Dragon Quest Builders 2 Grass Seeds - Where to Find Grass Seeds in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Grass Seeds - Where to Find Grass Seeds in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Here's our guide on where to obtain Dragon Quest Builders 2 grass seeds, which you'll need while on Furrowfield Island.

Unlike cabbage, wheat, and sugar cane seeds, grass seeds aren't given to you as part of the main quest line of Dragon Quest Builders 2. Instead, you're going to have to venture out into the island and find them for yourself. In this Dragon Quest Builders 2 grass seeds guide, we'll be walking you through where to find grass seeds in Dragon Quest Builders 2, so you can progress the main story as quickly as possible.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Grass Seeds

At first, you might not think that grass seeds serve that much of a purpose in Dragon Quest Builders 2. But, if you're looking to build up your town from scratch, they're absolutely essential, since they can cover four tiles at once in smooth grass, instantly.

This means if you're surrounded by spoilt soil, you can instantly transform it into a meadow. Once you've done this, the land immediately becomes usable as either a building site for new houses and rooms, or you can turn it into a farming patch by planting a scarecrow.

How to Get Grass Seeds in Dragon Quest Builders 2

In order to find the grass seeds in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you're going to need to venture into the bog region of Furrowfield Island, which is situated on the southern end of the island.

Once you've reached the northern border of the bog, coming south from your town, you need to continue heading south into the bog. At the map point we've marked below, you'll find Muddy Hand monsters, which are basically giant hands that attack you in packs.

Here's where you can find the Muddy Hands. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Square Enix

For every Muddy Hand that you and Malroth defeat, you'll be granted a grass seed. But don't retreat to your town just yet. Grab five grass seeds, and head northwest from where you found the Muddy Hands.

Just to the west of the bog, you'll find a small goblin archer, who wants you to sow five grass seeds all around him. Accomplish this side quest for him, and you'll obtain the Worm Food recipe, which allows Wrigley to turn soil into a luscious meadow.

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