Mad Max Walkthrough - The Gastown Race, Immortal Enemy and The Big Chief Missions Guide

Mad Max Walkthrough - The Gastown Race, Immortal Enemy and The Big Chief Missions Guide

Defeat Stank Gum in the Gastown race, then fight Scrotus himself and find the Big Chief!

As we continue out walkthrough of Mad Max on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, we've got mission walkthroughs for The Gastown Race, Immortal Enemy and The Big Chief. In this guide we'll help you defeat Stank Gum in the Gastown race, then fight Scrotus himself and find the Big Chief!

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Story Mission - Immortal Enemy

-Defeat Stank Gum before the bomb explodes.-

Before you begin the mission, make sure you have a full canteen, you're at full health and your vehicle is outfitted to your preference. You don't need to worry about speed during the race as Stank Gum never gets too far ahead of you. Even if you fall far behind, you can catch up in less than a lap. Defense should be your priority when it comes to this race.

The biggest difficulties during the race are not the in-game obstacles. Instead, it's how the game plays. It's recommended to turn your Gamma up so the screen is brighter. There are several sections of the race that are moderately dark making it hard to see. In addition, no matter how your vehicle is equipped, you're not playing Forza. If you take a corner too fast, you'll lose control. If you even nudge a wall or another car, chances are you'll lose control. Brakes tends to make things more difficult, so simply release the gas when you want to slow down.

When it comes to the in-game obstacles, as you approach Stank Gum's vehicle he will drop a series of mines on the ground. The mines will move based on the momentum and trajectory when they were dropped, so make sure you pay attention so you can move left or right to avoid them. In most cases you can hug the wall to avoid the mines, but it depends on Stank Gum's positioning when they're dropped.

Every other vehicle in the race is out to get you, and even if you've passed them all or taken them down, more will appear (usually in front of you). Your primary weapon is an unlimited supply of Thunderpoons. Simply lock on to a target and fire. Be aware that it almost always defaults to the closest target and that will sometimes be a car behind you. This can throw off your driving as the camera automatically shifts to center on the target.

The objective here is not to win the race. All you need to do is defeat Stank Gum within the five minute time limit. Four or five Thunderpoons is more than enough to do the job, but as you're racing you have to watch out for hanging bombs and flame spouts scattered around the track. If you stick to the middle of the track you will avoid most of these obstacles. However, when you see red paint on the ground, take the left path instead of the right path. This leads to fire extinguishers that fire from the ground and the ceiling and will mend some of the damage to your vehicle.

-Defeat Tenderloin.-

-Defeat Scrotus.-

Once you've taken down Stank Gum you're place in the Thunderdome to do battle against Tenderloin. This is a fairly basic battle. Watch Tenderloin closely when she approaches you. If you see red flash around her, dodge away. If you see the parry symbol appear, parry and then counterattack until she dodges, then repeat the process. Scoring a perfect parry will inflict more damage and end the fight faster.

After a short cut scene, you must do battle against Scrotus himself. Fight him like you would a Top Dog, waiting a moderate distance away until he charges, then attacking. There are also weapons on the floor that will help during the battle. What makes this fight different is that normal enemies attack periodically as well. Take them down as quickly as possible while still focusing the camera on Scrotus so you can dodge his attacks.

Once Scrotus starts charging like a bull, move toward the red oil drums around the outer edge of the arena. This will cause Scrotus to charge into the oil drums, creating an explosion and inflicting considerable damage. Do this three or four times and the room will split in two, with two more normal enemies rushing in to attack you (and leaving Scrotus on the far side, unable to attack).

Finish off the lesser enemies, then use this break in the fight to drink from your canteen if you've been damaged. There is food coming up, but you'll need to fight a few more enemies before you get to the food. Head east along the path until you reach the next open area. Several more enemies attack. Finish them off then collect the scrap on the south side. To the north you'll find food and more scrap. Continue down the path to find ammo, followed by a water source to the right.

Head through the doorway and to the left to encounter Scrotus one more time. This is the same as the first fight, only without the oil drums. Get Scrotus down to 50 percent health to initiate another cut scene that completes the mission.

Continue down the path to the south. then up the stairs to the right to reach the entrance to Gastown and find your car. To begin the next mission you must complete three Wasteland Missions and build at least two projects in Deep Friah's stronghold to the south. Once you're ready to begin the mission, head east as far as you can go (occasionally moving north when east is not an option) to meet up with the Concubine. Speak with her to begin the next mission.

Story Mission - The Big Chief

-Reach Stank Gum's garage.-

-Find the Big Chief engine.-

-Defeat Stank Gum's fighters.-

-Lower Stank Gum's car.-

-Refuel the generator.-

-Drive to Deep Friah's temple.-

Head down the path and to the right. Take out the enemies in the small area ahead, then climb up the ladder. Continue moving ahead, then drop down into the area below and take out a few more enemies. Head down the southeast corridor and pick up the fuel can near the flaming oil drum on the left. Ignite the can and throw it at the door ahead to clear a path.

Go through the doorway and to the right, then kick open the door on the left side. Head up the stairs to the left and take down the enemies in the next room. Access the generator in the center of the room, then climb up the stairs in the northwest corner.

The fuel can you need is at the end of the walkway, but you can't access it from here. Instead, climb up the next ladder and head left along the catwalk. At the end of the catwalk you can drop down into the storage area where the fuel can is held. You can go back the way you came or drop down from here.

Refuel the generator then access it to lower Stank Gum's car. Hop inside the vehicle and drive to Deep Friah's temple. Several enemy vehicles will try to stop you. Switch to the side burner weapons and activate them any time an enemy vehicle is nearby and you shouldn't have any problems reaching your destination. Reach Deep Friah's temple to complete the mission.

Walk over to the Magnum Opus for a cut scene, then head east to the Dunes to find the location of the next story mission.

Continue on to Paint My Name in Blood walkthrough, the final mission in Mad Max.

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