Outlast 2 Guide - How to Find the Hook and Escape Marta

Outlast 2 Guide - How to Find the Hook and Escape Marta

A whole host of puzzles can be found within Outlast 2, tasking the player with finding a particular object for a particular scenario, in order to advance further into the game.

While it may sound like a walk in the park to obtain the hook in order to lift the gate and escape from the barn, the hook is actually a fair way outside of the barn itself, so just after you've fled from Marta through the narrow opening in the barn doors, you'll need to unfortunately backtrack outside. In this Outlast 2 Puzzle Solutuion Guide we'll tell you how to find the hook and escape Marta.

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Outlast 2 - Extra Bandages, Batteries, Documents

Firstly, if you're running low on bandages, make sure to turn to your right before exiting the barn - there's a bandage waiting to be picked up right in the sink there. After you've picked this up, head back outside the barn and head right along the path, stopping when there's some farming machinery behind a fence on your left. There should now be two large barn doors immediately to your right, and if you look at the leftmost one, there's an opening which Blake can crawl through, and pick up some bandages, a battery, and a document titled 'Knoth's Gospel: Chapter One'.

Head back out from this room onto the path, and continue heading away from the barn until you find an opening into the corn field on your left. Head straight into the corn field, and you'll find a battery straight ahead and slightly to the right of you, under a shelter with a bright light on top of it. Don't worry about any enemies; there aren't any around here as Marta vanishes as soon as you enter the barn for the first time.

Outlast 2 - How to Find the Hook for the Gate

If you opted to get the extra battery then simply retrace your steps through the corn field until you're back on the path and facing away from the barn. From here, head along the road until you reach the point at which Marta first appeared (don't worry, she won't suddenly respawn out of thin air), and head into the enclosed space with the roof from which she exited. Continue straight through this shack and into the enclosure with grass behind it, and there's a gap in the fence that Blake can slip through.

From here, Blake will find himself on another path, and he should head left towards the ominous looking slaughterhouse. Again, there aren't actually any enemies within here, so you can head straight through to the back of the slaughterhouse and to the left, and then turn the crank to bring the hook within reach for Blake to grab. After this, we're done in the slaughterhouse, so head back out to the path and to the opening in the fence, retracing your steps all the way through the shack and back towards the barn.

Outlast 2 - How to Escape Marta

Wait, you didn't think it would be that easy, right? Our favourite murderer with a giant pickaxe is back in force, kicking down the barn doors next to where you crawled through to obtain Knoth's Gospel earlier. Once you see Marta burst onto the path ahead of you, do a 180 turn straight away and head into the corn field directly ahead of you, hugging the wall on the left until you come right around so the path is ahead of you. At this point, sprint for the path and towards the barn ahead of you, making it through the gap in the doors.

But Marta isn't quite through with you yet, as she'll kick down the doors in a matter of seconds once she reaches them. This means that as soon as you're into the barn with the gate, you'll need to mount the hook on the chain above the gate as quickly as possible, then go to the chain just a few metres before the gate and use it to the pull the gate up. Once you've done this, sprint for the gate and slide underneath it, placing yourself out of Marta's grasp for the time being. Phew.

Turn immediately to your right, heading up the hill until you reach a statue. On the pedestal in front of the statue is the 'Outside Marta's Chapel' document, and after you've collected this proceed up the stairs and jump up when you reach the door, as this will transport Blake to the next area.

Blake will now find himself in the midst of the school once again, and for help on solving this next puzzle, continue ahead to our guide on how to solve the hanging man puzzle in Outlast 2.

Be sure to consult some of our other guides on Outlast 2, such as our level walkthrough helping the player successfully guide Blake past the Scalled.

This next part of the journey proves to be a bit tough for poor old Blake, even by the horrific standards that have been set so far over the last few hours.

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