Outlast 2 School Walkthrough

Outlast 2 School Walkthrough

Outlast 2 drops protagonist Blake Langermann on the outskirts of the Sonoran Desert, and tasks him with rescuing his wife, Lynn, from a town of murderous lunatics. We've got all you need to get through the game in this Outlast 2 Walkthrough.

Now inching closer to finding Lynn with each painstaking step, Blake Langermann now comes face to face with those that oppose his pursuers. In this case, however, the enemy of my enemy is certainly no friend. In this Outlast 2 Walkthrough we'll cover the first school level and finding Lynn.

Pursuing Lynn and the Heretics

Climbing out of the basement prison to the house above, Blake hears shouts and screams from Lynn, fairly close by. Run straight upstairs and open the door on the second floor, running to the door at the very end of the hallway to watch Lynn escape from a window below. Jump out of the window and drop down to be reunited with her, where a prolonged walking section will take place.

Well, that was all quite something. After the fight between the fanatics and the heretics, and after their leader is done licking the face of Blake, proceed downriver to escape the pursuers with torches, watching carefully for a battery on the floor after about 5 seconds of running.

Next, you'll come to an area where the stream turns into a river, with several small bridges and houses dotted around the area. Hug the right side of the river and hide behind the rocks, waiting for the enemy with the torch immediately ahead of you to pass over to the left side of the bridge. Make your way past the first house on the right, not stopping to enter the house as there's no items whatsoever inside.

Hop through the window of the second house you come to, and peek through the door on the other side of the house. You'll see another enemy with a torch patrolling just outside, so wait until he's moving across the bridge in the opposite direction from you, and move past the tree with the barrel next to it and round the next house, moving in through the door.

The First School Level in Outlast 2

Remember the flash of light earlier in Outlast 2, just before the Compound section? Well it's back, except this time it transports poor Blake Langermann back to his high school, for reasons unknown at the present time.

Head through the door ahead of where you start off, and turn left to record the 'Jessica's Suicide Note' event that's on the blackboard. Exit out of the door directly opposite the blackboard, and turn right, heading down the corridor and turning into the first door on your right. In this room, you can move a TV unit to pick up a battery that's in the corner of the room, but after you've done this head back out to the previous corridor.

Again, turn into the next room on your right as you proceed down the corridor, and although you get teleported back down the corridor, return to the room, as there's a battery to collect on the desk. From here, run straight down the corridor in the direction of the exit, and out into the school yard, where there's a full blizzard raging. Continue pressing forward to the school gate, and when Blake tries to go beyond here, he'll get transported back to the real world.

Meeting Ethan and the Fanatics

Once back in the real world, Blake will be helped back onto his feet by Ethan, who introduces himself as somewhat of an outcast, who stands firmly between the camps of fanatics and heretics that reside nearby. Follow Ethan all the way to his house, where Blake reveals some intriguing story details to his new friend.

Follow Ethan into his house and into the basement (don't worry, this isn't as sinister as it sounds). Once underground, pick up some bandages on the left hand side as you make your way through the passageway and to the bed, where Outlast 2 prompts you to sleep to conclude this level.

Continue ahead to our walkthrough of the next section of Outlast 2, to find out what fate befalls Ethan.

If you need help with any other story sections or puzzles in Outlast 2, be sure to consult our other guides here at USgamer, such as how to solve the hanging man puzzle in the school, or how to escape from the Scalled later in the game.

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