Mad Max Walkthrough - Parch Moon, Chalkies and Knit Snack Story Missions Guide

Mad Max Walkthrough - Parch Moon, Chalkies and Knit Snack Story Missions Guide

Find Dim Rim's convoy, install the Thunderpoon, take Dead Barrens Pass and save Pink Eye! All this and more in our Mad Max walkthrough for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Our Mad Max walkthrough for PS4, Xbox One, and PC continues with guides for Parch Moon, Chalkies and Knit Snack Story Missions. On this Mad Max guide you'll learn how to find Dim Rim's convoy, install the Thunderpoon, take Dead Barrens Pass and save Pink Eye!

Continue on to the Gastown Story Missions, or head back to our Mad Max hub for more tips and walkthroughs!

Story Mission - A Piece Tougher

Once you have dismantled the Rook Nest camp and reached the appropriate Legend rank (Day Lizard), head back to Gutgash's stronghold. Head up the stairs and around the corner to the left. If you haven't passed here yet you'll see a shot cut scene. Continue to the end of the hallway and go left up the next set of stairs. Collect the History Relic in the northeast corner and the scrap just before the bridge, then speak with Gutgash standing in the middle of the bridge to begin the mission.

-Exit Gutgash's stronghold.

-Find Dim Rim's convoy.

-Destroy Dim Rim's convoy truck.

Head down to the ground floor and exit the stronghold. Follow the green marker on the map to locate Dim Rim's convoy route. Follow the route until you find the convoy. Your target is the lead vehicle, which is the one marked by the green circle. While you can ignore the other vehicles and focus on destroying the lead vehicle, eventually you'll have to deal with every vehicle in the convoy.

It's best to save your shotgun ammo for taking out any vehicles if you end up on foot. With just the Magnus Opus against a full convoy, it can be difficult to complete your task without damaging the Opus. Once it's damaged, you may have to fight on foot while Chum handles the repairs. This is when it's best to use your shotgun as an easy way of taking out the enemy vehicles.

Once you've taken care of the lead vehicle, simply collect the hood ornament left in the wreckage to complete the mission. To start the next mission you need to head back to Jeet's stronghold (not Gutgash's stronghold) and have dismantled at least one camp in Jeet's territory. If you haven't dismantled many camps, it's recommended you head over to our Camp Dismantling guide and clear out one of the camps in the Blackmaws area. Once you're ready, speak with Jeet at his stronghold to begin the next story mission.

Story Mission - Black Magic

-Install the Thunderpoon.

-Exit Jeet's stronghold.

-Test out the Thunderpoon.

-Drive into Dead Barrens Pass.

Head down to Chum and speak with him, then install the Thunderpoon via the garage section of the pause menu. Use the Thunderpoon outside in the practice range, then head to the next green marker on the map, Dead Barrens Pass.

-Destroy the thunderstick launchers.

When you reach the gate at Dead Barrens Pass, use the Thunderpoon to destroy it. Two shots will be more than enough to take care of the gate, but when you pass through two vehicles will attempt to ambush you. Take them down then follow the road around to the three thunderstick launchers. To save ammo just use the normal harpoon to bring these down.

As you round the corner toward the real entrance, snipers will take aim and two more vehicles will attack. Back away from the snipers while you take out the vehicles then move back to the entrance where you first came in. From this distance you can use your own sniper rifle to take down the snipers without having to worry about return fire.

-Destroy the hinges on the Jaw.

-Pull down the Jaw with the harpoon.

Once the snipers are dead or vacated their sniping positions (they'll run if a sniper close to them is shot), move in and finish off any remaining enemies with the normal harpoon. They won't shoot back so you shouldn't have much to worry about. With all of the enemies down, switch back to the Thunderpoon to take down the two hinges on the Jaw, then switch to the normal harpoon again to bring the Jaw down and complete the mission.

To start the next story mission you need to head north toward Pink Eye's Silo. Along the way you'll pass a vantage point that will reveal many of the points of interest in the area. As you approach Pink Eye's Silo you'll see a cut scene that begins the next mission.

Story Mission - Smoke Rises

-Eliminate Stank Gum's Legion.

-Destroy the catapults.

First off, several vehicles need to be destroyed. The easiest way to do this is to use a level four harpoon to take out the wheels, or get out of the Magnum Opus and use your shotgun to take out the wheels. Once all of the vehicles are down, you need to take out the three catapults.

There are two to four men guarding each catapult, with thundersticks sitting on the side of each unit. You can take them enemies out with your hands, run them over in the Magnum Opus, or use the thundersticks. Take down the guards, then use the normal harpoon to tear the panel off the back side of the catapult. Once the red barrels beneath are exposed, use a thunderstick, fire the Thunderpoon, or shoot a shotgun round to detonate the barrels and destroy the catapult.

-Reach the stronghold.

Once the catapults are down head to the next green marker to find an entrance into the stronghold. Head down the stairs, then continue forward into the next room to find shotgun ammo to the left. Continue north into the next room, then head left to find the valve that turns off the flames that are blocking your path.

Go back into the previous room and head through the southern doorway, then down the hall to the right. Circle around until you see another valve, then turn it to remove the other flame blocking your path. Head back to the main room and proceed through the doorway to the east that was previously blocked by the flames.

Head into the next room to find a group of enemies waiting for you. Take them down and continue into the room ahead. There are two pieces of scrap to the left, one in the corner and one by the stairs. Collect the loot, then head up the stairs and make your way to the right (south).

Follow the path around until you reach a ladder. Climb up and head left to the thunderstick rack. Pick up a thunderstick and throw it at the enemy across the way. Turn around and head up the stairs to find more scrap, then go back to the thunderstick rack and use one of them to hit the wench on the far side to lower the bridge to the right.

Several enemies attack once the bridge has been lowered. Take them out quickly with thundersticks, then cross the bridge and look left to see a ladder. Pick up the scrap to the left of the ladder, then climb up. When you reach the top, there's a ladder to the left going up, and a ladder straight ahead leading down.

Take the downward ladder first to find scrap on the platform below (this also leads back to the room you were just in). Climb back up the ladder, then take the other ladder leading up to find a water source to the left. Fill your canteen, then continue around the corner and through the doorway to the left. Follow the path to the green marker ahead for another cut scene. Halfway through the cut scene you have to fight off a few more enemies, then the mission is complete.

The next story mission requires you to travel to Gastown in the far north quadrant of the map. In the meantime, you can start a few more Wasteland missions by speaking to Pink Eye if you so choose. To find here, head up the stairs in front of you, then go left and up the next flight of stairs. Pink Eye can be found up the final flight of stairs to the left. You can also continue to the left to find a different set of stairs, then make your way to the top floor to find a History Relic in the corner.

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