Black Ops 4 Zombies Elixirs Guide - All the Best Zombies Elixirs Available

Here's your complete guide to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies mode, including overviews of the Voyage of Despair, IX, and Blood of the Dead maps.

Elixirs are a brand new item for the Call of Duty franchise, making their debut in Black Ops 4. In this complete Black Ops 4 Zombies Elixirs guide, we'll be walking you through a complete list of the best Black Ops 4 Elixirs in the entire game, so you know which ones to get your hands on.

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Black Ops 4 Zombies Elixirs Guide

In the Black Ops 4 Zombies mode, you can assign four Elixirs to your character per match. They’re available to be used whenever you want on the d-pad, and each Elixir can give you a different, limited bonus for your character. Just below, we’ll be running through a complete list of all available Elixirs in the Zombies mode, of which there are quite a few.

  • Always Done Swiftly - Move faster while aiming, raise your weapon to aim quicker (lasts 5 minutes).
  • Anywhere But Here! - Instantly teleport to a random location, nearby Zombies are knocked back.
  • Burned Out - When you take melee damage, emit a burst of fire (lasts three hits).
  • Equip Mint - Refresh the cooldown meter on all equipment.
  • Head Scan - Headshots have a chance to insta-kill (lasts 2 minutes).
  • Nowhere But There - Instantly teleport to the location of a downed player.
  • Newtonian Negation - Zombies killed fall straight up (lasts 25 minutes).
  • Stock Option - Ammo is taken from your stockpile instead of your weapon’s magazine.
  • Anti Entrapment - Immune to player-initiated trap damage (lasts 30 seconds).
  • Point Drops - Drop 500 of your points as you power up.
  • Pop Shocks - Melee attacks execute shock damage, which chains between Zombies (lasts 5 hits).
  • Arsenal Accelerator - Charge your special weapons faster (lasts 5 minutes).
  • Aftertaste - Keep all your Perks after being revived, for one time only.
  • Temporal Gift - Power ups last longer (lasts 5 minutes).
  • Now You See Me - All Zombies will chase you for 15 seconds.
  • Ctrl+Z - Turns nearby Zombies into allies (maximum of 2 Zombies, lasts 15 seconds).
  • Dead of Nuclear Winter - Spawns a Nuke power up item.
  • In Plain Sight - Ignored by Zombies for 10 seconds.
  • Licensed Contractor - Spawns a Carpenter power up item.
  • Phantom Reload - Sometimes reloading doesn’t cost you ammo (lasts 4 minutes).
  • Who’s Keeping Score? - Spawns a Double Points power up item.
  • Sword Flay - Melee attacks do 5x damage to Zombies (lasts 1 minute).
  • Shields Up - Grants a new shield.
  • Kill Joy - Spawns in Insta Kill power up item.
  • Immolation Liquidation - Spawns a Fire Sale power up item.
  • Alchemical Antithesis - Every ten points earned instead rewards you with one ammo in your current weapon stockpile (lasts 1 minute).
  • Blood Debt - Lose points instead of taking damage, until you have zero points left (lasts 3 minutes).
  • Extra Credit - Spawns a 1250 Points power up item.
  • Wall-to-Wall Clearance - Wall buy fire sale (lasts 30 seconds).
  • Free Fire - Firing consumes no ammo (lasts 30 seconds).
  • Undead Man Walking - Slows down all Zombies to shambling speed (lasts 1 minute).
  • Power Keg - Spawns a full Power Up item.
  • Wall Power - The next weapon you buy off a wall come in the Pack-a-Punch form.
  • Join the Party - Revives all spectating players immediately.
  • Cache Back - Spawns a Max Ammo power up item.

And there you have it, the extensive list of all the Elixir items available in Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Zombies mode. Keep in mind that to create new Elixirs, head into the Laboratory section of the main Zombies menu, which will give you a randomized chance of obtaining any of the items listed above.

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