GTA Online Stone Hatchet - How to Get the Stone Hatchet in GTA Online, Red Dead Redemption 2 Challenge, Rampage Ability

GTA Online Stone Hatchet - How to Get the Stone Hatchet in GTA Online, Red Dead Redemption 2 Challenge, Rampage Ability

A new weapon is set to be added into GTA Online. The Stone Hatchet grants a special ability and can be transferred over to Red Dead Redemption 2, here’s all the details on how to get it.

As an homage to Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar added a series of Bounty Missions to GTA Online, allowing the player to bring in criminals or just kill them for rewards. We'll show you the best way to go about it, and how to get the Stone Hatchet for doing so.

How to Get the Stone Hatchet

The hatchet is the final reward for completing five bounty missions, and itself opens up new challenges with further rewards beyond. These bounty missions can be accessed from your phone, sent to you by Maude, the same bounty hunter from the single player of GTA V who asks Trevor to bring in four bail dodgers. If you see a message from her, simply open it on your phone to begin this particular side quest.

How to Find Bounties for Maude

Once you've taken the quest, you should see that a gold icon has appeared somewhere on the map, a small silhouette of a person's head surrounded by crosshairs. These bounties are not wholly random; there are fifteen possible NPCs to bring in from fixed locations, but the game will select five for you to deal with, one after the other. For now, simply head to whatever area is marked with the gold icon - as you approach you should see it opens up into a wider, highlighted zone. The target is somewhere within that area.

Bounty missions can be accessed through a message sent your phone from Maude. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar North, Rockstar Games

How to Locate the Bounty Target

Targets are not difficult to find, but the process for finding them can take a while. There are two factors to your advantage as you prowl the highlighted zone looking for them:

  • Use their photo as a reference. The bounties look exactly how they look in the picture Maude sends you, including the same clothes, so you can observe NPCs from a distance and check them off without alerting them.
  • Listen for bells. It's very faint and not the most reliable system in the world, but when you're relatively close to a target, there'll be a faint sound of tinkling bells to alert you to that fact. It won't help to zoom in on a target from three streets away, but if you do hear it, stop immediately and survey your local area, checking behind nearby obstructions to make sure they aren't hidden from you.

With those things in mind, finding the target should only be a matter of time. Sweep the area methodically, moving across the target zone rather than just running about randomly, and before long you should be able to see them.

How to Capture a Bounty Target

Like Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA Online offers a greater bonus for bringing in the target alive: $5,000 for a dead bounty, and $10,000 for a live one. If you're not concerned about the money, just take out a pistol and drop them and there, or just hit them with your car if you don't even want to slow down. Maude will simply send you the money and the whole thing is a lot more efficient, if less profitable.

Kicking a target over and over is a good way to show them why your way is the best way. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

If you want to bring them in alive, things are a little trickier. Without a lasso or mechanics for picking up bodies, GTA Online simply tells you to hurt the target until they give in and cooperate, following you back to Maude's house. This isn't too challenging unless there are cops around: simply charge them and punch them as hard as you can, knocking them to the floor. Then kick them in the ribs until you get the little alert telling you that they surrender, at which point they'll act like an obedient NPC and follow you wherever you go. Be careful not to use melee items that run the risk of killing them, and don't bash them in the face with a gun. If they try to escape, you can always shoot them in the foot with the weakest weapon you have and close the distance as they try to recover.

Bringing Bounties Back to Maude and Getting New Bounties

Once the target is cooperating, find a car and check your map for the large gold "M" in the Grand Senora Desert, to the East of Sandy Shores town. You just need to bring them there for your $10,000 reward, but be careful not to crash, attract the police's attention, or not to just fall foul of any players. At one point we were bringing a bounty back when somebody in a custom pink fighter jet bombed us from space, vaporising our vehicle and the target with it. When we respawned, we discovered that the criminal was dead and we'd been paid the standard $5,000. Crap.

Bringing targets back to Maude's trailer gets you twice the reward associated with killing them. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

Still, if you make it to the trailer where Maude lives, there'll be a brief cinematic where you escort the target inside before you get your reward. At some point within the next ten minutes you'll get another message on your phone, telling you about another bounty who needs bringing in.

Where to Find the Stone Hatchet

After killing or capturing your fifth and final bounty, Maude will send you a message telling you that the last target had a stash hidden away somewhere, and it's yours if you want it. Again, you're looking for a gold icon on the map, this time a simple, square representation of a lockbox. Follow it to find a small chest, which you can open to get the Stone Hatchet. Be careful: when we opened it, it triggered a gang attack with about two dozen enemies, so make sure you're ready for war.

The hatchet is one of the game's most powerful melee weapons, conferring near-invulnerability for short periods. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

How to Trigger The Stone Hatchet Rampage Ability

The Stone Hatchet can be found in your melee weapon slot, and unlike many weapons, it actually confers a second ability, referred to as the "Stone Hatchet Rampage." Similar to Trevor Philips' special ability in the single player campaign, killing a player or NPC with the hatchet confers massively increased damage resistance to the player for a brief period, which can be extended with every melee kill using the hatchet. Swapping out the weapon ends this rampage immediately, and once over, it has a cooldown of 30 seconds, during which the Hatchet functions like a normal axe.

How to Complete The Stone Hatchet Challenge

Once you have the Stone Hatchet, a new challenge becomes available: get twenty-five kills with the Hatchet. Those who succeed get $250,000 dollars in GTA Online, and access to the Stone Hatchet in Red Dead Redemption 2, assuming that both games are linked under the same Rockstar Social Account. Gang fights are good ways to get this done, though be careful - the fact that it's a melee weapon means that getting that first kill might be a little tricky without the protection of body armour, especially if you're running at somebody holding a shotgun. Still, the prize certainly makes it worth it.

Once you start killing enemies with the hatchet, they'll find it very difficult to stop you. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

If you want a second challenge and weapon from the West in GTA Online, you can check out our guide to completing the treasure hunt and unlocking the gold double-action revolver. Or check here to see a list of ten bizarre easter eggs hidden within the world of Grand Theft Auto. And if you want to find our full GTA 5 cheats page for the singleplayer, you can go right here.

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