MLB The Show 18 Diamond Dynasty Best Budget Team Offense - Best Budget Offense Players

MLB The Show 18 Diamond Dynasty Best Budget Team Offense - Best Budget Offense Players

A complete guide to the best prospects, franchise mode, Road to the Show, Stubs, Diamond Dynasty, Conquest Mode, and more in MLB The Show 18. Best players in MLB The Show 18.

When starting out in Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 18 it's very important to maximize your Stub spending on high quality players that are available at low prices. Here you will find a great selection of players that you can have for less than 2,000 Stubs, many are even under 1,000. Here are the best budget players for offense in MLB The Show 18 Diamond Dynasty.

For more help with MLB The Show 18 head over to our MLB The Show 18 guide hub. It's got loads of info on the best prospect players for your team, and more.

MLB The Show 18 Diamond Dynasty Best Budget Team Offense - Best Budget Players

If you’re just getting started out with MLB The Show 18’s Diamond Dynasty mode, you’re going to want to get a lot of bang for your Stub when it comes to which players you get. Here are some very good options around-the-horn to help you offensively, that won’t hurt your wallet.

PositionNameTeamOverallPrice (Stubs)TheShowNation Link
CatcherBrian McCannHouston Astros78500-800Brian McCann
First BaseJustin BourMiami Marlins77300 - 600Justin Bour
Second BaseWhit MerrifieldKansas City Royals78650 - 800Whit Merrifield
Third BaseJake LambArizona Diamondbacks75350 - 550Jake Lamb
ShortstopBrandon CrawfordSan Francisco Giants78600 - 900Brandon Crawford
Left FieldMichael BrantleyCleveland Indians811,600 - 2,400Michael Brantley
Center FieldByron BuxtonMinnesota Twins781,000 - 1,300Byron Buxton
Right FieldWil MyersSan Diego Padres78600 - 950Wil Myers

MLB The Show 18 Best Budget Catcher - Brian McCann - Houston Astros

B-Mac’s best feature is that he negates late game pitching matchups by having roughly equal contact and power vs both LHP and RHP. He's also got 80 Arm Strength to hose would be base stealers, and his 71 Blocking is acceptable. His weak points are his Arm Accuracy (62) and Reaction (58), and his 0 Speed. It’s highly recommended to have a backup catcher on your bench, in case McCann is on the bases late in the game as a tying or winning run, because you’re definitely going to want to pinch run for him.

MLB The Show 18 Best Budget First Base - Justin Bour - Miami Marlins

Justin Bour is a big man with big power (83 Pow vs R). When he comes up to the plate against a right-handed pitcher, he’s always a threat to go deep. With 52 Fielding and 36 Reaction, he won’t get to any rockets hit near him, but he should be able to handle the routine plays.

MLB The Show 18 Best Budget Second Base - Whit Merrifield - Kansas City Royals

Merrifield is the kind of player that is perfect for a budget squad. He can play a handful of positions, he’s got good contact (75 Con vs R, 82 Con vs L), good Vision (76), and good Speed (81). Anywhere you put Merrifield, he’s going to excel. He might not be the flashiest player, but he’s a good solid player, and that what budget squads need.

MLB The Show 18 Best Budget Third Base - Jake Lamb - Arizona Diamondbacks

An MLB The Show 17 community favorite, “Rake” Lamb is only here to chew bubble gum. and hit dingers, and he’s all out of bubble gum. With 75 Con vs R and 80 Pow vs R, he’s going to destroy right-handed pitching. The downside is that he only has 32 Con vs L and 59 Pow vs L. Consider platooning him with Wilmer Flores of the Mets and his 80 Con vs L and 86 Pow vs L.

MLB The Show 18 Best Budget Left Field - Michael Brantley - Cleveland Indians

Brantley has the ability to play all three outfield positions, but I would definitely keep him in a corner spot as his 59 Speed won’t be great to have patrolling center field. His 88 Con vs R and 81 Con vs L alongside is 92 Vison will lead to him having a large PCI (Plate Coverage Indicator) and you’ll be able to make a lot of solid contact with him.

MLB The Show 18 Best Budget Center Field - Byron Buxton - Minnesota Twins

One of the main things you want to look for in a center fielder is their combination of Fielding (94), Reaction (91) and Speed (99). Buxton has elite attributes in all three of those, making him a top tier defender. What’s holding him back currently is his low contact attributes. For the most part you’ll just want to put the ball in play and let his legs do the work. Also, if you’re looking to make some Stubs, investing in a few Byron Buxton cards could pan out if he plays well, and gets bumped to the Gold tier.

MLB The Show 18 Best Budget Right Field - Wil Myers - San Diego Padres

Decent Contact (61 vs R, 59 vs L) and good Power (68 vs R, 66 vs L) make Myers a great option for your outfield. While having the ability to play all three outfield positions, he also ads value by having first base a secondary. This year Sony San Diego has added in some behind the scenes code so that outfielders who don’t have first base as a secondary will play extremely poorly there. That won’t happen to Myers, should you need him to fill in there.

This concludes our MLB The Show 18 Diamond Dynasty Best Budget Team Offense guide, but head over to our guides to the best prospect first basemen, or the best shortstops in the game.

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