Final Fantasy 15: How to Rent and Ride Chocobos

Final Fantasy 15: How to Rent and Ride Chocobos

Here's how to rent and ride Final Fantasy's famous bird in Final Fantasy 15. How to rent chocobos in Final Fantasy 15 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

It may sound weird that chocobos feature pretty heavily in a game that's centered around driving around in your car across the countryside, but gaining access to chocobos in Final Fantasy 15 actually cuts a lot of the hassle of exploring out of the equation. You have to work for it a bit, though. This Final Fantasy 15 Chocobo guide will tell you how you gain access to chocobos in Final Fantasy 15.

How to Unlock Chocobos in Final Fantasy 15

First, you're not going to be able to do this until you clear the Keycatrich Trench dungeon and gain access to the Duscae region, so play through the main story until you get to that point. Then, once you stop at the first gas station, Prompto will ask to take a side trip to ride chocobos at Wiz Chocobo Post. You'll get the Friends of a Feather sidequest. Talk to Wiz at the Chocobo Post to learn about Deadeye, the one-eyed Behemoth that's been causing trouble and preventing people from renting chocobos. Talk to Wiz again and go into the Hunt section to choose the A Behemoth Undertaking hunt.

Follow the waypoint into The Nebulawood and turn at the branch with all the knocked-over trees. Crawl through an alcove to find Deadeye. Once you emerge, you'll have to follow him through the fog at a far enough distance away, but close enough so he doesn't get too far from you. If you get too close or get in his line of vision, duck behind a rock until he stops feeling threatened. Continue on until you get to the end of the section and follow the path until you finally find him once more, this time cornered.

Deadeye is a big monster, so try to flank him wherever possible for Blindside damage and Link Attacks. There are several barrels arranged around the area you fight him in, and you can ignite them with Fire magic to make them explode and deal him massive damage – just try not to be caught in the explosion yourself. Once he's dead, make your way out of The Nebulawood and head back to Wiz Chocobo Outpost. Talk to Wiz to complete the hunt, which will get Wiz to allow chocobos to be rented. He'll also give you a Chocobo Whistle.

How to Rent Chocobos in Final Fantasy 15

To rent a chocobo, look for the yellow Rent-A-Bird machines at outposts, which are marked with a bird icon on the minimap. Renting a chocobo costs 50 gil a day up to a maximum of seven days, so you should absolutely always do so. Once you start the rental period, you'll be able to call a chocobo from anywhere using the Chocobo Whistle by opening your item menu and pressing the shoulder button.

Chocobos can run anywhere you could normally walk except for dungeons and other daemon-infested areas. They can jump and glide a short distance and can even swim in specific bodies of water. Keep in mind that your chocobo riding ability will level up the more you ride chocobos to a maximum of Level 10. Each level improves riding speed and sprint stamina. Some levels will even let you unlock battle abilities using a chocobo you summon with you whistle.

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