Best Prospect Shortstops in MLB The Show 18

Best Prospect Shortstops in MLB The Show 18

A complete guide to the best prospects, franchise mode, Road to the Show, Stubs, Diamond Dynasty, Conquest Mode, and more in MLB The Show 18. Best players in MLB The Show 18.

Shortstop is a key position in MLB The Show 18, just as it has always been over the many past iterations of the baseball sim. As we’ll explain in the MLB 18 Best Shortstop Prospects guide just below, there’s actually a fair amount of depth to choose from with players at the position.

If you're after anything else at all to do with MLB The Show 18, including how to be the best player possible, make sure to head over to our MLB The Show 18 guides hub.

MLB The Show 18 Best Prospect Shortstops

Shortstop is one of the deepest positions in baseball these days, full of some of the most amazing young players. From Carlos Correa, to Corey Seager, to Francisco Lindor, to Manny Machado moving back to short from third, the position is just oozing talent. Here are some of the lesser know high quality prospects that you’ll find at the position in MLB The Show 18.

NameTeamAgeStarting OverallPotential
Tyler WadeNew York Yankees2369A
Christian ArroyoTampa Bay Rays2263A
Tim AndersonChicago White Sox2479A
Amed RosarioNew York Mets2271A
J.P. CrawfordPhiladelphia Phillies2375A

Best Potential Shortstop - Tyler Wade - New York Yankees Organization

At 23 years old, Wade already has good defensive attributes (all 70+) and good Speed (76) and decent contact (59 Con vs R, 50 Con vs L). However, with Didi Gregorius blocking Wade at shortstop for next year or two, moving him to second or third base might be the play with him.

Best Potential Shortstop - Christian Arroyo - Tampa Bay Rays Organization

Aside from his defensive attributes, nothing really jumps out at you on about Arroyo right now, but with some time to grow, he could turn into a very well rounded player. If you’re running the Rays, you might want to move him around, or more even more the guys above him on the shortstop depth chart, Hechavarria and Duffy around to other infield positions and give Arroyo a chance to start sooner than later.

Best Potential Shortstop - Tim Anderson - Chicago White Sox Organization

Anderson starts the game as the White Sox starting third baseman. With 85 Con vs L, you might want to consider platooning him with someone like Joseph Lipscomb to start the year. Once he gets a little bit better against right handed pitching (59 Con vs R) he should be able to handle the position himself. Also, he’s going to need to get his Fielding (64) up a little bit more to be a super effective shortstop.

Best Potential Shortstop - Amed Rosario - New York Mets Organization

It’s been a while since the Mets had a great fielding prospect. As a matter of fact, the last two notable ones are still on this team in David Wright and Jose Reyes. For the time being, Reyes will start at shortstop, but Rosario is the heir apparent to him. With contact and power attributes currently in the 40s and blinding Speed (94), Rosario will be able to take over the job before Reyes is ready to give it up.

Best Potential Shortstop - J.P. Crawford - Philadelphia Phillies Organization

Crawford seems to be the real deal at shortstop, mixing good Fielding (68),Reaction (84) with good Speed (79). He’s also no slouch at the plate, specifically vs right handed pitching (53 Con vs R, 54 Pow vs R). All of that together makes J.P. one of the guys you’re going to want to build a Phillies franchise around, along with some of their other prospects like Rhys Hoskins and Jorge Alfaro.

This brings to an end our MLB The Show 18 on the best potential players you can put at shortstop, but continue ahead to our best MLB 18 catchers guide, or our best MLB 18 left fielders guide for more.

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