Outlast 2 New Temple Gate Walkthrough: Powering the Elevator

Outlast 2 New Temple Gate Walkthrough: Powering the Elevator

Outlast 2 drops protagonist Blake Langermann on the outskirts of the Sonoran Desert, and tasks him with rescuing his wife, Lynn, from a town of murderous lunatics. We've got all you need to get through the game in this Outlast 2 Walkthrough.

Having just fallen into the charming remains of a horse and dismembered human limbs, Blake Langermann must now rise from the mass of body parts and continue on his nightmarish quest to rescue his wife, Lynn. In this Outlast 2 Walkthrough we'll guide you through the New Temple Gate and the Elevator.

Outlast 2 - Finding New Temple Gate

As soon as Blake is back on his feet, head forward through the open gate, and hop over the fence, sliding down the hill so you're directly next to a statue. In front of the statue is an altar, upon which is the 'Temple Gate Anima Christi' document.

Head in the opposite direction from the hill, and continue along the path running in between two cliff faces, with a light in the distance ahead of you. As Blake approaches the light, a huge flash will occur, and bringing the camera back up straight afterwards will allow you to record the 'Dead Birds' event.

Continue into the house ahead at the end of the path to collect a battery, but then double back and take the path heading down the hill to the left. Once you reach the water, look to the left to see a ledge that you can climb, handily marked with bloody prints all over it. Scale the ledge, move along the narrow ledge after, and then jump across the gap in the path, climbing the next ledge and sliding down into the caverns.

Make your way through the eerie caverns to come across some sort of church in a clearing, at which point you should bring up your camera to record the 'Cavern Temple' event. Head down the stairs in front of you, and when you reach the bottom there's a battery directly on your right, next to a corpse. Jump over the gap in the middle of the clearing, and climb up the broken ladder, afterwards heading through a corridor with plenty of skeletons in cages lining the walls.

Squeeze through the gap at the end of the path, and you'll come out facing a group of distant buildings, which you should record in order to obtain the 'New Temple Gate' event. Descend down the pathway, along a narrow ledge, and further down the hill, crossing a small river at the bottom and entering into a building. At the end of the corridor with the cages collect the 'Val's Journal, Part 3' document on the desk, when the corridor opens out into a room.

Unlock and open the door, and head to the very top floor of the house, ignoring the first floor you come to, as there aren't any collectibles here. Head round the corner to the left on the top floor to find the 'Letter to Val From Knoth' document, afterwards pushing the shelving unit out of the way of the door, so you can head out onto the balcony.

Outlast 2 - Powering the Elevator

Drop down off the end of the balcony, immediately turning around to retrieve the battery behind you. Follow the path away from the balcony and you'll find an elevator, but if Blake tries to use it he'll find that it's lacking any power. Turn left as you head out of the elevator and you'll come across a group of houses, the first of which you'll want to ignore entirely, instead heading along the right hand right of the one to the right of the burning pyre.

Heading round the house, vaulting over a fence and crawling underneath another one, Blake will find himself in an alleyway. There's a window that you can jump through on the left to pick up a battery, but don't head through the door in the room, or you'll trigger an enemy right behind it. Climb out of the window and into the alley, turning left and then right again once you've come back to the main path. There's a woman waiting in the middle of the path, but thankfully she isn't hostile to Blake.

Walk up the main path and climb into the first barrel you see on your right, for an enemy with a torch will walk out of the house immediately ahead of you, patrolling the area before heading off into a different area to the left. Once he's headed towards this area with the burning pyre, climb out of the barrel and proceed up the path leading up the hill, but climb into the barrel along this path as soon as you see another torchlight ahead of you.

After this second enemy has passed, proceed to the top of the path, turning right as soon as you reach the top, ignoring the main house part of the building, and going to the part with the farming machinery. Climb the stairs in the back corner of this part of the building, and head straight to the top floor, collecting the 'Sundries from the Sinful World' document on the desk. Head to the room on the top floor and start up the generator, afterwards heading back to the path where Blake hid in the second barrel to the avoid the enemy coming down the hill.

Be prepared to run for this next part, as everyone's favourite pickaxe-wielding murderer makes a triumphant return. Sprint down the path, turning left into the alleyway where you hopped through the window to obtain the battery. Slide underneath the fence, then vault over the next fence, and sprint all the way back to the elevator, turning the handle as soon as you make it there. A sulking Marta will then appear outside the elevator, as Blake makes his escape from her once again.

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