Outlast 2: How to Escape the Crucifixion and the Scalled

Outlast 2: How to Escape the Crucifixion and the Scalled

Outlast 2 drops protagonist Blake Langermann on the outskirts of the Sonoran Desert, and tasks him with rescuing his wife, Lynn, from a town of murderous lunatics. We've got all you need to get through the game in this Outlast 2 Walkthrough.

After a charming cutscene in which Blake Langermann finds himself literally nailed to a cross by a few disciples of Knoth, he is charged with pulling his own hands out through the nails, and then escaping the Scalled that have him surrounded. In this Outlast 2 Walkthrough we'll help you escape the crucifixtion and the Scalled.

How to Escape the Crucifixion and the Scalled

This is undoubtedly one of the tougher sections of Outlast 2, as Blake begins the area both heavily injured and without his camcorder, meaning the surrounding landscape is instantly harder to make out for the player.

When the level starts with Blake staggering around, head directly towards the campfire a short way off, but stop and crouch in the grass just before the area, as an armed Scalled will walk through the campsite, going from right to left. You then want to guide Blake around the corner to the right, hugging the wall and staying well within the grassy area.

Once you find a hollow tree trunk lying on the ground before you, get down on all fours and make your way through the tree, stopping before you exit at the other end as another armed Scalled will make his way past you, leaving Blake clear to escape the immediate area.

However, our protagonist isn't safe just yet, as once he's clambered up over the next three ledges and dropped down into the next clearing, there's another Scalled waiting there, only this one has a torch. Wait for this Scalled to make his first pass while you hide behind the rocks on your left, and then immediately make your way further left past the rocks to hide under a tent for the time being. Don't go towards the campfire, as there's another Scalled waiting inside the tent there for you.

Once the Scalled with the torch is facing away from you, Blake can either make his way into the small hut to safety, or to immediate right of the hut is a path that can get him out of the area. Although there are bandages and a battery inside the hut, there's no exit other than the door you came in by, so this could land Blake in a tough situation with the Scalled patrolling just outside.

Either way, the path to the right of the hut is your escape route out of this area, from which Blake can ascend up a few more ledges to the next area of the level. In this area the large Scalled with the smaller one on his back is patrolling around, so hang back when you first see their searchlight, and wait for them to kill another Scalled before they storm off. Following in the direction that they went, when you come to a clearing there'll be a tree branch to the right of Blake, that he can ascent to reach a small ledge overlooking a body of water.

From here, drop down into the body of water and crouch immediately, for the powerful searchlight of the larger and smaller Scalled will be upon you instantly. Make sure to pop up for a breath of air roughly every six seconds when the searchlight isn't directly on you, and after a short while the pair of Scalled will walk off to the left, leaving Blake free to get out of the water and make his way into a building on the right.

Retrieve Your Camcorder

When you enter the building, there'll be two bandages on your left, but aside from that, continue straight ahead through the curtains in order to retrieve your camcorder and bring an end to this section of Outlast 2.

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