Final Fantasy 15 Elemancy and Magic Guide - Catalysts Detailed

Final Fantasy 15 Elemancy and Magic Guide - Catalysts Detailed

Here's everything you need to know to start crafting spells in Final Fantasy 15 with this Elemancy and Magic guide.

One of the most exciting new mechanics in Final Fantasy 15 is elemancy, which lets you craft spells using energy you draw out from specific spots and catalysts which can append additional benefits to the spells. But figuring out how everything works can be confusing. Let us help you navigate the tricky world of elemancy with this Final Fantasy 15 Elemancy and Magic guide.

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Final Fantasy 15 Elemancy and Magic Guide

On its face, elemancy is very simple. You mix combinations of one of three different element types – fire, ice, and Lightning – to create Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder. The amount of that type of energy in the spell makes what's called the Potency of the spell, which is essentially its power level. If the Potency exceeds 100, it gets bumped up to the next level of spell: Fira, Blizzara, and Thundara. Exceed 200 and you get Firaga, Blizzaga, or Thundaga. However, you can't hold more than 99 units of a given type of energy, so you have to compensate by adding other types of energy. For every two units of an element that does not match the spell being created, the Potency goes up by one. And even then, if you want a specific type of spell to go off without fail, you need a clear majority of that element as part of the creation of the spell.

Introducing multiple types of energy, though, can create a hybrid spell instead if the base element doesn't make up at least 50% of the mix. The most likely one you'll come across first is called Unicast, which will cast Fire, Blizzard, or Thunder at random. So if you want to be absolutely sure that you're casting a particular spell, make certain that that element has an absolute majority. Of course, that severely limits your ability to give spells higher Potency, so you're either going to have to invest in the Powercraft branch of the Magic Ascension grid or use catalysts to supplement your spell crafting. For more information on how to navigate the Ascension grid, check out Final Fantasy 15: Ascension Guide.

Final Fantasy 15 Catalysts

Catalysts are basically items from your inventory that you're throwing into the mix to add additional effects and Potency to the spell. Each item you find in the game has a power level, and each one you add increases the Potency of a spell by that power level. Catalysts can also give spells added effects:

Dualcast – Cast up to two times.

Tricast – Cast up to three times.

Quadcast – Cast up to four times.

Quintcast – Cast up to five times.

Healcast – Cast and heal caster.

Venomcast – Cast with a chance of inflicting Poison.

Stopcast – Cast with a chance of inflicting Stop.

Cursecast – Cast with a chance of inflicting Mollified.

Killcast – Cast with a chance of instantly killing.

Expericast – Cast with an EXP bonus.

Freecast – Cast with the chance of not expending a spell.

Failcast – Cast a significantly powered-up spell with a chance of failure.

Powercast – Cast a powered-up spell without increasing the range.

Blastcast – Cast a spell that damages both the enemy and yourself.

Maxicast – Cast with the maximum damage limit of 9,999 removed.

Also note that if you use a certain number of a catalyst, the amount of spells created increases. The best thing you can do is mess around with different items to see how many it takes of each one to make additional copies. Elemancy and catalysts also make magic really customizable to your playstyle thanks to the added effects. Experiment to see what works for you.

Don't forget that you'll need to keep a steady stream of energy flowing if you want to keep making spells. Energy absorption points are usually found around Havens, but can be other places, too, and are marked on your minimap with element symbols. Certain weapons, like the Engine Blade and the Drain Lance, can earn you a bit of energy for each kill. Finally, don't forget that the number of different spells you can create is limited by how many Magical Flasks you own. You get a fair few of them in the main story, but even more are optional and hidden throughout the world.

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