Final Fantasy 15: Combat Guide

Final Fantasy 15: Combat Guide

Here are some helpful tips and hints for mastering combat in Final Fantasy 15.

Even long-time fans of the Final Fantasy series are going to need to get used to the more action-oriented combat system in Final Fantasy 15. Not quite an action RPG, but not really turn-based, the combat can be hard to wrap your head around. Here's our Final Fantasy 15 Combat Guide.

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Final Fantasy 15 Combat Basics

At its heart, Final Fantasy 15's combat relies on the player holding down buttons. If you hold down the Blitz button, you'll start attacking a nearby enemy. If you hold down the right shoulder button, the camera will lock onto the current target, which you can switch with the right stick. Note that you can also target multiple points on monsters, and if you focus in on one of the more fragile-looking ones, you might cause a Break, which severely impedes enemies and increases the likelihood of certain item drops.

You also hold down the left shoulder button for any defensive maneuvers you have access to. Pressing just before an enemy hits you will cause you to straight-up negate the damage and prompt you to hit the Blitz button to fully parry the enemy attack, counterattacking with a powerful strike. If you invested in the Blink node in Ascension, holding the left shoulder button also lets you dodge enemy attacks. It's generally a good idea to be ready to hold the left shoulder button even as you're on the offensive. Just be careful with your MP, as Blink drains it.

The Use of MP in Final Fantasy 15 Combat

MP is most important for the ability to use warping, which both keeps you in the fray and can get you out of jams. Warping towards an enemy while you're locked onto it will cause you to do a Warp-Strike, resulting in much more damage than a normal hit would. The further away you Warp-Strike from, the greater the amount of damage inflicted, so you should try to hit the enemy that's the furthest away from you when Warp-Striking, and try not to do it when you're right in front of an enemy unless you have Point-Blank Warp Strike unlocked. For more tips and strategies for Ascension, check out Final Fantasy 15: Ascension Guide.

Item Use, Ally Tech and Magic During Final Fantasy 15 Combat

Never underestimate how important items are in Final Fantasy XV. Always have a supply of Potions, Elixirs, and Phoenix Downs on hand. They're necessities, especially as the game progresses. And if things get too heated, Point-Warp away and use a healing item. To Point-Warp, just find a point that has a shiny prompt that says “Point-Warp”, make sure it's within the camera's vision, and hold the Warp button. Then, all you need to do is Warp again after healing and you'll automatically do a Warp-Strike against an enemy. If you want an easy way to keep gaining HP and MP off of a Point-Warp, check out the Final Fantasy 15: Infinite HP/MP Regeneration Cheat.

Set ally techs that compliment each other and don't overlap too much. Gladiolus should be the main damage-dealing tech holder since his are the most devastating out of the box. Ignis's Enhancement is extremely useful, and can increase your damage-dealing potential as much as tenfold. And Prompto's Gravisphere can drag a swarm of enemies into one spot so you can unleash a big attack or spell at them. Alternately, Starshell works wonders against daemons and other night enemies.

Magic should be sparingly used, as the form it takes in Final Fantasy XV is big, splashy, and bomb-like. It's really useful for softening up big groups of tough enemies, but you and your party members get hurt too – not enough to stop you from using it, mind, just stay aware of that fact. Also remember that magic has a cooldown timer whenever you use a spell. It doesn't matter what spell you use, meaning you can't chain two different spells back to back. For more information about magic, look at Final Fantasy 15: Elemancy and Magic Guide.

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