Outlast 2 Town Level Walkthrough

Outlast 2 Town Level Walkthrough

Outlast 2 drops protagonist Blake Langermann on the outskirts of the Sonoran Desert, and tasks him with rescuing his wife, Lynn, from a town of murderous lunatics. We've got all you need to get through the game in this Outlast 2 Walkthrough.

Outlast 2 starts with quite a literal bang, as the helicopter that both Blake and Lynn Langermann are hiring manages to crash in the middle of nowhere in Arizona, on the borders of the Sonoran Desert.

Separated from Lynn as the helicopter crashes, Blake's mission from the very outset of Outlast 2 is to reunite with his wife, but if the horrors of the original Outlast were anything to go by, don't expect it to be an easy right for poor Blake.

This Outlast 2 Walkthrough will feature all the key details of the opening level of Outlast 2, including where to go to film all the key events with your camcorder throughout the level, as well as other details such as the locations of all the batteries and documents scattered throughout the environment.

Starting Out the Opening Level

Once Blake has pursued the suspicious looking man down the school corridor and come face to face with someone we can only presume is Jessica, he'll wake up in the helicopter with Lynn and their pilot. Soon after the vehicle has an untimely engine failure, and crash lands.

As soon as Blake wakes up he grabs the camera, which usefully already has a battery installed in it, so don't forget to hit R1 to bring up the camera. Once you've done this, press in the right analogue stick to turn on the night vision while in camera mode, to make descending down the cliffs on your left a whole lot easier.

After Blake has successfully made it down the face of the cliff and to the wreckage of the helicopter, the game will introduce you to the 'event recording' feature. This allows Blake to document, and then later reflect on, key events and incidents throughout Outlast 2.

How to Navigate the Town

There's nothing to collect in this initial area, so head down the path behind the helicopter and come across the gruesome corpse of the pilot, which Blake handily notes couldn't have possibly happened during the crash. Record this, and then proceed down the path in between the cliffs, recording the distant town when the path opens out into a wide area.

Continue towards the group of buildings ahead, but stop and enter the first house on your right, after you've hopped over the fence and continued down the hill. Enter the outer door and then pass through the door on your immediate right, finding a corpse inside next to a document titled 'My Dear Sweet Ellie'. There's a handy battery at the other end of the room, but after you've picked this up we're all done in the house, so head back out and continue deeper into the town.

Make a left turn once you come across a creepy tricycle, and head into the building to the left of the corpse holding a doll. In here you'll find a document titled 'Dear Father', as well as a bandage to the left of the document on a shelf. Head back out of the house and turn left, turning left again at the intersection, and recording the 'Remembering the Lost' event at the end of the path.

Once you're done recording the event, turn to your right, and climb through the window left slightly ajar and into the house. Head further into the house and go through the door on your left, collecting a battery on the shelf immediately after the door and then backtracking to the other door on the right of the blood-stained bed. Go through the door and turn left, holding down O/B to crawl and going through the small gap at the bottom of the fence.

Head straight down the path after the fence and into the ominous building situated at the bottom, going straight down the stairs and collecting the 'Midwife's Lament' document in the bloody chapel room. Continue through to the back of the room and up the stairs, heading out of the building itself and crawling under the fence. Then, continue along the path leading up the hill, heading round the corner to the right when you reach the top, and there'll be a battery on top of a table, surrounded by farming machinery straight ahead of you.

Fending off Marta

By now you should begin to hear a ghostly voice, but don't worry, the person it belongs to isn't upon you... Just yet. Head down the path either side of the building with the battery, and in the distance you'll see a figure approaching you. This is Marta, one of the big bads of Outlast 2, and you should prepare yourself to see a lot more of her over the coming hours.

As soon as Marta starts walking towards you, backtrack immediately, placing the building in the middle of the clearing between you and her. At this point she'll disappear entirely, so continue ahead to where Marta first appeared from, and jump through the window of the building on your left, grabbing a battery on the table and some bandages on the shelf inside the house. Backtrack out of the house and turn to the left, but be prepared to run. Marta will reappear behind you as soon as Blake is past the house, so run straight ahead to where you see a gap underneath the wooden wall ahead of you, and quickly crawl underneath it, escaping Marta and making it to the next area of the game.

Next up in our walkthrough of Outlast 2 is how to navigate the compound, as Blake makes his way further into the town of Temple Gate

Now that you've made it through the opening section of Outlast 2, why not check on some of our other guides on the game for future reference, such as how to solve the hanging man puzzle inside the school, or how to escape after the crucifixion scene in the woods.

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