Final Fantasy 15: How to Farm AP

Final Fantasy 15: How to Farm AP

Here's some tips on how to earn AP fast in Final Fantasy 15. This guide to AP Farming in Final Fantasy 15 will tell you all you need to know.

Leveling is important in Final Fantasy 15, but there's also another metric by which your character develops and improves: AP. AP is the currency that lets you claim nodes in the different Ascension grids, which you can get from various sources. This Final Fantasy 15 AP Farming guide will tell you how to get AP fast.

How to Farm AP in Final Fantasy 15

Experience can be gained through battles and quests, but AP rewards are a lot more nebulous and varied. You're going to want to maximize your AP earning potential, though, because that's how you gain access to some ridiculously powerful and necessary skills in Ascension. Because AP growth is so broad and vague, though, it might be difficult to figure out how to do that. To that end, this guide will go over several ways to increase your AP intake.

Level Up to Earn AP in Final Fantasy 15

Probably the simplest and most prominent way to get AP, leveling up gives you 3 AP per level per character leveled up. Because this is triggered when you gain levels, that means that you get the AP once you rest at camp or a hotel. Pumping up the AP gained from leveling, therefore, dovetails into gaining experience to level up fast. For ways to do that, check out Final Fantasy 15: Guide to Leveling Up Fast.

Activate Ascension Nodes to Earn AP Boosts in Final Fantasy 15

Most of the Exploration section in Ascension gives you AP bonuses for doing certain things, with branches devoted to fishing, chocobo riding, chocobo racing, camping, driving, cooking, and photography. Browse the different branches and prioritize unlocking the nodes that correspond to the actions you do most already. Also be sure not to miss the Armiger Action, Armiger Chain Reaction, and Magic Action nodes in the Armiger and Magic sections, as they also give bonus AP for activating your Armiger, performing an Armiger Chain, and casting spells. Get AP-boosting nodes as early as possible so you can start investing in more nodes sooner. For tips to get you started in Ascension, check out our Final Fantasy 15: Ascension Guide.

Kill Enemies With Style to Earn AP in Final Fantasy 15

Occasionally your teammates will pull you aside and suggest a strategy for you to follow, which comes in the form of a requirement you have to fulfill, such as performing two link-strikes or dealing a certain amount of damage. Completing these will earn you a small amount of AP, but you only have a handful of seconds to do it in, so act quickly.

Aside from that, killing enemies with Warp-Strikes, Link-Strikes, and Blindsides will also net you a single AP point, so you're encouraged to stay active in battles and try different things. For tips on how to master combat, check out Final Fantasy 15: Combat Tips and Hints.

Use Havens to Earn AP in Final Fantasy 15

The main use havens have is to let you camp, which means resting and preparing food. However, havens have another function: training. If you select the Train option when on a haven, you'll go into a training session with Gladiolus. Every tier you complete of these will net you 5 AP.

Camping also gets you AP, but in somewhat roundabout ways. Simply camping will get you an AP, but only if you haven't camped at that haven before. Switching up where you camp for the night gives you a small bump to your AP accumulation, but like everything else related to gaining AP, every little bit helps.

Havens are also tied to special side quests called Tours, which are small character-focused vignettes that give you 20 AP upon completion. To start a Tour, simply camp at a specific haven. Here's where you can find all the Tours:

  • The Chopping Block: Fallaughn's Haven, Saxham Outpost
  • Up Close and Personal: Pullmoor Haven, Alstor Slough
  • Stirred, Not Shaken: Cotisse Haven, The Weaverwilds
  • The Hallowed Hill of Hammerhead: Palmaugh Haven, Hammerhead
  • Rise and Shine and Run: Lachyrte Haven, Galdin Quay
  • Strike a Run Pose!: Spelcray Haven, Leirity Seaside
  • A Flower for Iris: Lambath Haven, Ravatogan Trail
  • Leige of the Lake: Capitis Haven, The Vesperpool (come prepared with Noctis's Fishing skill maxed out and the best fishing gear)
  • Case of the Stolen Specs: Pectriche Haven, The Myrlwood

For more guides, tips, and opinions on Final Fantasy XV, check out Final Fantasy 15: Guides, Tips, Cheats, and More.

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