Metro Exodus Guns List - All the Best Weapons in Metro Exodus, How to Upgrade Weapons

Here's a list of every weapon in Metro Exodus, as well as how to upgrade weapons, and details on the single best guns in the game.

Metro Exodus, just like the two games that came before it, is a brutal survival game in a harsh world. In this Metro Exodus weapons guide, we'll be walking you through a complete list of every single gun in the entire game, as well as detailing the single best weapon in Metro Exodus available to you.

By now we’ve seen and done all that the Russian apocalypse has to offer, and we’ve completed our journey with the Aurora and Artyom. If you’re looking for our impressions of the final entry to the trilogy, head over to our Metro Exodus review.

Metro Exodus Weapons List

As you make your way through Metro Exodus, you’re going to come across a variety of different weapons and explosives. While there are certain weapons that are provided to our protagonist Artyom from his comrades on the Aurora, like the Kalash assault rifle, there are tons of different weapons that you can find out in the open world.

In the guide below, we’ll be detailing every single weapon we’ve found so far within Metro Exodus. We’ll be outlining the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon, so you know exactly which weapons are appropriate for the right situation.

Kalash Assault Rifle

The Kalash is the base assault rifle of Metro Exodus, and it’s just about the most rounded weapon in the entire game. It’s excellent in close quarters and from a fair distance away, especially since you can equip either a night vision scope or 4x zoom scope to the top. There’s ample room for customization and experimentation with the Kalash, and it’s a weapon we’d recommend trying to carry on you at all times.

The Kalash. | Hirun Cryer/USG, 4A Games/Deep Silver

Shambler Shotgun

If the Ashot acts as a double barrelled shotgun in Metro Exodus, then the Shamler is more of a semi automatic weapon, firing with increased rate. It’s possible, with the right upgrades, to fit 10+ shots into a single magazine with the Shambler, so while it might not have the damage of the Ashot, it can keep a horde of enemies at bay with ease.

Tikhar Rifle

The Tikhar is a bit of an experimental weapon, and basically acts as a gas powered semi automatic rifle. You can easily transform the rifle into a sniper with either a night vision or a 4x zoom scope, and it’s also got a decent rate of fire, meaning it can be used in close quarters from the hip. The one downside is that you have to manually use the pump on the Tikhar to occasionally recharge the weapon, and it can take a good 7-8 seconds to recharge fully.

The Tikhar rifle. | Hirun Cryer/USG, 4A Games/Deep Silver


The Revolver deals out hefty damage to even the biggest targets, and has just about the best damage rating in Metro Exodus. The main drawback is the recoil, so if you’re going to use the Revolver, especially from a distance, you need to be incredibly accurate with your shots.

The powerful revolver. | Hirun Cryer/USG, 4A Games/Deep Silver

Ashot Shotgun

Think of the Ashot as your double barrelled shotgun of Metro Exodus. It’s a close range weapon that doesn’t have decent accuracy, no matter how much you upgrade the stock, barrel, sights, or scope. The Ashot is best used in close quarters only, and if you can hit someone in the head, it’s a guaranteed one hit kill.

The Ashot shotgun. | Hirun Cryer/USG, 4A Games/Deep Silver

Bastard SMG

The Bastard’s main selling point is its high rate of fire, but this can lead to it potentially overheating and jamming if you hold the trigger down for too long. The Bastard might not have an excellent damage rating, but it does have pretty reliable accuracy and stability, which you might not expect from an SMG in Metro Exodus.

The Bastard. | Hirun Cryer/USG, 4A Games/Deep Silver

Bulldog Rifle

The Bulldog rifle is somewhat similar to the Kalash, but it has increased accuracy at the cost of rate of fire. The Bulldog fires in bursts of three bullets, meaning that you can an increased range and accuracy from the weapon, but not quite the same damage level as the Kalash.

Helsing Crossbow

The only one of its kind in Metro Exodus, the Helsing is a crossbow that can pack standard bolts for stealth, or explosive bolts when you need to take out a heavy target. So far, it’s the only weapon in the game that’s guaranteed to kill in complete silence, so consider it your best stealth weapon.

Best Weapon in Metro Exodus

From the range of the weapons above, it’s tough to choose a single best weapon in Metro Exodus. To determine a best weapon, you have to consider what weapon works best in every situation, whether it’s close quarters combat against multiple enemies, or a ranged battle.

We’d say the Kalash is the best weapon in Metro Exodus, and it’s the only weapon that we’ve had consistently with us throughout our entire journey. The Kalash can handle ranged battles with ease, especially if you’ve got a scope equipped. In fact, equipping the reflex scope lets you get decent accuracy at range, while also being able to deal with multiple enemies when they’re up close and personal with you.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Metro Exodus

If you’re thinking that you can only upgrade weapons at workbenches in Metro Exodus, you’d be mistaken. You can only craft ammo for your weapons while you’re at workbenches, but you can upgrade and adjust weapons completely on the fly.

Simply press the left shoulder button, and then the A/X button on your controller to pull out your backpack in Metro Exodus. Tab over to the weapons slot in the middle of the screen, and you can now adjust any of the three weapons that you’re carrying with you. There are multiple aspects to each weapon in the game, and below you can find a list of all the aspects of a weapon that you can change.

  • Stock - The stock of a weapon will mainly impact the stability and accuracy.
  • Barrel - The barrel will impact the damage, accuracy, and stability of a weapon.
  • Scope - The scope of a weapon won’t directly impact any statistics, but will provide closer or longer distance reach for the weapon.
  • Gadget - A gadget for a weapon includes either a laser pointer, increasing hip fire accuracy, or an infrared laser, which can only be seen when using night vision goggles or a scope.
Gadgets can be useful, but also a distraction. | Hirun Cryer/USG, 4A Games/Deep Silver

Best Weapon Upgrades in Metro Exodus

We picked the Kalash as the best weapon in Metro Exodus above, and there are some attachments you can equip which only cement it as the best weapon in the game. For a start, equip the ‘standard stock and grip,’ which gives the Kalash a boost in stability.

Next, equip the ‘standard barrel and compensator,’ which although detracts slightly from stability, gives you a bonus in accuracy and damage. Go with the reflex sight for a scope, which lets you take out enemies in close quarters without sacrificing your long range capabilities.

You'll want to go with the standard barrel for the Kalash. | Hirun Cryer/USG, 4A Games/Deep Silver

Finally stick with the ‘small magazine’ for the Kalash, and go with the red laser as a gadget. With this loadout, you’ve got the single best, and most consistently reliable weapon in the whole of Metro Exodus.

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