Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Guide - Beginner's Guide, Tips and Tricks, Best Characters, Battle Strategies, Boss Battles

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Guide - Beginner's Guide, Tips and Tricks, Best Characters, Battle Strategies, Boss Battles

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle brings fun and color in abundance, but also faces you off against some challenging enemies. This Mario + Rabbids guide will help you defeat the game's toughest bosses.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is finally out in the wild after a stunning first reveal to the world at E3 2017, at the hands of Shigeru Miyamoto. Now that we've got our hands on the game itself, we've got this comprehensive Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle guide, covering all the basics of the game, as well as giving you some insight into how each character in the game functions, and how to defeat the bosses in Mario + Rabbids.

For starters, what is Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle? It's a colorful strategy game that lets you take control of Mario and his friends, alongside some mischievous Rabbids as their respective worlds collide, forcing both parties to work together to put things back to normal in the world. Don't be fooled by the game's cartoonist nature, as it can actually be pretty difficult and challenging in some areas.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Guide

Firstly, we'll be running over some basic Mario + Rabbids tips and tricks for you, in order to get you well on your way to beating the first world in the game.

  • Having the right character for the right mission is key, so you'll want to pay attention to all of the special abilities and weapons that your characters have equipped.
  • Rabbid Peach is generally better at protecting herself and others than to her special bubble ability, while Luigi is all about long-range combat with his ability to fire automatically on moving enemies.
  • Have coins dropped from fallen enemies on the battlefield? To collect them, simply hover the movement cursor for any character right around the coin, and it'll automatically be collected for you to spend later on.
  • Although each character has a total number of moves they can execute once per turn, they don't all have to be done one after another. For example you could move Mario, and then move Luigi afterwards, and still return to Mario to use his weapon straight after.
  • As soon as you come across Princess Peach in the hub zone of Peach's Castle, make sure to visit the building to the left of the castle, where you can buy new weapons for each character.
  • Pay attention to the special abilities of each weapon, for example you can buy Rabbid Luigi a weapon that has a chance to set enemies on fire with a single shot.
  • Having the high ground in battle is essential, as it actually gives you a damage boost to all attacks that you rain down on enemies below.
  • Before each battle in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, the camera will pan across the battlefield, where you can change the difficulty by pressing Y, if you're either finding it a little easy, or if it isn't presenting enough of a challenge to you.
  • You can have the Skill Tree for each character automatically upgrade on its own for you, but we think it's a better idea if you take control, carefully selecting which new skills and bonuses are the best for each character.
  • If you see a Mushroom while you're exploring in between battling Rabbids, walk into it to obtain a healing bonus for all members of your party.
  • Cannons are used to transport your team to different areas of the map, and they usually lead to coins or collectibles, like art work.
  • Blue cannons are the entrances to challenge rooms, where your team is given an extremely limited time to collect all the blue coins in a room. Complete the challenge, and you're presented with a nice unlockable weapon or collectible item.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Enemy Type Guide

Now for the enemies themselves, all of which present a fairly varied challenge in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. There are the most basic enemies named 'Ziggy', which can only move and shoot once per turn, but there are also special Hopper enemies that have the same team jump abilities that your party has.

  • It's best not to get too close to the Hopper enemies, as they can rapidly move about the battlefield and deal damage to your characters in just one quick turn. Instead, hold back and open fire from afar, moving your characters to flank them if possible.
  • To defeat the powerful Smasher enemies, it's best to spread out your team, as they'll automatically advance towards your characters when fired upon. Split them up if they're in groups through spreading your team out, and you shouldn't have too much trouble dealing with them.
  • You'll probably want to tackle the Supporter enemies as soon as you enter battle, as they're the only type of enemy that can heal their allies. Flank them where possible, but avoid the nasty grenades they can throw at your characters.
  • To take out the hefty Buckler, you'll want to flank them or hit them with area of effect attacks like rockets or grenades. There's no point simply attacking them from the front, as their shields will minimise all damage.
  • Since the Peek-a-Boo enemies don't have a movement attack, you'll want to get as close to them as possible, instead of firing on them from afar. Although they can teleport, they are weak when you get up close and personal.
  • The Valkyrie enemy has a strong machine gun that they can use from range, but they don't tend to flank your team, meaning that if you focus on taking out the cover they're hiding behind, they shouldn't pose too much of a problem. Don't get too close to them however, as they have a nasty ground attack they can pull off if they use team jump.
  • The Chain Chomps aren't an enemy you can defeat in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, but they instead attack either side. a Chain Chomp will attack the nearest individual in its line of sight, only moving at the end of the player turn, and usually inflicting 75 damage upon anyone it bites. Plan around the Chain Chomp accordingly, herd enemy Rabbids towards it if you can.

Mario + Rabbids Pirabbid Plant Boss Guide

The Pirabbid Plant is the first boss you'll encounter in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and actually functions as a mini boss for the first world, although it's a tough creature to take down this early on in the game.

Firstly, you'll want to make sure you've got the best possible weapons equipped to take down the Pirabbid Boss, so head to Battle HQ by pressing X to purchase the best weapons for your team using the coins you've collected.

As you soon as you go head to head against the Pirabbid Plant boss, you'll want to make it to the high ground on either end of the arena. This way you can use attacks from above for a nice damage advantage, which you should use on both the boss and the pesky Rabbids running around the arena. Also, if you see the Pirabbid boss or any of the Rabbids nearby one of the elemental boxes around the map, position one of you team so they have a zero percent chance of hitting the enemy near the box. This way, when they fire on the enemy Rabbid or boss, they'll hit the box instead, sending them either flying backwards or setting them on fire.

At the end of the Pirabbid boss fight, you'll have unlocked Luigi for your team, although you will have to swap out one team member in Battle HQ should you wish to sub in Luigi, as you can only have three characters in your team at once.

Mario + Rabbids Rabbid Kong Boss Guide

At the end of the first world in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, it's time to face off against Rabbid Kong! This boss is tough, and you'll have to defeat him a total of three times in order to put him down for good.

Firstly, focus on taking out the Rabbids at the other end of the arena, but try to make sure you're always behind full cover at the end of your turn. This is because Rabbid Kong releases shockwaves that can only be blocked if you're in full cover, so utilise the dash ability to deal out as much damage as quickly as possible.

Every time you hit Rabbid Kong, he'll heal himself using the bananas in front of him. To stop this, you need a character to stand on the pressure plant in front of the bananas, which Luigi or Rabbid Peach's Sentry can actually trigger, if you send the Sentry towards Rabbid Kong. Once the pressure plate is activated and the bananas are gone, take cover and shoot Rabbid Kong until he vacates his position.

You'll have to defeat Rabbid Kong a total of three times in order for him to actually be put down for good, but all you need to do is employ the same tactics every time, never make sure your characters are left out of cover.

Mario + Rabbids Icicle Golem Boss Guide

The Icicle Golem boss in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is no easy fight, as the boss carries around a massive shield for the first phase of the battle, and is also able to freeze any of your team members solid for a turn with just a single hit from it's weapon.

To defeat the Icicle Golem the first time, you'll want to flank the boss on both sides, using characters that have short range, but powerful attacks to take down the health bar of the boss for the first time. Rabbid Peach, Princess Peach, and Rabbid Luigi should be up to the task, but you can fairly effectively use most characters in the game at this point, without too much difficulty.

In the Icicle Golem's second phase, it'll drop the huge shield and start moving around the arena at a fairly rapid rate, so make sure to keep your distance, as the boss has now replaced its shield with a melee attack. Spread your squad out and attack the boss as quickly as possible, but make sure to use the Sight abilities that characters like Mario, Luigi, and Peach have, to damage the Icicle Golem whenever it moves.

In the third, and final phase of the Icicle Golem boss fight, Smashers and Supporters will begin spawning around the arena. Take out the Supporters, and ignore and Smashers unless they get too close to you, pelting the boss with attacks whenever you can. Make sure to keep moving around the arena, keeping away from the freeze boxes dotted around as they'll freeze your team solid for a turn. If you take out the Supporters quickly, this final phase shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

Mario + Rabbids Calavera Boss Guide

This midboss if effectively the Pirabbid Plant from the first world, but on steroids. The Calavera boss carries around a hefty shield, so there's no point trying to attack it while the boss is facing a certain character. It also carries around grenades that can destroy cover, so you definitely want to keep your distance from the Calavera.

To start with, take out all the smaller enemies around the arena to prevent your team from getting overwhelmed. Then, use Mario Rabbid's Magnet ability to lure the Calavera towards you, as this will leave it exposed to your other team members around the arena. Use character abilities that trigger on enemy movement, and this boss shouldn't be an overwhelming challenge by any means for Mario and co.

These are all the tips and tricks for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle that you need, in order to take on every single base enemy in the game. Keep on checking back on this page, as we'll be updating it with better strategies and character breakdowns once we've spent enough time in the depths of the game.

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