Mad Max Walkthrough - The Dump, Heights and Reek Hills Story Missions Guide

Mad Max Walkthrough - The Dump, Heights and Reek Hills Story Missions Guide

Find light bulbs in the Underdune, clear Fumehead's debt and win the Speed Demon race! Our Mad Max walkthrough for PS4, Xbox One, and PC continues.

Our Mad Max Walkthrough continues with complete guides to The Dump, Heights and Reek Hills Story Missions. Find light bulbs in the Underdune, clear Fumehead's debt and win the Speed Demon race!

Continue on to the Gastown Race, or head back to our Mad Max guide hub for more tips and walkthroughs!

Mad Max Story Mission - Dance with Death Walkthrough

-Drive to the Underdune.-

-Enter the Underdune.-

-Find the light bulbs.-

When you get to Gastown, go upstairs straight ahead and speak with the man at the top to begin the mission. Return to the Magnum Opus and head to the Underdune to the east in The Dunes region. When you get to the Underdune, drive inside and use the harpoon to get rid of the gate blocking the entrance.

Drive into the airport until your objective changes to finding the light bulbs. At this point you'll start to see spikes bombs hanging low to the ground. Slowly maneuver the car around the bombs as you continue through the airport. As you approach some of the hanging bombs they'll come loose and swing left and right until exploding. If you move slowly you won't have to worry about these traps. Some of the corners are tight and the hallways narrow, but continue to push forward in the Magnum Opus.

-Lower the bridge.-

-Find the light bulbs.-

-Reach the light bulbs.-

When you reach the raised bridge, get out of the car and head through the doorway to the right (just before you reach the bridge. Continue into the next room, then move left. At the far end of the room you'll find ammo on the right. Collect the loot, then head through the doorway on the left. Continue into the next room, then look left to see the wench that lowers the bridge. Break it, then get back in the Magnum Opus can continue down the hallway.

After driving up the next two flights of stairs you enter a much larger room. Head left as you follow the green line on your map. There aren't any more bomb in the area, so you can drive faster if you're comfortable maneuvering the Magnum Opus in tight spots.

When you reach the end of the green line, get out of the car and head up the stairs to the right. Squeeze through the small opening ahead, then follow corridor as it curves around to the right. Eventually it curves left, then there's a room to the right. Look inside the room to find a piece of scrap, then look across the hall into the other room to find a second piece of scrap.

Continue down the hallway and to the left to find a third piece of scrap directly ahead in the next room. Make your way up through the plane and out the doorway in the far right corner. There's more scrap in the far left corner of the next room and ammo on the right side of the room. Pick up the loot then head through the next doorway to find a water source in the room ahead.

Refill your canteen and continue to follow the hallway. A door will close ahead, but continue to move along the hallway to find two more pieces of scrap ahead. Keep moving past the mannequins until you finally reach a room at the end with the bulbs you've been looking for.

-Return to the Magnum Opus.-

-Survive the ambush.-

-Escape the Underdune.-

-Return to the Outcrier.-

Collect the bulbs, then turn around to find that you're being ambushed by a slew of enemies. Make sure your flashlight is on and you keep the camera facing a bulk of the enemies so you can counter any attacks from behind.

Finish off the enemies then head out the open door and to the far left corner of the balcony beyond. Use the zip line here to get back down to the Magnum Opus, then floor it as you escape. The first pursuit vehicle that appears will race in front of you and drop mines in a diagonal pattern across your path. Avoid the mines and take out the vehicle as quickly as possible. If you have a level four harpoon this is much easier as you can target the enemy vehicle wheels as soon as they appear.

Once you're out of the airport, head back to Gastown and approach the Outcrier up the stairs to complete the mission. The next mission starts at the Mortal Bite Death Run in The Heights region, which is located west of Gastown. When you're ready to begin the mission speak with the man at the green marker.

Mad Max Story Mission - Fumehead's Debt Walkthrough

-Speak with Tenderloin.-

-Return to Crow Dazzle.-

-Reduce threat in Pink Eye's territory.-

Speak with Crow Dazzle to begin the mission, then head into the building to the west to find Tenderloin inside. Speak with her, then go back outside and talk to Crow Dazzle one more time. You need to lower the threat in Pink Eye's territory to no higher than three.

In order to lower the threat you will need to take down a combination of camps, scarecrows, snipers, convoys and minefields. If you don't wish to travel all over the regions under Pink Eye's control, take down both camps in the Knit Sack region using our Camp Dismantling guide, then clear away a few scarecrows and snipers in the area to get the threat level low enough to continue the mission.

-Collect the paint from Rim Jobbie.-

Once the threat level in Pink Eye's territory is at three or below, you need to take down Rim Jobbie in the Large Blade Top Dog Camp in the Chalkies region. As you approach the camp, use the long shot to take down the snipers guarding the entrance. As you approach, use the harpoon to destroy the Molotov launchers outside, then pull down the main gate and harpoon the gas tank just above the gate and to the left to clear the flames from the entrance.

With the perimeter defense down, exit the Magnum Opus and head inside. Kick down the door dead ahead, and take down the enemies that attack in the open area beyond. Head into the room to the west to find two pieces of scrap, then continue through the container to the south. Fill your canteen at the water source ahead, then collect the scrap between the debris on the right.

Shoot the War Crier as you round the corner, then finish off the enemies that swarm the area. On the east side there's a fenced in area. You can kick down the gate to this area need the middle of the east wall. Head inside to find more scrap on the far side.

Go back out to the main ahead and head to the northwest corner to find the entrance to the container on the west side. Break the Scrotus Insignia on the opposite end of the container, then head up the ladder on the north side of the area.

Continue to the right to find scrap near the entrance of the next room, and a History Relic on the far side. Head out onto the balcony to the south to find ammoon the ground and a Scrotus Insignia hanging over the doorway.

Head back to where the ladder is at, then continue past it and around the corner to the left. Kick down the ladder on the far right so you have an easy way back to the lower area when you need it, then continue along the upper path until you reach a wench at the end. Break the wench to lower the draw bridge, then climb up the ladder just beyond.

Follow the path as it circles upward, then climb up to the next path above when you reach the end. Once you're on the upper path, two enemies attempt to ambush you. Take them out and continue along the path to find ammo near the end. To the right of the ammo is another piece of scrap in front of the debris just before you reach the next ladder. There's also another water source to the left of the ladder. Refill your canteen, but before you climb up the ladder, continue east to find scrap, ammo and a large door you can break open.

Break open the door to find a Scrotus Insignia directly ahead and more scrap to the left of the entrance. As you leave the area and head back to the ladder, make note of yellow line on the ground to the northeast. This is the zip line you'll use to get back down to the ground level when you're done with this camp. The final piece of scrap and the last Scrotus Insignia are also at the bottom of the zip line, but defeat the Top Dog before you head down or you'll have to go all the way back up to where you are now to complete the camp.

Climb up the ladder you recently passed and continue to the platform at the top to face off against the Rim Jobbie. This is similar to every other Top Dog battle. Simply stand a moderate distance away until Rim Jobbie charges toward you, then dodge left or right and quickly pummel him with a flurry of punches. As soon as he blocks a single punch, dodge away to avoid his counter attack, then repeat the process until he goes down.

There are flames on one end of the area that you can knock Rim Jobbie into to cause some damage over time. In addition, there are weapons scattered across the ground that will inflict more damage than your bare fists. You can also use your shotgun but it's a waste of ammo unless you have unlocked unlimited refills at one of the strongholds in the Wastelands. Defeat Rim Jobbie to complete the camp, then loot the body to collect some additional scrap.

To obtain 100 percent completion head down the zip line you passed earlier to find ammo, the last piece of scrap and final Scrotus Insignia at the bottom. The insignia is hanging on the northeast pillar, so you'll need to use your shotgun to destroy it.

-Find the required body.-

With the paint you need in-hand, it's time to find a new body for the Magnum Opus. Head to the next green marker on your map, which is a scavenger location in the Reek Hills region (west of Gutgash's stronghold).

When you reach the scavenging location the entrance is on the southeast side, but if you're adept with the Magnum Opus, you can actually scale up the northeast cliff side near the large boulder to enter the location from above.

Watch out for the bear traps if you enter using the normal entrance. Once inside the scavenging area, take down the three enemies and collect the Cleanup Crew project part on the northeast side, and scrap on the south rock-front and inside the small alcove to the south. The car body you seek is to the right of the scrap.

-Use the garage to install upgrades for the Speed Demon.-

-Win the Speed Demon death run.-

Access the garage from the pause menu and remove the ramming grill, armor and rim attachments, and install the wide treadies tires, frontier suspension and wild hunt car body. Finally, change the body color to raw steel. This combination of equipment unlocks the Speed Demon you need for the mission.

Now you're ready to race! Head back to The Heights region where the next green marker on the map is the Death Run. Climb up the ladder at the Death Run location and select the Barrel Bash race with the Speed Demon as your vehicle of choice.

This isn't a difficult race to win so long as you understand that whatever your previous configuration was, this Speed Demon configuration is probably much harder to handle. You won't be able to take corners at a high speed and almost every collision with the barrels will cause you to lose control for a short period.

Start off the race with a boost or two to get ahead of the pack. Once you're in the lead you can take your time and make sure you don't drive off the track or have any unnecessary accidents. Make sure to follow the red road as you won't see any race track indicator on your map. It's almost imperative that you run over at least one barrel at each checkpoint. However, you can take shortcuts between checkpoints so long as you understand your car will not handle as well off-road.

If you fall behind the other vehicles, use your boost to catch up and pass the competition. Try to save your boosts for straight-aways. There are a few mountain passes along the race track, and if you fall off at these points it will be difficult to make a comeback in a timely manner. In addition, when you pass through the canyon the locals will throw a few Molotov Cocktails in your direction so be ready to dodge them.

-Recruit Tenderloin.-

After winning the race, head back to the Death Run location and speak to Tenderloin inside the adjacent building to complete the mission. When you're ready to begin the next mission, head to Gastown and speak with the Outcrier up the stairs.

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