Mad Max Unlock Locate Minefields, Refill Ammo Belt, and Maximum Mag Sniper Rifle Upgrade Guide

Mad Max Unlock Locate Minefields, Refill Ammo Belt, and Maximum Mag Sniper Rifle Upgrade Guide

Earn special items and bonuses by completing side missions in Mad Max! Locate Minefields, Refill Ammo Belt, and Maximum Mag Sniper Rifle Upgrade Guide.

As you progress through Mad Max on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, several blue exclamation points will appear on the map. These indicate the starting points for Wasteland Missions. Think of these missions as side missions in most games. They're optional for the most part, although some Story Missions require you to have a few Wasteland Missions completed. Completing Wasteland Missions offer a variety of rewards from the ability to locate minefields to armor and weapon upgrades.

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Wasteland Mission - Dinki-Di - Locate Minefields in Mad Max

Starting NPC: Chum

Reward: Safely locate minefields and land mines.

-Drive to Chum's hideout.-

-Put the dog in the back of the buggy.-

-Drive Chum's buggy to Jeet's stronghold.-

-Build the Dog and Buggy Project.-

The easiest way to get back to Chum's hideout is to use the fast travel system of the vantage points. There's a vantage point very close to Chum's hideout in the southern portion of your map. Head there, and drive to Chum's hideout then walk over to the back of the buggy (not the Magnum Opus).

Get into the buggy and drive all the way back to Jeet's stronghold. Unfortunately you can't fast travel back to save time. When you arrive, access the Dog and Buggy marker near the garage and you will have the ability to safely locate minefields and land mines in the Wasteland. This completes the mission.

Wasteland Mission - Lust for Powder - Refill Ammo Belt in Mad Max

Starting NPC: Jeet

Reward: An Armory project in Jeet's Stronghold that refills your ammo belt every time you return to the stronghold.

-Enter the Thrall Rustler's Cave.-

-Defeat the slavers.-

-Speak with the prisoner.-

-Free Blas Cap.-

Fast travel to the Colossus vantage outpost to get as close to the blue marker as possible. Make your way to the blue marker on your map for this mission. When you arrive, head inside the cave and quickly take out the sniper perched to the left. Squeeze through the small crack ahead, then climb up the wall in the next room.

Continue further into the cave to find two enemies at a crossroads. Take the path to the right to find two more enemies, a piece of scrap and some food. Keep moving to encounter yet another group of two enemies, then drop down to the path below (watch out for the bear traps), squeeze through the next crack, the drop down again.

When you reach the end you'll find several more enemies and the target you're looking for. Take out the enemies, then speak with the person in the cage and free him from the prison to complete the mission. If you need to refill your canteen, there's a water source on the west side of this room.

On the way back out of the cave, instead of going back the way you came, take the path to the right to find two pieces of scrap and a few more enemies. Watch the ground between rooms to make sure you don't step on a bear trap.

Wasteland Mission - In the Buzzard's Belly - Maximum Mag Sniper Rifle Upgrade in Mad Max

Starting NPC - Imprisoned Women at Gutgash's Stronghold

Reward: Unlock the Maximum Mag Sniper Rifle Upgrade

-Drive into the Northern Tunnel.-

-Reach the War Rig.-

-Search the War Rig.-

Note: While this mission rewards you with the Maximum Mag for the sniper rifle, you cannot equip it until you have the Now Now Kit as well.

Make your way to the Northern Tunnel in the Rot 'N' Rusties region. Drive into the tunnel and you will see a few large containers off to the right. You can pry open the middle container to reach your objective, but there's a bit of loot if you continue through the tunnel.

Keep driving until you reach the spiked entrance. Get out of the car and walk through the entrance, then climb up the ladder to the left. Run along the top of the containers until you reach the far side of the area. Climb down the next ladder and head into the open area to the right.

Several enemies attack here. Clear them out, then look to the south to find scrap on the raised walkway. There's more scrap to the left of the car on the north side as well as scrap in the northern corner. The vehicle here is of high value (a rare find), so get in and take it back to a stronghold if you want to add it to your collection.

When you return, pry open the container you passed up before. Once you're through the tunnel of spikes, pick up the scrap to the right and take out the enemies attacking from directly ahead. As you move toward the far side of the area, more enemies ambush you. Take them down, then collect the scrap off to the right, around the middle of the area.

Pry open the container at the end of the area and continue pushing forward. There's more scrap on the left, before you reach the broken down bus. You can head up the ramp to the left of the bus so you don't have to wade through the sludge any longer.

When you reach the far side, collect the two pieces of scrap in front of the rig, then circle around to the right of the rig so you can reach the back side. Look in the back of the rig to find the Maximum Mag you've been looking for and complete the mission. [Prima-Waste-03]

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