Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Easter Eggs

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Easter Eggs

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Treyarch is a studio that loves its Easter Eggs. It traditionally reserved them for Zombies Mode, peppering in clues and secret objectives for players to find and complete. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 takes this to a whole other level, stitching together a narrative using clues, cutscenes and Easter Eggs across its three major game modes. Blackout in particular, has a ton of Easter Eggs waiting to be uncovered, and the majority are still hidden. The community has been hard at work sniffing them out though, and we now have a fair few to take a look at. In this Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Easter Eggs Guide, we’ll list all of the major Easter Eggs found so far in Blackout. Where possible, we’ll weigh in on what each one might mean, and will update this page as more info is released.

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Call of Duty Blackout Easter Eggs

Blackout is Call of Duty’s first battle royale mode. It’s a pretty standard offering, but does have an extra layer of detail in some pretty awesome Easter Eggs. These Easter Eggs range from subtle nods to previous games, to hidden allusions to how Blackout fits into the Black Ops narrative canonically. We’ve listed all of the Blackout Easter Eggs below.

This guide has been developed with the help of the Black Ops 4 Reddit community. Specifically, r/BlackOps4 and r/CoDZombies via this thread (

Blackout Easter Eggs - Verruckt Song

To kick things off we have an awesome World at War Zombies call-back. It can be found by heading to the Verruckt Asylum area of the Blackout map. You’ll need to find a flushable toilet which, when flushed, triggers an audio cue that you might recognize. It’s ‘Lullaby for a Dead Man’ which was triggered in the same way in World at War Zombies, pretty neat!

Blackout Easter Eggs - ‘You have been marked by a curse”

Another interesting audio cue to be uncovered activates when in the Turbine area of the map. After walking around a bit, a voice will say “you have been marked by a curse”. It’s pretty spookier and what makes it even more so is the fact that literally no-one (well maybe the devs) knows what it means. Time will tell.

Blackout Easter Eggs - Early Greek Thought: Before the Dawn

Thanks to eagle-eyed Reddit user Zanno66 (, we know that there are several allusions to a book called Early Greek Thought: Before the Dawn. Now to us, this sounds like it could be book cipher. For those not versed in ‘50s spy novels, a book cipher is used as a way for two people to converse in code. Any book can be used, with certain quotes and phrases used as the starting point for code deciphering. We’ll have to wait and see if this goes anywhere, but of all the Easter Eggs on this list, it’s this one I hope is really true.

Blackout Easter Eggs - Red Crystals

Throughout Black Ops 4’s sort-of campaign, there are several references to a ‘Red Cancer’. Not muh context is given to this beyond a few off-hand remarks, but some easter Eggs hidden in Blackout. On Militia, in the underground tunnel, there is a sniper rifle hidden behind a fence covered in red crystals. The same red crystals can be found on Contraband, and a few other locations on the Blackout map. Could this be the ‘red cancer’ that Savannah is referring to in the audio files?

Blackout Easter Eggs - Nuketown Sign

Ah Nuketown, so many hazy memories of being shot in the head over and over and over, and the all-consuming rage rounding it all off. Good times for sure. Well, Nuketown is back via the Blackout Map, occupying its own island to the southwest corner. A really cool Easter Egg can be found in the Nuketown sign, right where it tells you the population. This population actually represents the number of players on Nuketown island at any given time, which is pretty darn great if you ask me.

Blackout Easter Eggs - Array Radio Broadcast

It seems that there is some sort of sequential, location-based activation Easter Egg of some sort hidden in Blackout. If you head to Array and make your way upstairs in the main building, you’ll find a bunch of computer terminals. One of these has a big green button on it which you can press. After doing so, a test is initiated alongside a nuke sound. All radios across the map display the message “this is the end of the test sequence, go to your intel location area for more info”. The message plays at Array, the Lighthouse, and the Asylum.

Blackout Easter Eggs - Seraph Note

In the intel file “the immortal candidate”, Seraph speaks of ‘something underground’, and something disturbing that she found ‘in one of the hangers behind a desk’. Well, if you head to the hangers on the Blackout map and look behind all of the desks, you’ll find a piece of paper with Seraph’s details on it. The most interesting part is that two details are written in bold red lettering - ‘ALIVE’ and ‘1970’. This is likely referencing the Project Blackout programme from the main game, pointing towards a bigger reveal later down the line.

Blackout Easter Eggs - Numbers Outside the Circle

If you’ve been unlucky enough to get caught outside the circle you may have noticed something odd - you’ll start to hallucinate numbers. This is likely a direct connection to the brainwashing techniques prevalent in the Black Ops series. There are several different codes present in the audio files of Black Ops 4, which are likely to need deciphering via the book cipher mentioned earlier.

Blackout Easter Eggs - Element 115

For those not in the know, Element 115 is what starts all of the zombie madness in the Black Ops universe. References to this can be found all over the Blackout Map. the clocks in Nuketown are set to 1:15, there has been 115 days since last accident in the Factory.

Blackout Easter Eggs - Blightfather Boss

Another Zombies Easter Egg can be found in the graveyard area near the Asylum. Look for a red beam of light and head for it. At the end if this light you’ll find the Blightfather, a boss creature from Zombies lore.

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