Pokemon GO Best Pokemon - Attacking Pokemon Tier List,  Defending Pokemon Tier List, Highest CP

Pokemon GO Best Pokemon - Attacking Pokemon Tier List, Defending Pokemon Tier List, Highest CP

With close to 400 Pokemon at your fingertips, putting together your Pokemon GO Squad can be a little confusing. Here’s everything you need to know about the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

While you're free to build out your pokemon team with whichever pokemon you wish in Pokemon GO, there are some better ways to do it than others. With over 300 pokmeon to choose from though, it can all be a little daunting, which is why we've put together this Pokemon GO Best Pokemon Guide. We'll list the very best pokemeon that Pokemon GO has to offer, and list some of their stats and best moves. We'll break it down into best attackers, defenders and general, so that you know where in your team to place them as well.

With Pokemon GO being as complex as it is, there’s plenty more to learn. To see all of the info, tips and guides we have on the game, head over to our Pokemon GO Guides hub. There’s details on everything you need to be the ultimate pokemon master, like how to make the most of Research tasks, where to find region exclusive pokemon, and a constantly updated source for new features that come to the game.

Pokemon GO Best Pokemon

Of course, given the wide breadth of pokemon on offer in Pokemon GO, there's no one best pokemon for all situations. Depending on which pokemon you're facing, what the weather conditions are like, and what bonuses are active that day, you may want to go into battle with a different group of pokemon entirely. There are some pokemon that are a lot better than others though, and these are the pokemon we'll be focusing on today.

Pokemon GO Best Attackers

No great pokemon party would be without a powerful attacking pokemon. And while the best attack pokemon does vary with which Raid Bosses are active, there are some that seem to consistently remain on top in terms of sheer attacking power. Here are the best attacking pokemon in Pokemon GO.

  • Kyogre - While Kyogre’s attacking ability is a little hampered by the current selection of Raid Bosses, it is an incredibly powerful attacker with Waterfall and Hydropump some of the strongest attacks in the game.
  • Mewtwo - Mewtwo has remained a supremely capable offensive choice, offering up its Confusion and Focus Blast as great all-round choices for dealing damage.
  • Rayquaza - The match up of Dragon Tail and Outrage pack some serious punch and overall high attack stats elevate Rayquaza above all of the other dragons. A double ice weakness can get in the way of things, especially when Raids are fronted by Regice or Articuno, but overall Rayquaza is one of the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO.
  • Machamp - Incredibly relevant due to its ability to take down the unfairly overpowered Blissey, Machamp’s Fighting type moveset make it a great choice for those looking to take on Tier 5 Raid Battles
  • Tyranitar - Stone Edge and high offensive power to almost all types makes Tyranitar a cut above the rest. It’s easy to obtain too, with a ton of Tyranitar Raids happening across the globe.

Pokemon GO Best Defenders

If you want to make sure your pokemon defends a Gym for as long as possible (and why wouldn’t you?), you’ll need a team of defensive tank pokemon. This is an area that has stayed mostly stagnant in recent months, with the same names consistently cropping up in terms of most useful defenders in Pokemon GO. Here’s which defenders you’ll want to look out for in Pokemon GO.

  • Blissy - In a move that will surprise literally no-one, Blissey tops the list for best defensive pokemon to use as a Gym Defender. Zen Headbutt and Dazzling Gleam ensure that any Counters don’t last very long, and the sheer defensive ability of Blissy mean it takes a very long time to take it down. The undisputed bane of Gym Attackers everywhere.
  • Snorlax - Snorlax is probably the most commonly used Gym Defender. There’s plenty of reasons why, but in general it’s because of its high defense value and Hyper Beam attack. There are now Snorlax with Body Slam cropping up in Pokemon GO, which is sure to change things a little. We’ll update when we have a better idea how Body Slam affects Snorlax’s place in the meta.
  • Chancey - Chancey is mainly used by Gym Defenders to buy time, given how long it takes to down it. Dazzling Gleam is very effective against some of Chancey’s best counters too, so it is not to be underestimated.
  • Milotic - Dragon Tail and Blizzard are used to counter Grass and Dragon - type counters. A solid choice for anyone looking to defend a Gym.
  • Slaking - This pokemon has huge CP values, it’s best used to deter attacking pokemon and defend by providing a solid attacking strategy. The Play Rough attack offers great cover against most counters.

Pokemon Go Highest Max CP

If you’re interested in which pokemon has the highest Max CP value, we’ve got you covered too. It’s worth noting that CP value, while important in the past, is definitely becoming less and less so as time goes on. Still, pokemon like Slaking prove that a high CP stat can do a lot of good in the right situation, so here’s the best pokemon in Pokemon GO rated via Highest Max CP stat.

  • Slaking - 4548
  • Groudon - 4078
  • Kyogre - 4078
  • Mewtwo - 3982
  • Ho-Oh - 3889

Pokemon GO Highest Stamina Stats

Stamina is a good measure for determining which pokemon to use as Gym Defenders. With that in mind, here are the highest Stamina values in Pokemon GO.

  • Blissey - 510
  • Chancey - 500
  • Wobbuffet - 380
  • Wailord - 340
  • Snorlax - 320

How to Get Max CP Levels

Now that you know what the pokemon with the highest CP stat values are in the game, you'll need to learn how to max them out for each of your pokemon. It's not immediately apparent how to do so, se we've collected all of the info you need in the following list:

  • Identify which of the high CP pokemon you want to use
  • Catch the pokemon if you haven't already
  • Use the appraisal system to find which pokemon has the highest IV stats (if you don't know how the Appraisal system works, then read on)
  • Start powering up this pokemon and use it to take over gyms

Pokemon GO Appraisal System Explained

To work out which one of your pokemon has the best IV stats, you'll need to use the Appraisal System. To appraise a pokemon, just head to its info page, hit the menu button in the bottom right corner, then select "Appraisal", from there, just use the following info to work out how good your pokemon's stats are:

  • If the appraisal message features one stat e.g Defense, then your pokemon is good
  • If it goes on to shout-out a second stat, then your pokemon's stats are great
  • If a third stat is also included in the appraisal, your pokemon has extremely high stats

Use this info to determine which of your pokemon has the best stats, you should then focus on powering it up.

Pokemon GO Best Pokemon for Different Raid Bosses

We mentioned before that while there is a set of superior pokemon in Pokemon GO, it does depend a lot on what pokemon you're planning to go up against. To help you specialize, we've included some detailed Pokemon GO Raid Boss Guides for you to look over below. They'll give you an idea on pokemon weaknesses, and help you plan your team ahead of any big fights.

That’s everything you need to know about the absolute best pokemon in Pokemon GO. The lists presented in this guide are subject to change as new pokemon are added in, and as the meta changes. We’ll be sure to update accordingly. For more on the game, check out our Guide on how to evolve Eevee in Pokemon GO, our Pokemon GO Research Guide, and our tips on How to Catch Ditto in Pokemon GO.

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