Final Fantasy 15: How to Make Gil Fast

Final Fantasy 15: How to Make Gil Fast

Here's how to make money fast in Final Fantasy 15. The best way to earn money.

Unlike many Final Fantasy games, gil is a precious commodity in Final Fantasy 15. The healing items you need are somewhat expensive, and you don't run into a bunch of sources for money. This Final Fantasy 15 guide will show you how to earn gil fast in Final Fatasy 15.

How to Earn Gil Quickly in Final Fantasy 15

Gil's pretty hard to come by in Final Fantasy XV, it seems. You won't get gil from battling foes, and you won't find any in treasure spots. Only a few very specific things will give you gil, and you're going to want to leverage them in a smart way in order to keep the cash flowing. This Final Fantasy 15 guide will list several ways to earn lots of gil quickly as well as some money-saving tips to let it go a bit further.

Complete Hunts to Earn Gil in Final Fantasy 15

Much like side quests give you boatloads of experience, hunts provide you with your main source of gil, with even the lowest-level ones netting you thousands. To start hunts, look for restaurants at outposts and talk to the proprietor inside to see a list of available hunts. Keep in mind that you're only able to have one active hunt at a time, so take ones you plan on doing immediately or in the near future. At first, you're only able to do a handful of the hunts available, as the rest with be blacked out until you reach a higher Hunter Level, which you can accomplish by gaining Stars from doing hunts. Completing hunts also gets you a valuable item, which get progressively better the harder a hunt is. It won't be long before you're regularly getting rewarded with valuable resources like Megalixirs and Mega Phoenixes. To get you started on hunts in the first area in the game, check out Final Fantasy 15: Hunts of the Leide Region.

Work for Vyv and Holly to Earn Gil in Final Fantasy 15

Below the parking area in Lestallum, you'll find a heavy-set man named Vyv who will give you quests to take pictures of certain locations. Your reward for doing these quests is experience like normal, but he'll also pay you a hefty sum per job, starting at 5000 gil and quickly increasing to as much as 25000. Vyv's questline first becomes available in Chapter 3 after you complete the “A Stroll for Two” tour with Iris.

Though not as lucrative as Vyv's jobs, Holly's questline can earn you a pretty penny as well, with each earning you an average of about 7500 gil. Holly starts giving out quests in Chapter 8, and can be found next to the Lestallum Power Plant.

Improve Your Item Economy

Enemies don't generally drop money, but they do sometimes drop items, and those items can be sold for a modest sum depending on what you sell. With very few exceptions, most items are safe to sell if you need some quick cash. Just make sure that you keep one of every item you find just in case you might need it for one of Cid's weapon upgrades. And you might want to keep a stash of catalysts that you like to add to your spells in elemancy. For more information about catalysts and elemancy, check out our Final Fantasy 15: Elemancy and Magic Guide.

One other thing you should invest in to maximize your budget is Gladiolus's Survival branch of the Exploration grid in Ascension. They're pretty far along, as you'll need to go through the two Happy Camper nodes to get to them, but they're worth it, as they give you the chance to double the items found with Survival after a battle. This is important because it keeps you supplied with Elixirs and Phoenix Downs for longer, and they can be expensive to stock up on. While this isn't a way to get gil directly, it will end up saving you thousands in the long run. For more information about useful nodes to unlock in Ascension, look at our Final Fantasy 15: Ascension Guide.

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