Outlast 2: Finding the Scalled Village

Outlast 2: Finding the Scalled Village

Outlast 2 drops protagonist Blake Langermann on the outskirts of the Sonoran Desert, and tasks him with rescuing his wife, Lynn, from a town of murderous lunatics. We've got all you need to get through the game in this Outlast 2 Walkthrough.

Having just successfully completed the hanging man puzzle inside the school, and having escaped from both a demon and a gigantic tongue, Blake Langermann's only option is to continue ahead in Outlast 2. In this Outlast 2 Walkthrough we'll guide you to the Scalled village.

Journeying to the Quarantined Scalled

Once Blake has escaped the tongue and climbed out of the tunnel, proceed down the road leading down the hill, stopping to record the 'Road to the Old Mine' after merely a few meters. Slide down the rest of the hill, and then go to the very right edge of this area of the cliff, squeezing along the tiny ledge ahead of you, going round the corner.

When Blake is off the ledge, continue straight ahead until you reach the train tracks, but instead of following them, turn right and head around the large boulder, picking up a battery along with the 'Scalled Bound' document. Head back to the train tracks, making your way over the two logs bridging the gaps between the section of tracks, stopping after you've crossed the second one and looking directly ahead with your camera to record 'The Locusts' event.

After Blake makes his way onto the particularly long tree trunk, a swarm of locusts will cause him to fall off the log. Once the ensuing cutscene has taken place, use the button prompt to drop down onto the ground, following the stream in the middle of the path down the slope. Crawl underneath a fallen tree and collect the 'Welcome to Plague' document in the stream next to a corpse shortly after.

Climb up the log leading over the group of rocks shortly afterwards, and continue following the stream, crawling under a group of fallen logs and catching a glimpse of one of the Scalled as you do so. Crawl through the hollowed tree trunk shortly after, and continue following the stream once again, until you come to a gate that you can record in order to obtain the 'Sickness Here, God Bless' event.

Turn to your left and drop down a few cliff ledges, eventually landing on the ground and continuing down the path ahead, spotting a corpse with the 'Our Quarantine' document next to it after a short way on your right. Now crawl underneath the large boulder around the corner to the right, but stay in the crawling mode afterwards, as you'll need to avoid several Scalled around this area.

The Scalled Encampment

Firstly, leaving a short distance between you and him, follow the Scalled that gets up the walks round the right side of the area in the water, as this will take you past all the other Scalled in one go. Once he stops and crouches down, turn left and head past the fallen tree, where Blake will be vomited on by one of the Scalled. This Scalled is harmless, so continue following the stream until you come to a cavern where four Scalled are washing each other, heading past them all and climbing a few ledges until you come to a bandage and the 'Knoth's Gospel, Chapter 4' document on the ground.

Now turn around and head back to the mouth of the cavern, turning right and running past the hostile enemy right in front of you, and left up the hill when you reach the campfire with Scalled surrounding it in tents. At the next clearing turn right and enter the house, quickly picking up 'The Hegemon' document there as there's a hostile Scalled in that house with you. Exit the house and turn right, running up the hill and past the next campfire you come to, bringing up your camera when you reach the gate to record 'The Symbiote' event.

Turn left and head all the way up the path, climbing a ledge, squeezing across another ledge, and climbing another ledge after that, before Blake is punched in the face by a Scalled and sent flying back down the hill. When he regains his vision, crawl into the tent on your right to collect a battery, but don't go near either of the other tents as the Scalled in them will attack you.

Continue ahead, but run back to where Blake first fell down the cliff, once the first arrow from the small Scalled flies at you. What you want to do here is to bait the larger Scalled into the clearing, running around his left afterwards and going through the gap in the trees where he emerged from. Run down the path you find yourself on straight after, pushing the next enemy off you if he happens to grab you, and continuing down the path until you come to two houses, squeezing in between them to find yourself back in the school once again.

Navigating St. Sybil School

After Blake has exited the locker, turn to the right and go down the hallway, turning in at the double doors on the right, and turning into the next door on your left. Head to the first room on the right to interact with the computer there, and afterwards head to the last room on the left, picking up a battery on the desk there.

Now return back to the main hallway and head left, turning right into the open door at the end of the corridor, and recording the 'A Sickness in Saint Sybil' event that takes place there immediately. There's a battery in the third room on the left, as well as another battery in the last room on the right. Head out of the door in which Jessica was just standing in, and head down the hallway you now find yourself in, turning into the classroom on the right with the door slightly open, to retrieve a hangman drawing on the table there.

Return to the main corridor and head right, turning left around the corner at the end and climbing up into the vent just before the double doors. Crawl to the end of this new tunnel to bring a close to this section of Outlast 2. Should you need help escaping from the Scalled village after this next grisly scene, be sure to head over to our guide for the complex level.

We have a wealth of other guides on Outlast 2, such as how to navigate the compound early on in the game, as well as a hub on all the puzzles found in Temple Gate.

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