Outlast 2 Guide - How to Solve the Hanging Man Puzzle in the School

Outlast 2 Guide - How to Solve the Hanging Man Puzzle in the School

A whole host of puzzles can be found within Outlast 2, tasking the player with finding a particular object for a particular scenario, in order to advance further into the game.

In the later stages of the Genesis chapter, Blake finds himself in the mysterious school once again, only this time with a slightly ominous hanging man drawing straight ahead of him. To solve this section of the school, you'll need to venture ahead to find the hanging man drawing on the transparent paper left behind by Jessica, and then find the projector. In this Outlast 2 Puzzle Solution Guide we'll help you solve the Hanging Man puzzle in the school.

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Outlast 2 - Where is the Hanging Man Drawing

To begin, with Blake facing the hanging man drawing on the wall turn left and head straight through the double doors, and turn into the first room on your left. In the back corner of this classroom there's a battery, which Blake can easily obtain by crawling right in front of the TV unit and collecting the battery underneath it. Exit this classroom through the door you entered and turn left, heading further down the corridor until the next classroom door on your left.

Turn into this classroom, and you'll hear a ghostly voice thanking Blake, but what we're after here is the drawing of the hanging man on the transparent paper near the back of the classroom, which has a flickering light shining on it. Collect this, and then head immediately back out of the classroom and back towards the area with the drawing of the hanging man on the wall.

Outlast 2 - Where is the Projector

From here, continue straight ahead through the set of double doors to the right of the drawing on the wall, and continue down the corridor. Ignore the turning on the right with the lockers that decide to spontaneously open and close on their own, and head further down the same corridor, turning into the first classroom on the right with the door that is slightly ajar. Go to the projector at the back of the room, and interact with the top bit of it in order to place the transparent drawing on the projector. With the drawing now being projected onto the classroom blackboard, interact with the projector in order to move it to the right, until the hanging man is directly in line with the noose.

Now move the projection unit forward until the hanging man perfectly fits in with the noose on the board, and you'll hear a line of dialogue from Blake, meaning this section of the school with the projector is now complete. Return to the part of the school where the drawing of the hanging man on the wall was, and you'll now find that the drawing has been replaced with a set of double doors, which you should head through in order to proceed.

The rest of the school section is very straightforward, as Blake should head to the end of the corridor that he finds himself in, come face to face very briefly with a demonic creature, and then head into the newly opened door back near the beginning of this new corridor. In this new room, pick up the battery on the desk, and move the TV stand until it's directly below the hole in the ceiling, which Blake can then jump up to, bringing a close to this encounter with the school.

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Now that we've been over how to solve the hanging man puzzle and find every item situated in this area of the school, Blake should have no trouble making it out of the building.

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