Outlast 2 Corn Field Walkthrough

Outlast 2 Corn Field Walkthrough

Outlast 2 drops protagonist Blake Langermann on the outskirts of the Sonoran Desert, and tasks him with rescuing his wife, Lynn, from a town of murderous lunatics. We've got all you need to get through the game in this Outlast 2 Walkthrough.

Well, Ethan certainly didn't stick around for long. Moments after Blake is settled underneath Ethan's house, fanatics of Knoth storm the place and tear it to shreds searching for the former, killing Ethan in the process, who refuses to give up Blake. In this Outlast 2 Walkthrough we'll cover the Corn Field and all the collectibles in the area.

Finding the Crucified Heretics

Once Blake has torn off the floorboards and climbed out of the basement, pull up the camera and focus on the corpse of Ethan, recording the 'Interrogation' event. Next, head over to the table beside the bed and collect the document titled 'Ethan's Letter', afterwards heading to the shelves on the opposite side of the room to collect a battery.

Proceed out of the house, turning right and following the path that leads out of the gate that was previously closed before you entered the house. Once you've passed through the gate, hug the wall on the left and follow it all the way round into the water, past the corpse on the rocks until you eventually come to a bridge leading over the water.

From here, swim to the other side of the bridge where the hanging lamp is swinging back and forth, and cross over the bridge to the other side of the water, turning right to film the charming 'Crucified Heretics' event. Turn so the corn field is on your right, and proceed up the road till you come to a shack, which houses some bandages and the 'Knoth's Gospel, Chapter 5' document.

Now return to the site of the crucified heretics, and head left down the roading leading into the midst of the corn field. Make sure to pull up your camera before you reach the end of the road, as there's only a limited time to film Marta as she passes by, in order to obtain the 'Marta' event recording.

Navigating the Corn Field

Turning around, you'll now see a few torches headed towards you, so quickly make it to the hay bales on the right side of the path, and crawl underneath the gap in the fence there. Things get slightly tricky, and very cramped in this corn field, so hug the fence on your left and follow it all the way round, crawling when necessary to avoid the various enemies patrolling nearby.

Continue following the fence until you reach a cliff face, and continue following this around, eventually coming to a tractor along with a battery on the ground. Head past the tractor and continue following the fence round until you come to a small clearing with a stack of pallets that form a ramp leading up to a fence. Scale the pallets and then the fence, taking you firmly out of the corn field.

Blake will now find himself out of the frying pan and in the fire, so to speak. Pass through the small settlement, continuing past the man with a machete who thankfully isn't hostile to you, and turn left to face a barn door. Interact with the door to open it, and once you're inside, immediately hide underneath the farming machinery ahead of you, as there's an enemy with a torch searching for you.

Wait until he's walked out of the barn the way you came in, and proceed forwards into the barn, turning left round the corner and left again when you see an open window, collecting a bandage in the next room, and a battery in the room after that. Head back into the main area of the barn, and interact with the crate on wheels, pushing it so you can jump up the broken ladder to the rafters above.

Make your way round the upper rafters until you find the 'Val's Journal, Vol. 1' document, and afterwards interact with the chain in the middle of the room to bring forward the mangled corpse on a chain. Walk over the plank where the corpse came from to complete this section of Outlast 2.

Our next guide in our walkthrough of Outlast 2 details Ethan's further exploits in New Temple Gate, as well as detailing how to power up the elevator.

In case you needed help with any other areas of Outlast 2, make sure to consult our other guides on the game, such as how to find the hook for a puzzle, or how to find all the collectibles in the first section of the game.

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