Final Fantasy 15: Side Quests of the Leide Region

Final Fantasy 15: Side Quests of the Leide Region

Here's all the side quests you can do in the Leide Region of Final Fantasy 15. A complete guide to the side quests in Leide.

The region of Leide in Final Fantasy 15 may be small, but there's still a lot of stuff to do across all experience levels. We list out all the quests you can find in the Leide region of Final Fantasy 15 to save you the hassle of tracking them down yourself.

This Final Fantasy 15 guide lists the names of all the quests found in Leide that we know of so far, as well as where to initiate them and what conditions you need to start it up. The recommended levels listed are the suggestions the game provides, so use your own discretion there. Every quest has an experience reward, and additional rewards are listed after. Some of the quests require common items to complete, so they're included as parentheticals to save you the trouble of having to double back. We'll be updating this list as we find more quests in the game.

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Final Fantasy 15 Leide Side Quests

Photo Op: Mountain – Found driving past Longwythe Peak; Recommended Level: 3; Reward: 200 Exp

Photo Op: Quay – Found at Galdin Quay; Recommended Level: 4; Reward: 200 Exp

Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic – Cid at Hammerhead w/ Drain Lance (requires Metal Scrap); Reward: 500 Exp, Drain Lance II

A Better Engine Blade – Cid at Hammerhead w/ Engine Blade (requires Rusted Bit); Reward: 500 Exp, Engine Blade II

A Better Engine Blade II – Cid at Hammerhead w/ Engine Blade II (requires Glass Gemstone); 800 Exp, Engine Blade III

A Better Drain Lance II – Cid at Hammerhead w/ Drain Lance II (requires Coeurl Whiskers); Reward: 800 Exp, Drain Lance III

The Ever Regal Regalia – Cindy at Hammerhead; Recommended Level: 7; Reward: 150 Exp

The Ever Elegant Regalia – Cindy at Hammerhead after The Ever Regal Regalia; Recommended Level: 8; Reward: 500 Exp

The Ever Gleaming Regalia – Cindy at Hammerhead after The Ever Elegant Regalia; Recommended Level: 10; Reward: 600 Exp

Scenic Delivery – Takka at Hammerhead; Recommended Level: 1; Reward: 300 Exp, Gighee Ham X2, Leiden Potato X2, Sheep Milk X2, Funguar X2

Hunters and Gatherers – Takka at Hammerhead after Scenic Delivery; Recommended Level: 6; Reward: 500 Exp, Cleigne Wheat X5, Dualhorn Steak X5, Leiden Pepper X5

Emergency Delivery – Takka at Hammerhead after Hunters and Gatherers; Recommended Level: 11; Reward: 1000 Exp, Cleigne Wheat X5, Killer Tomato X5, Saxham Rice X5

Everyone Loves Beans – Takka at Hammerhead after Emergency Delivery; Recommended Level: 22; Reward: 1500 Exp, Leiden Pepper X5, Hulldagh Nutmeg X5, Killer Tomato X5

Lestallum's Finest – Takka at Hammerhead after Everyone Loves Beans; Recommended Level: 28; Reward: 2000 Exp, Griffon Breast X2, Saxham Rice X5, Schier Tumeric X5

A Meat Most Magnificent – Takka at Hammerhead after Lestallum's Finest; Recommended Level: 38; Reward: 3000 Exp, Allural Shallot X5, Kettier Ginger X5, unlocks Sizzling Humongo-Steak at Hammerhead

Gone Hunting – Dave at Longwythe Rest Area; Recommended Level: 5; Reward: 500 Exp, Hi-Potion X10

Dust to Dust – Dave at Prairie Outpost; Recommended Level: 8; Reward: 600 Exp, Mega-Potion X5

Search and Rescue – Northeast corner of The Three Valleys (requires Potion); Recommended Level: 3; Reward: 300 Exp, 500 gil

Tired of Running – Northwest corner of The Three Valleys outside of tunnel (requires Potion); Recommended Level: 5; Reward: 300 Exp, 500 gil

Highway Helper – Weaverwilds roadside (requires Repair Kit); Recommended Level: 2; Reward: 300 Exp, 500 gil

Broken-Down – Roadside south of Longwythe Rest Area (requires Repair Kit); Recommended Level: 2; Reward: 300 Exp, 500 gil

Crestholm Channels – Found at Insomnia Blockade; Recommended Level: 45; Reward: 8000 Exp

Balouve Mines – Found at The Callaegh Steps; Recommended Level: 50; Reward: 10000 Exp, Royal Arm

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