Best Prospect Starting Pitchers in MLB The Show 18

Best Prospect Starting Pitchers in MLB The Show 18

A complete guide to the best prospects, franchise mode, Road to the Show, Stubs, Diamond Dynasty, Conquest Mode, and more in MLB The Show 18. Best players in MLB The Show 18.

Truly amazing starting pitchers are hard to find in MLB The Show 18, but luckily for you we've put together a list of the best prospect starting pitchers in MLB The Show 18. In this MLB 18 Best Prospect Starting Pitchers guide, we’ll be walking you through the top five players (plus an extra one) you should be looking to get hold of.

Should you instead need anything else relating to MLB The Show 18, including how to become the very best players possible with our tips guide, head over to our complete MLB The Show 18 guides hub.

MLB The Show 18 Best Prospect Starting Pitchers

Narrowing the list of starting pitching prospects down to just five is nearly impossible with the amount of young talent out there. So here are the top 5 (+1) starting pitching prospects for you to look at when playing Franchise mode in MLB The Show 18.

NameTeamAgeStarting OverallPotential
Lucas GiolitoChicago White Sox2367A
Francis MartesHouston Astros2278A
Sean NewcombAtlanta Braves2475A
Alex ReyesSt. Louis Cardinals2376A
Julio UriasLos Angeles Dodgers2179A
Shohei OhtaniLos Angeles Angels2388A

Best Prospect Starting Pitchers - Lucas Giolito - Chicago White Sox Organization

The White Sox have an amazing young arsenal of starting pitchers coming up. Including Giolito, they have four pitchers under the age of 24 that are A Potential prospects. Giolito has a good pitch mix and velocity. His 75 Stamin and 76 H/9 are good for now, but as they grow, he and Renaldo Lopez, another of the 4 young A Potential pitchers, should front line the White Sox staff for years to come.

Best Prospect Starting Pitchers - Francis Martes - Houston Astros Organization

Martes is already ready to rack up strikeouts with his 87 K/9, but control is going to be an issue initially thanks to his 33 BB/9. At 22 years old, and with the rotation the Astros have ahead of him, you can let him develop in AAA for another year, or make him your #5 starter in year one.

Best Prospect Starting Pitchers - Sean Newcomb - Atlanta Braves Organization

Similar to the White Sox, the Braves also have four A Potential starting pitchers that are 24 years old or under. That’s a good thing, because they are going to need to take over the rotation sooner than later. With Brandon McCarthy and Scott Kazmir both at 34 years old. Newcomb, along with Luis Gohara, Lucas Sims and Max Fried will need to find themselves in the rotation in the very near future. With 74 K/9, Newcomb’s strength is going to come from his big breaking curveball that should lead to a good number of strikeouts.

Best Prospect Starting Pitchers - Alex Reyes - St. Louis Cardinals Organization

Reyes’ 76 overall starts at the #5 starter for the Cardinals, but by the end of 2018, he could jump to as high as the #2. He has a 75 H/9 and 83 K/9, which should lead to a lot of base runners, except for those that he lets on with his 34 BB/9.

Best Prospect Starting Pitchers - Julio Urias - Los Angeles Dodgers Organization

After spending the majority of 2017 on the DL with a torn anterior capsule in his left shoulder, Julio starts 2018 with a 79 overall, making him the #5 starter in the Dodgers rotation. At only 21 years old, his 55 H/9 and 51 BB/9 has time to grow. His 79 Stamina and 74 K/9 are all set to dominate as a #5, and he should be ready to be the ace of your Dodgers’ staff in a few years, if you were to lose Kershaw to free agency.

Best Prospect Starting Pitchers - Shohei Ohtani - Los Angeles Angels Organization

Coming over from Japan, Ohtani was such a big deal that Sony San Diego did the unexpected, and signed him to a licensing deal so that he could be in at the launch of MLB The Show 18. Normally new players would need to wait until they play in a regular season game to become added to the MLBPA roster, and allowed into the game.

Already slotted in as the ace of the Angels staff at 88 Overall, Ohtani has a great pitch mix, good Stamina (82), and K/9 (80), but he will be prone to walks with his 52 BB/9 attribute. The most interesting aspect of Ohtani, and why he gained so much notability in Japan is his ability to hit and be a 2-way player. MLB The Show 18 doesn’t really have a good way to take advantage off that. In Franchise mode, the closest you can come is using him as a pinch-hitter, and with the Agnels current bench, Ohtani should be the first player you look to as a pinch-hitter with his 58 Con vs R and 67 Pow vs L.

This concludes our complete MLB The Show 18 guide on the best players you can put at the starting pitcher position, but head over to our guides to the best prospect first basemen, or the best shortstops in the game.

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