Mad Max Walkthrough and Guide - Tips and Tricks

Mad Max Walkthrough and Guide - Tips and Tricks

Use our Mad Max guides for a complete walkthrough of the game on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Also find info on all the items and collectibles in the game.

The creation of Avalanche Studios, and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WB Games) for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC and Linux, Mad Max was released on September 1, 2015. The game came out simultaneously with the Blu-ray release of the Mad Max: Fury Road movie, but aside from taking place in the same world, there are no other similarities between the two. This guide to Mad Max will give you a complete walkthrough of the game and provide you with info on where to find all the items and resources in the game.

The game is based on melee and vehicular combat in an open-world setting, with a series of story-based missions and a number of side missions and objectives. By finding and using scrap, you can upgrade Max's abilities, and the abilities and features of his vehicle, the Magnum Opus.

Mad Max Tips and Tricks

  • Scrap is foudn throughout the game, and it's the currency that is needed for almost everything you do. Destroy every camp you come encounter in order to earn as much scrap as possible.
  • Driving into things will damage your vehicle. If you need to fix it, simply leave your car or hold Up on the d-pad when it's not moving.
  • Any food you find in the Wasteland can be saved for later use. If you don't need it for health when you find food, eat it later.
  • Replenish your water as often as possible and always look for water sources on your map when your canteen isn't full.
  • Ammo is a very rare commodity. Always collect it from snipers and anyone with a gun, and don't waste any ammo unless you're up against a tough target and need an easy kill.
  • You can use the harpoon to remove drivers from enemy vehicles. Enemy cars can be turned in at a stronghold in order to add it to your collection.
  • While fighting on foot, turn the camera toward the enemy to avoid getting hit from behind.
  • Use the vantage point locations to unlock points of interest in a new region and give fast travel access.

Mad Max Story Missions Guide and Walkthrough

Outer Graves and Blackmaws Story Missions

Find Chum and escape the Graveyard as you begin to build the Magnum Opus.

Balefire Flatland Story Missions

Unlock Jeet and Gutgash's strongholds and install the sniper rifle!

Parch Moon, Chalkies and Knit Snack Story Missions

Find Dim Rim's convoy, install the Thunderpoon, take Dead Barrens Pass and save Pink Eye!

The Dump, Heights and Reek Hills Story Missions

Find light bulbs in the Underdune, clear Fumehead's debt and win the Speed Demon race!

The Gastown Race, Immortal Enemy and The Big Chief Missions

Defeat Stank Gum in the Gastown race, then fight Scrotus himself and find the Big Chief!

In It for Glory and Paint My Name in Blood Missions

Find Glory in The Dunes, defeat Stank Gum, clear Scrotus' convoy and beat the game!

Mad Max Scraps, History Relics, Water Sources - Item and Resource Locations Guide

Get all of the scraps, collectibles and strategies for every camp in the game!

Mad Max Wasteland Missions Guide - How to Locate Minefields, Upgrade Sniper Rifle, and More

Earn special items and bonuses by completing side missions in Mad Max!

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