canteen twice to replenish it before taking the next zip line.

Continue to the left to find the second piece of scrap along the right wall. The third and final piece of scrap is located just beyond the green marker on the steel fence where all the wheels are hanging. Pick it up before you head to the green marker.

-Select a car body.-

-Defeat the Buzzards.-

Select the body that's most to your liking (we choose the Furnace body), then prepare for another fight. The body you choose doesn't impact your vehicle's stats, so select the one that's the most visually pleasing to you. Once you have a body selected you face off against Raza Rattlers for the first time. Raza Rattlers use attacks that you can't parry, indicated by a red marker around their body. Dodge these attacks, then wait for the Raza Rattler to attack so you can parry it and counter attack. If you attack like normal, the Raza Rattler will simply dodge your attacks indefinitely.

After taking down the first Raza Rattler, several Skinks will attack at once. These enemies look a bit like Raza Rattlers, but without the knife in their hands. Fight them like normal, then prepare to be bombarded with explosive attacks from above. The explosions will block the way you came in, but there's a wench on the other side (the way you came in is to the left, the crane is to the right).

-Escape the Graveyard.-

Break the wench to knock down the makeshift wall and reveal a way out. Run across the fallen wall then break down the ladder and climb down. Get into your car and follow the green road on your mini-map. Bombs will rain down upon you, but if you stay toward the center of the road you won't have to worry about them.

Once you pass through the first gate you'll encounter your first instance of vehicle combat. There are three vehicles that attack as you make your way out of the Graveyard. The best course of action is to use your shotgun to hit their fuel tanks and take them down in a single shot. When you're close to a vehicle, aim and fire and you'll automatically target the fuel tank. It's best to take out each vehicle before moving too far ahead or else you may have to deal with multiple vehicular enemies at once.

Take down the three vehicles and reach the edge of the Graveyard to complete the mission. If the vehicle is damaged you can have Chum repair it now, or drive back to the hideout and repair it there. Either way your next destination is Chum's hideout. When you arrive, speak with Chum to begin the next mission.

Mad Max Story Mission Walkthrough - Righteous Work Guide

-Collect the scrap.-

-Collect the jag tip.-

-Return the jag tip to Chum.-

-Exit Chum's hideout.-

-Destroy the scarecrows.-

Collect the five pieces of scrap scattered around the hideout that are marked on your map, then head into the next room and up the stairs to collect the jag tip.

Return the jag tip to Chum in order to upgrade the Magnum Opus. Install the Base Harpoon and tussle bar Ramming Grill, then get inside the vehicle. There are two scarecrow posts marked on your map that need to be taken out. The first is straight ahead with the second to the south. Both can easily be taken down by ramming it. The third is to the north and you need to harpoon it, then pull it down by driving away from it. Be sure to collect any scrap left behind after you destroy them.

-Scout the camp from the lookout point.-

-Eliminate the sniper.-

-Disable the flame pipe at the gate.-

Drive over to the lookout marked on the map, get out of the car and check out the Undertow oil pump camp below. View the War Crier, Flame Pipe and Camp Sniper (the three small green symbols on your screen), then close the binoculars and head back to the car.

Head toward the camp but don't approach too quickly. You need to get through each defensive measure of the camp as quickly as possible to avoid the alert meter getting too high and increasing the camp defenses. As soon as the sniper spots you, use the harpoon to quickly take him down. As soon as the sniper is down, harpoon the flame pipe to the right of the gate and pull it down with the Magnum Opus. Once this is down you don't need to worry about alerting the camp defenses anymore.

-Enter the camp.-

-Eliminate the War Crier.-

Ram the gate with the Magnum Opus to break it down, then get out of the vehicle and walk toward the middle of the camp. There are several enemies here, but if you're quick you can head to the wench on the left and destroy it before the enemies cause you too much trouble. Destroying the wench kills the War Crier and stops the enemies from receiving a damage buff.

-Find the remains of Max's car.-

-Destroy the oil pump.-

Collect the nearby scrap, then head into the small room on the southwest side of this area. Inside is another piece of scrap. Collect the scarp then make your way to the next green marker to find what little remains of Max's old car, a History Relic. Kick open the gate to the left to find a Jabber Boy and two War Boy enemies. The Jabber Boy is very similar to the Raza Rattler from before. You need to dodge to avoid the big attacked (when you see the red icon around the enemy), then parry and counter to inflict damage. The War Boys are fairly basic enemies.

Pick up the shiv that the Jabber Boy drops, collect the scrap straight ahead, then climb up the platform where the Jabber Boy was standing, and up the ladder on the top of the platform to find a Scrotus Insignia at the top. You need to find and break three of these to complete the secondary camp objective. Break the Scrotus Insignia, but before you head through the doorway to the right, head to the left to find more scrap around the back.

Make your way through the doorway to the right of the Scrotus Insignia and cross the bridge ahead. Move around to the left of the structure ahead, then through the doorway near the end of the path (on the right). There's a ladder in the center of the room going down, but before you head there, climb up the ladder in the corner of the room.

Head through the doorway at the top to find shotgun ammo and a shiv just outside, as well as more scrap around the corner to the left. Climb back down the ladder into the previous room, then climb down the ladder in the middle of the room and continue around the corner and down a second ladder.

Continue around the corner and down the hallway to find more scrap, then head down the hallway to the northwest and down the ladder at the end. Collect the shotgun ammo and the bottom of the ladder and shoot the Scrotus Insignia across the room. Wade through the crude and collect the scrap in the corner of the room, then head back up the ladder until you reach the big room again.

This time head left through the other doorway in the room and continue up the ladder. Move forward to initiate another cut scene, then climb up the ladder at the end of the hallway to find the oil pump and a few enemies that aren't all that happy to see you.

You now have access to Fury, which basically allows Max to enter a berserker mode of sorts and inflict significantly more damage to the enemies. Take out the enemies here, collect any loot they drop, then look to the west to see the third and final Scrotus Insignia.

Break it to complete the secondary objective, then head up the platform where the oil drum is located and break through the door on the far left side. Pick up the fuel canister inside, then move back over to the oil drum, ignite the fuel and throw it at the oil drum.

-Return to the Magnum Opus.-

You can head directly back to the Magnum Opus, but there are still three more pieces of scrap to find in this camp. If you wish to collect the scrap, you'll find one piece in the small area behind the oil drum, then climb into the small structure to the east of the oil drum area to find another piece of scrap. Climb up the ladder on the northwest side of the oil drum area to find another piece of scrap in small room at the top.

With all of the scrap collected you will have 100 percent completion of the Undertow oil pump camp. Use the zip line here to get back down to the area where you entered, then circle around to the Magnum Opus.

-Meet up with the mysterious wastelander.-

Drive to the next green marker, get out of the car and head up the path toward the mysterious wastelander. This is Griffa, who allows you to trade in special tokens to increases Max's abilities. At present you have five tokens to use. When you enter a new region, you have to lower the threat level before Griffa will appear (and be marked on your map). However, you can visit Griffa any time to upgrade your abilities so long as he's available in your region.

-Return to the Magnum Opus.-

-Signal Chum with the flare gun.-

-Use the garage to install the dual nitro boost.-

-Test out the nitro boost.-

-Defeat the Spotters.-

Level up Max, then head back to the car. You'll soon find that Chum has taken the car, which means you need to signal him with the flare gun (Right on the dpad). Get back into the car and access the pause menu to install the Dual Nitro Boost.

Follow the green line on the map to find a ramp in the middle of the desert. Use the boost as soon as you hit the ramp to get the distance you need to complete this objective. Doing so reveals more enemies just ahead. Ram the first car you see, leaving two enemies standing around, but do not get out of your car yet. There's a second car that will soon appear. Once you see it, use the shotgun to take it down with ease, then clean up any remaining enemies to complete the mission.

You should now be able to upgrade Max (in a different way from the tokens) via the pause menu. At this point you can upgrade some of his combat abilities. Head back to the hideout and speak with Chum to begin the next mission.

Continue on to the Balefire Flatland Story Missions and Jeet's stronghold.

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