Final Fantasy 15 Infinite HP Cheat and MP Regeneration Cheat

Here's how to use an exploit to get infinite HP and MP regeneration in Final Fantasy 15. Final Fantasy 15 cheat guide.

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In Final Fantasy 15 Point-Warping can be an important method for saving yourself if things get too hairy during an encounter by removing yourself from the fray while regenerating HP and MP at an accelerated rate, but the respite it provides doesn't last – at least, it's not supposed to. But an exploit using Point-Warp in conjunction with a Tech allows you to keep regenerating at the same rate even when you return to the battle and beyond. Here's how you do the infinite HP cheat and MP regeneration cheat in Final Fantasy 15.

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Point-Warp lets you teleport to a spot on the periphery of the battle and hang there (most of the time literally) while you regain HP and MP. You can still command the rest of the party to use items and Techs, and you can to a Warp-Strike once you're done recuperating. The drawback is that you're out of action until you recover, and you can only really speed up this regen by getting the Hang In Recovery node in Ascension. For more tips and hints on the Ascension system, check out our Final Fantasy 15: Ascension Guide.

Final Fantasy 15: Infinite HP/MP Regeneration Cheat

But you don't have to recover the fair way thanks to an exploit stemming from Point-Warping and Techs. Here's how it works: First, you need to have taken some amount of damage so that you have some HP to recover when you Point-Warp. Then, Point-Warp and hang there to start recovering HP and MP. Before you fill up, perform a Tech that lets you do a follow-up attack at the end. You'll come off your perch to do the finisher, but the game will think you're still on the perch, which means you'll still be regenerating HP and MP even though you're not hanging there any more, even staying long after the battle is over.

Probably the most appealing aspect of this exploit is that it lets you use Royal Arms with impunity. Usually, Royal Arms will drain your life as you strike with them, but with the exploit, that penalty is invalidated. The infinite regeneration will far outpace the usual HP drain for using Royal Arms, so you can basically use them as often as regular weapons. This is good because Royal Arms don't have a weapon type, but rather do superior amounts of damage no matter what enemy you're facing. For more information on where to find all the Royal Arms, check out Final Fantasy 15: How to Get All the Royal Arms.

The drawback is that you can't restart your game, load a save, or even fast travel anywhere or else you'll stop regenerating. You'll have to rely on long car rides in real time or renting chocobos to get from place to place. But the good news is that you can always reactivate the exploit really easily in any combat encounter. And obviously you'll want to avoid future patches if you wish to use this exploit indefinitely.

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