Outlast 2: Escaping the Temple Gate Inhabitants

Outlast 2: Escaping the Temple Gate Inhabitants

Outlast 2 drops protagonist Blake Langermann on the outskirts of the Sonoran Desert, and tasks him with rescuing his wife, Lynn, from a town of murderous lunatics. We've got all you need to get through the game in this Outlast 2 Walkthrough.

Blake Langermann may have just escaped the reach of Marta's makeshift pickaxe yet again, but he's thrust back into the town of bloodlust and carnage that is New Temple Gate. In this Outlast 2 Walkthrough we'll help you escape the Temple Gate inhabitants.

Navigating Temple Gate

As soon as you exit the elevator, point your camera towards the sign straight ahead of you to record the 'Temple Gate' event. Next, follow the fence on your left all the way around the corner to a female corpse, where the document 'Garden Note' is there on the ground. Head back towards the main path, and then towards the well in the centre of all the houses, where a giant tongue will pull you down into the next school section.

After Blake has crawled through the vent and into the classroom, exit out of the only openable door and proceed down the hallway, picking up a battery on the chair as you go. Now turn around and check the locker that will have just opened behind you, using the crank on the music box on the top shelf. Head back to the first classroom afterwards, but then return to the chair with the battery on it, as a previously locked door will have just opened up nearby.

Proceed through the next room and through the door into the hallway with the TV unit, turning right but stopping as soon as the camera starts recording, in order to obtain the 'Hanged Jessica' event. Get closer to the corpse and the giant tongue will reappear, sucking her body up into the vents. Continue ahead to where the tongue appeared from, and turn into the room on the left, but be prepared to run.

As soon as Blake is pushed down the stairs by the crazed inhabitant of Temple Gate, run past the stairs and continue straight through the door ahead of you in the next room. Once you're in the yard, run diagonally left to find an opening into another room, where you can sprint round the tables and lock the open door after you, buying Blake some valuable time. Make your way round the tables in this next room to drop down through a hole leading underneath the house, crawling forward, and then following the wall to go right around the corner once you see a torch ahead of you.

Continue ahead through the tunnel leading under the house, and run straight forward as soon as you're back above ground, going through a door and locking it behind you. Once you've locked the door, turn to your right, where you can squeeze between a gap in the wood, blocking yourself off from your pursuers as the wood collapses straight afterwards. Now Blake will find himself in a room full of bunkbeds, going around a corner to the right.

Eluding the Temple Gate Inhabitants

Head round the corner but hide underneath the first bunkbed in the hallway, as an enemy with a torch is about to burst through the door ahead of you. Wait until he's made his way around the corner, and crawl ahead underneath the next bunk, waiting for an opening to make your way into the room he appeared from. When you go down the stairs, the flashlight of another enemy will appear ahead of you, so retreat up the stairs and hide behind the barrier above the stairs in the corner of the room.

Once this second enemy has exited the room into the hallway, jump over the barrier and down into the basement room, proceeding through the door there and locking it behind you. Now, run to the bookcase blocking the door and push it out of the way, sprinting down the narrow passageway behind it all the way to the next room. In this next room, record the woman shackled to the bed for the 'Show Room' event, afterwards pushing the card out of the way of the doorway at the other end of the room.

Continue through this next passageway to come to a cavern, at which Blake should turn right and shimmy along the ledge there, going all the way round to the other side of the cavern and picking up the 'Accept My Suicide' document on the table there. Head down the next passageway, and collect the battery next to the radio in the next room you find yourself in. Go up the stairs and through the door, running to the next floor of the house once you see a torch shining in on you from outside the window. Continue under the wood to reach the balcony area, jumping off this and preparing for a chase.

As soon as Blake hits the ground, turn to the left and sprint ahead, vaulting over the fence and turning left around the next corner, continuing ahead until you reach a house with a gap in the woodwork underneath it. Quickly crawl into this space and continue ahead until you reach a yard area. Once you're in this, jump through the window straight ahead of you and proceed to stamp on the floor immediately, crawling once the floor has given way. Crawl ahead until you're able to stand once again, running ahead up the path until Blake can clamber through a window on the ground, bringing a close to this dramatic encounter with the villagers of Temple Gate.

In our next guide for Outlast 2, Blake will be tasked with fending off his most viscious adversary, as well as getting closer to locating Lynn.

Should you need help with any other areas of Outlast 2, we have a variety of guides on the game, such as how to escape Marta and retrieve the hook, as well as how to find all the collectibles in the first section of the game.

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