Pokemon GO Gifts - Gift Limit, How to Send and Open Gifts in Pokemon GO

Gifts are now available in Pokemon GO. You can send the Gifts you find at PokeStops around the world to your friends, and open ones that are sent to you. Here’s all the info you need.

Thanks to a huge update that dropped earlier this year, you can now send gifts in Pokemon GO. Gifts are a great way to gain some extra rewards while playing Pokemon GO. You can also get Alolan pokemon through gifts, making them particularly sought after by some. In this Pokemon GO Gifts Guide, we'll outline how to send and receive gifts, what the Pokemon GO Gift limit is, and how you can get Alolan Pokemon from eggs received as gifts.

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Pokemon GO Gifts

Gifts are a new feature in Pokemon GO which allow trainers to send Gift Boxes containing items to each other. Sending Gifts increases Friendship Level, and a brand new item is currently available via Gifts; the 7K Egg.

How to Find Gifts in Pokemon GO

There are a couple of ways to get ahold of Gifts in Pokemon GO. Firstly, you'll get a chance to receive a Gift from every PokeStop you visit. They're fairly common at the moment so just keep visiting PokeStops and spinning discs to land yourself a disc. Another way to get Gifts is to receive them from a friend. These can be opened and you'll gain rewards for doing so.

How to Send and Open Gifts in Pokemon GO

Once you've found a Gift at a PokeStop, you'll want to send it to your Friend. You'll get XP for doing so that will count towards your Friendship level with that person, and they'll get a handful of items. Just head into the Friends Tab located in the Trainer menu and click on the friend you want to send a Gift to. You'll see the option to send a Gift, though you can only send one per day.

If you've yet to add any Friends in Pokemon GO, you can head over to our Pokemon GO Friends Guide to see how to do so. You'll also learn all the bonuses you'll get for doing so, so be sure to check it out!

If you've been sent a Gift by a friend, a red dot notification will appear over your Trainer Icon. Click it to open your Gift and claim your rewards. You'll get a postcard when you open it, showing where the Gift was picked up.

What Items Can You Get From Gifts in Pokemon GO?

There are a handful of different rewards you can get from opening a gift which we've listed below:

  • Potion
  • Super Potion
  • Hyper Potion
  • Poké Balls
  • Great Balls
  • Ultra Balls
  • Pinap Berry
  • Evolution Stones
  • 7K Eggs
  • Max Revives

Thanks to a recent update to Pokemon GO, you can now receive XP for sending Gifts. It's also possible to receive Stardust in Gifts too, making them even more worth your while.

The 7K Eggs are a new item exclusive to Gifts in Pokemon GO. They have a chance to hatch some very cool pokemon indeed, speaking of which...

Pokemon GO 7K Alolan Eggs

As mentioned previously, Gifts can grant you new 7K Eggs. These 7K Eggs have a chance to hatch all new Alolan Form Pokemon, which are essentially variants of well-known Kanto-region Pokemon. You can read all about Alolan Pokemon in our Pokemon GO Alolan Forms Guide.

Pokemon GO Gift Limit

When Gifts were first rolled out in Pokemon Go, players could only hold a maximum of five gifts in their inventory. Since then, Niantic has increased the Gift limit to 10. In terms of how many Gifts you can open in one day, it's currently a maximum of 20.

That's everything you need to know about Gifts in Pokemon GO. For more info on som of the new features added into Pokemon GO recently, head over to our Pokemon GO Trading Guide. You'll find all the details on how to trade Pokemon in Pokemon GO. You should also check out our guide on how to evolve Eevee in Pokemon GO.

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