Watch Dogs Legion Stadia, Release Date, Map, Gameplay - Everything We Know

Watch Dogs Legion Stadia, Release Date, Map, Gameplay - Everything We Know

This is our guide to the Watch Dogs Legion release date, map of London, gameplay reveal, and more.

Watch Dogs Legion is bringing Ubisoft's hacker series to London next year, and it's already got a hugely impressive new gameplay system at work. In this guide detailing everything there is to know about Ubisoft's sequel, we'll be going over the Watch Dogs Legion release date for 2020, all the Watch Dogs Legion map information we know of, and more.

Watch Dogs Legion Release Date

Watch Dogs Legion was recently delayed. Instead of coming out in March 2020, it will now arrive during Ubisoft's next financiial year. This means you can expect it anytime between April 2020 and March 2021.

Watch Dogs Legion Will Launch on Google Stadia

During Google's gamescom Stadia presentation, Watch Dogs Legion was shown off. A brand new trailer was shown, giving some more info on new characters. You can check it out below, and be aware that Watch Dogs Legion will launch on Stadia sometime in 2020.

Watch Dogs Legion Pre-Order

The Watch Dogs Legion box art has been revealed alongside the announcement of the game. There are several editions of the game, all of which we'll detail in the list below.

  • Standard Edition - As of right now, no pre-order bonuses, just the standard game.
  • Gold Edition - Play three days early, includes the season pass, four new characters, a car skin, and a mission.
  • Ultimate Edition - Play three days early, includes the season pass, four new characters, a car skin, a mission, three unique characters, and four weeks of VIP status.
  • Collector's Edition - Play three days early, includes the season pass, four new characters, a car skin, a mission, three unique characters, four weeks of VIP status, a Deadsec skull mask, and a steelbook.

Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay

At the Ubisoft E3 2019 presentation, Watch Dogs Legion was revealed for the first time. In the gameplay slice you can see below, which we should note is labelled as 'alpha' gameplay, we see a character patrolling Piccadilly Circus, engaging in hand to hand combat.

There's a definite emphasis on stealth in the gameplay reveal for Watch Dogs Legion. We see multiple character hugging walls, avoiding searchlights, and taking out enemies through stealth takedowns. Deadsec are confirmed to be back once again for Watch Dogs Legion.

In the debut gameplay footage for Watch Dogs Legion, we see the big switching feature that was talked up before the reveal. This is where you can play as any NPC character in the entire game, by recruiting them to your cause.

Perhaps this is what the 'Legion' part of Watch Dogs Legion refers to. Every cinematic in the game changes depending on which fully voice acted, animated character you're playing as. That's pretty huge.

Watch Dogs Legion Map

In the reveal of Watch Dogs Legion, the setting of London was confirmed, but in a post-EU landscape. This gives Ubisoft a really interesting chance to play with themes of government surveillance and power in a post-Brexit world where there's theoretically no longer oversight from the European Union.

For the Watch Dogs Legion map, we have some details on the size and scope of the game thanks to a Gamespot interview. Lead producer Sean Crooks reveals Camden as the northern barrier for the game, while Tower Hamlets is the eastern border of the Watch Dogs Legion map.

The streets of London are filled with government forces. | Ubisoft

South, you can venture as far as Brixton, and finally, Buckingham Palace makes up the western border of the Watch Dogs Legion map. If this is to scale, then the map of Ubisoft's game is going to be absolutely colossal, although there is the obvious possibility of the game's scope and size being downgraded from accurately depicting every single inch of London.

It's easy to imagine that Watch Dogs Legion has been in development for at least several years now. It'd be interesting to see whether Ubisoft thought that the Brexit deal between the UK and the EU would be done by now, and whether they thought this game would be releasing to a post-Brexit UK.

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