Fallout 76 Nukes - How to Launch Nukes, Decrypt Codes, Codes This Week

Launching Nukes in Fallout 76 requires team-work, brute force and a little bit of code cracking to pull off. Here's how it works.

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With Fallout 76 being a Fallout game and all, of course you can launch nukes at each other. It's definitely a high-level activity though, and you'll need a hardy team to do so, and some careful planning. Pull it all off though and you'll be given the opportunity to reign down nuclear fire on any location on the map. Rare resources and deadly radiation await those who collect all of the nuclear codes and enter a silo, but how exactly does it all work? Well, we've got all of the info you need to know, and more, in this Fallout 76 Nukes Guide. We'll cover how to launch nukes in Fallout 76, and why you'd want to do so. We'll also take a look at what happens when your base is destroyed by a nuke.

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Fallout 76 Nuke Codes This Week

The Nuke Codes in Fallout 76 refresh every week, alongside the weekly challenges. This means that you'll need to track them down each week before launching a nuke. Luckily, some of the hard working folks over at r/fo76 have been listing them after each refresh.

  • Alpha - 89483217
  • Brovo - 85767129
  • Charlie - 50812621

Fallout 76 Nukes

Fallout 76 features a brand new Nuke feature, where players can team up and search for codes, in order to unlock Nuclear Silos. Once inside the silo itself, you can target parts of the Fallout 76 map with a nuclear strike, creating new areas through the destruction caused.

How to Get Nuke Codes in Fallout 76

There are multiple Nuclear Silos in each Fallout 76 server, each with its own code combination for players to find. These codes are actually made up of five parts, and will sometimes even be guarded by high level and powerful enemies like the Scorchbeast. In other words, it's takes teamwork and commitment to gain access to a Nuclear Silo. These codes can be found all over Appalachia, often dropped by downed enemies. A good way to start yourself on the path to a nuuke is to join a faction. We recommend you join the Enclave, as they have a ton of info on Nukes. The Enclave command center also has a surveillance terminal which you can use to identify and track down code carrying officers.

Fallout 76 Nuclear Launch Keycards

Even if you've found all of the nuke codes you need, you'll still have to pick up a Nuclear Keycard. You can do this by heading to the Enclave Command center (or the CC of the faction you joined), and using surveillance terminal to track down cargo bots carrying launch keycards.

How to Decrypt Nuke Codes in Fallout 76

Once you have everything you need, you still have to decrypt the codes. Reddit user Ghostofbigboss has put together a fantastic document for doing so, which we recommend you use as the process is very complicated indeed. basically it involves using a keyword cipher gleaned from a board in the faction command center.

Nukes Produce Rare Resources When They Hit

All of this hard work is definitely worth it though, as you’ll gain access to a nuclear strike. This strike can be targeted anywhere on the map, so can be used to destroy other players’ camps, strong wildlife, or whatever else you want to blow up. Once the nuke hits, the bombed area becomes a new, irradiated environment for four real world hours. Rare resources can be looted from these areas, though powerful creatures will be guarding them.

Can You Find Nuke Codes on Your Own?

While Fallout 76 is online-only and multiplayer focused, Bethesda is still emphasizing that it can also be played solo if players want to. One area where this seems to be kind of contridictory is in the nukes system. It is possible that a single player can collect all of the codes themselves, taking down a Scorchbeast or other high level enemies will not be easy without teammates. It seems that, for now at least, launching a nuke solo isn't something you'll likely be doing in Fallout 76.

What Happens to My Base if It's Hit By a Nuke?

When we got the chance to play Fallout 76 for ourselves in early October, we found that it's actually quite simple to rebuild your base after it's been hit by a nuke. You can rebuild it with "the push of a button" according to a Bethesda dev we spoke to, and you don't even lose all your accumulated gear and other items when you get hit by a nuke. Bethesda is keen to stress that this isn't an MMO, where you can easily got trolled by other players. You'll also get a three-minute warning when a nuke is on its way in, allowing you to pack and and move your base anyway.

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