Madden 20: All the Best Defensive Playbooks to Use

Madden 20: All the Best Defensive Playbooks to Use

This is our complete guide to all the best defensive playbooks you can choose to run in Madden 20.

While there are 32 total defensive playbooks you can choose from in Madden 20, there are some that offer better defensive coverage and more dynamic blitz plays than the rest. In this complete Madden 20 defensive playbooks guide, we'll be providing you with a full list of all the best defensive playbooks in Madden 20, so you've always got a full scheme to run from a few select playbooks.

Best Defensive Playbooks

We'll begin by highlighting the very best defensive playbooks in Madden 20 in the table directly below. There'll be notes about the type of defensive scheme the playbook in particular promotes, as well as any especially noteworthy coverage or blitz plays. Then, further down, we'll be explaining in greater detail why these playbooks are so good.

Team PlaybooksDefensive SchemeNoteworthy Plays
Chicago Bears3-4Buck SS 3, Corner Blitz 3, Over Storm Brave
Baltimore Ravens3-4, 4-4Cross Fire 3, Monster Green, LB Blitz
Detroit Lions3-4, 4-3Trio Sky Zone, Casino Blitz, Edge Blitz 3

Bears Playbook

The Chicago Bears defensive playbooks is widely considered to be one of the very best defensive playbooks in Madden 20 this year. It primarily revolves around 3-4 and Nickel/Dime formations, and below we've highlighted some noteworthy plays from the Bears' playbook.

  • Buck SS 3 (3-4 Bear) - This blitz brings some solid heat combined with some pretty good coverage in the backfield. Manually play the middle DB in the blue zone, and bring them down a bit to stop any quick routes in the middle.
  • Corner Blitz 3 (Big Nickel) - Move the blitzing DB down to near the line of scrimmage. Play either the left or right DB in a blue zone, and pull them down a little bit.
  • Over Storm Brave (Dime 2-3-6) - If you've got a team with solid corners in man defense, then this is a great blitz to pull out of the bag. Don't be afraid to press the cornerbacks into tight coverage.

Ravens Playbook

As ever, the Baltimore Ravens playbook is a great defensive option for anyone in Madden 20. You can pull out either 3-4 or 4-4 formation plays, as well as nickel and dime plays. Just below, we'll highlight some of the best plays out of the Ravens playbook.

  • Cross Fire 3 (3-4 Even) - This blitz play has two crossing linebackers in the middle of the field, giving you a chance of confusing the offensive line and getting through them quickly.
  • Monster Green (4-4 Split) - A solid defensive blitz play, you can play any of the deep blue cornerbacks and bring them down to help out the linebackers in coverage.
  • LB Blitz (Big Nickel Over G) - Bringing all your linebackers to bear in a straightforward blitz, you'll want to play either of the high corners and bring them down in press coverage.

Lions Playbook

The Lions defensive playbook has typically been strong for blitzes over the last few years of Madden, and Madden 20 is no different. The Lions defensive playbooks has 3-4 and 4-3 formations, before going into big nickel, dime, and dollar packages. Below, you can find some of the more impressive plays.

  • Trio Sky Zone (304 Solid) - It might be a blitz play, but this is actually one of the more balanced plays between pressure and coverage. Play one of the deep cornerbacks in blue zones, and bring them down to help out the linebackers in coverage.
  • Casino Blitz (Big Nickel Over G) - This is definitely one of the better blitz plays in the entire playbook, bringing a ton of defensive linemen and linebackers to bear.
  • Edge Blitz 3 (Dollar 3-2-6) - A blitz play out of the Dollar formation is a new one. Play one of the deep blue corners, and patrol the middle of the field.

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