Outlast 2 Compound Walkthrough

Outlast 2 Compound Walkthrough

Outlast 2 drops protagonist Blake Langermann on the outskirts of the Sonoran Desert, and tasks him with rescuing his wife, Lynn, from a town of murderous lunatics. We've got all you need to get through the game in this Outlast 2 Walkthrough.

Once the unfortunate Blake Langermann has escaped from Marta for the first time, he'll then have to navigate his way through the next section of the insane town of Outlast 2, which proves to be no easy feat.

Using the Microphone in Outlast 2

Once Blake has eluded Marta and made it safely into the barn, hop over the few short walls in front of you and to the end of the hallway. Once you've reached the end, Blake will have to pull a small cart so it's in front of the broken ladder, which he can then use to climb on to reach the upper level of the barn.

Crawl your way around the upper rafters of the barn, only to fall back down on to the lower floor, where Marta will be stood (thankfully) behind a window, seemingly offering Blake up as some sort of sacrifice to her god.

Turn to your right and head out of the door, proceeding to the end of the next hallway to pick up the battery left there on the shelf. Then, turn to the left and hop through the open window, following the path round to the right where there will be another open window leading into an empty house.

Once through the window, Outlast 2 will teach the player how to use the microphone on Blake's camcorder. Using this, keep track of the person stood just to the left of the window, and open the door of the house, using the sound to draw them to the door so you can escape through the window.

At this point in Outlast 2, logic would dictate that it is probably a good idea to be stealthy, sticking to crouching in the areas of tall grass. The reality of this situation is the exact opposite, as you instead have to run straight through this area. Jumping out of the window from the first house head left past the shack, turn right when you hit the man sat beside the campfire, and then follow the next house around to the left, running up the hill that you find right after.

Once you're roughly halfway up the hill, and are on the verge of being caught by a couple of enemies, a flash of light will occur and the enemies will all stop responding to you. Use this opportunity to turn around and head to the right of the house at the bottom of the hill, for there's a battery lying on the ground just beyond the gap in the fence.

Outlast 2 - Navigating the Compound

Retrace your steps up the hill, and just before the path runs between two cliff faces there'll be a corpse on the left side of the path, along with the document titled 'Visions Come'. Now follow the path going through the cliff, arriving in front of a giant set of gates, which you should film using the camera to capture 'The Compound' event. From here, follow the fence round to the left until you come to a gap near the ground that you can squeeze through, arriving within the grounds of the mysterious church.

Head directly through the corridor leading into the church, turning right at the large, main doors and opening the door that's left slightly ajar. Collect the 'New Gospels, Part 1' document on the altar, before unlocking the door at the far end of the room and descending down the flight of stairs to some even more gruesome sights than before.

Before heading into the prison room on the right, turn to the left to find the Prison Key on a hook on the wall. Now enter the prison room, in which outcasts of the local cult have been imprisoned in cages. Drop down into the hole in the middle of the room to collect the 'Val's Secret' document, afterwards heading to the window sill at the back of the prison to collect the battery left there. Head back to the entrance, only this time continuing left from the door underneath a few cages, unlocking the door you find afterwards with the Prison Key.

Continue ahead to the end of the next room, for there aren't any collectibles or other items of use scattered around here, and climb the ladder to proceed to the next section in Outlast 2.

If you need help with any other areas of Outlast 2, then consult any of our other articles on the game, such as how to solve the hanging man puzzle found inside the school, or how to navigate around the Scalled camp after the crucifixion scene.

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