Best Prospect Relief Pitchers in MLB The Show 18

Best Prospect Relief Pitchers in MLB The Show 18

A complete guide to the best prospects, franchise mode, Road to the Show, Stubs, Diamond Dynasty, Conquest Mode, and more in MLB The Show 18. Best players in MLB The Show 18.

Truly brilliant relief pitchers aren't easy to scout in MLB The Show 18, but you're in luck as we've put together a list of the best prospect relief pitchers in MLB The Show 18. In this MLB 18 Best Prospect Relief Pitchers guide, we’ll be walking you through the top five players you should be trying to get in your team.

Should you instead need anything else relating to MLB The Show 18, including how to become the very best players possible with our tips guide, head over to our complete MLB The Show 18 guides hub.

MLB The Show 18 Best Prospect Relief Pitchers

There are numerous B and C Potential relief pitching prospects, but there are very few A Potential ones, and even less under the age of 25. Here are five pitching prospects that could develop in to your next closer in MLB The Show 18.

NameTeamAgeStarting OverallPotential
Michael OwenCleveland Indians2467A
Carmen ValenciaKansas City Royals2073A
Andres MedranoOakland A’s1871A
Josh HaderMilwaukee Brewers2384A
Odell JuddSan Francisco Giants2373A

Best Prospect Relief Pitchers - Michael Owen - Cleveland Indians Organization

Currently the AAA closer for the Indians, Owen could find himself in the mix for an important bullpen roll in 2019. He still needs some time to build up his 52 H/9 and 62 K/9, but as they rise, so will his importance to the Indians bullpen.

Best Prospect Relief Pitchers - Carmen Valencia - Kansas City Royals Organization

Valencia will start as the AAA closer, but if you are the Royals, you could consider using him in your bullpen in 2018. By 2019, he’s definitely going to be ready to take over as your first or second go-to guy. His 80 H/9 can play now, but his 59 K/9 and 55 BB/9 will need to come up before making him your closer.

Best Prospect Relief Pitchers - Andres Medrano - Oakland A’s Organization

At only 18 years old, giving Medrano a year or two more in the minors will give him some time to build up his 47 BB/9 and 49 HR/9. His 71 H/9 and 84 K/9 can play in the pros now, but there is no reason to rush him with the A’s already deep bullpen.

Best Prospect Relief Pitchers - Josh Hader - Milwaukee Brewers Organization

Hader is already the highest rated reliever on the Brewers rosters. His 97 H/9 and 97 K/9 are both elite. Depending on how you wanted to play it, you could do a closer by committee with Hader and Corey Knebel, and play matchups at the end of each game. At only 23, Hader should skyrocket to being one of the best relievers/closers in a few years.

Best Prospect Relief Pitchers - Odell Judd - San Francisco Giants Organization

While you could get away with putting Judd into your bullpen for 2018, the Giants already have a number of late-20s / early-30s relievers that should be able to hold down the fort until Judd is ready to take over as their main reliever, and by the time Mark Melancon’s remaining 3 year deal, he’ll be ready to become their closer.

This concludes our complete MLB The Show 18 guide on the best players you can put at the starting pitcher position, but head over to our guides to the best prospect first basemen, or the best shortstops in the game.

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