PUBG Miramar Map Guide Xbox One PC - How to Win on the Desert Map, All the Best Weapons, Best PUBG Miramar Map Starting Locations

PUBG Miramar Map Guide Xbox One PC - How to Win on the Desert Map, All the Best Weapons, Best PUBG Miramar Map Starting Locations

Here's everything you need to get to grips with PUBG's new Miramar desert map, including the new starting area, as well as all the best new weapons available. Out now on Xbox One.

The PUBG Miramar map is the latest addition to the game of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds on Xbox One and PC, bringing with a whole load of new PUBG weapons and vehicles. Although the map is only available on the PUBG test server right now, we'll still get you up to speed on everything you need to know about the PUBG Miramar map, as well as other details such as the best PUBG desert map start locations, as well as all the best PUBG Miramar map weapons.

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PUBG Miramar Map Guide

First off, you'll find yourself in a brand new starting area, just like you did with the previous Battlegrounds map. This time however, the starting area resembles a prison, but you'll still have the chance to explore your immediate surroundings for a short amount of time, as well as pick up and try out any nearby weaponry. You can actually revisit the Prison location once the game begins, as it's actually a full part of the map, located just east of Los Higos in the south west corner of the Miramar map.

How to Play the PUBG Miramar Map

As soon as you're into the brand new PUBG Miramar map on Xbox One or PC, pull up the map screen by hitting M, and you'll note that there's water to the south of the map, and nothing but desert to the north. This is not too dissimilar to the Erangel map, where the military island base was to the south of the map, surrounded by water.

There's the huge town of Los Leones in the middle and slightly to the east of the map, and there's also an island in the southern reaches of the desert map, with the town of Los Higos residing there. There are two bridges connecting the southern island to the mainland, and we can imagine that this will be a hotly contested zone right from the jump in any PUBG game on Miramar.

In the very top right corner of the Miramar map, there looks to be some form of military camp. If we know anything about PUBG based on the Erangel map, you can bet there'll be some high powered weapons located in the military camp, although given its location on the Miramar map, you're going to have quite a journey to stay within the white circle once it begins shrinking.

In the stream from our sister site Eurogamer just above, Ian noted that there are two unmarked areas in the north west border of the PUBG map. They're called Petro Glyphs and the Studio, both of which sound like they could hold some untold riches. Elsewhere, we've also got the town of El Pozo just south east from there, which looks set to be a hotly contested warzone, as well as the mysterious Ruins just west of there.

Directly in the middle of the PUBG Miramar desert map is a Cemetary area, and while it might not seem like it, the Cemetary is actually a great place to land. As it's in the middle of the map, it's always guaranteed to be within the first white circle, and there are also over ten small shacks within the actual Cemetary itself, giving you plenty of opportunities to scavenge for weapons and equipment.

If it's a sniper's paradise that you're after, then look no further than the town of Chumacera in the south west area of Miramar. The town is filled with partially constructed buildings that tower above everything else nearby, allowing you to ascend up scaffolding, and often find either long ranged weapons or scopes near the top, meaning it's an ideal battleground for snipers.

With Miramar being a desert map, there aren't as many trees to shelter behind while you're out in the open. There are however plenty of boulders and other smaller rocks located throughout the desert, meaning these will act as your primary form of cover when you're moving around the map. If you do plan on being out in the open, then we'd recommend taking some single shot, ranged weapons like the M16, SCAR-L, or the new Win-94, in order to prioritise range and accuracy.

Miramar Weapon and Vehicle Locations

The Miramar map might be entirely different from the Erangel map, and larger in size, but the same basic rules still apply. Items and weapons will always be found within buildings, and never outside, and vehicles will still attract a whole lot of noise, even if the map is massive.

PUBG Miramar Map Best Start Locations, Where to Land

The PUBG desert Miramar map is decidedly larger than the previous Erangel map. Therefore there's a load of territory that the cargo plane could entirely miss at the start of PUBG match on the desert map, and there are sections of the map that you'll likely never see.

Nonetheless, we've listed some of the best places to start on the PUBG desert map. It probably won't surprise the PUBG veterans out there that most of these locations are larger towns, where there'll likely be a lot of people headed.

  • Los Leones - The biggest town on the map is sure to feature some of the biggest weapons hauls in the game, for anyone daring enough to venture into the town. It's a huge location, and is nearly always the focus of the shrinking white zone, but there are nearly always some great weapons to be found, the higher up the buildings you venture.
  • San Marcos - We're prioritising this location over others on the PUBG desert map, due to its location near the very center of the entire map. San Marcos has plenty of tall buildings in which to rummage around, which you can then hunker down in to await the shrinking of the white zone.
  • Military Base - Just like in the Erangel map, the Military Base in the desert map is where you're pretty much guaranteed to find some of the best weapons in the game, including sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, revolvers, and more. It's tucked away in the very north east corner of the map however, so getting to it, and surviving long enough to recover all the gear you can is sure to be a challenge.
  • Chumacera - Like a smaller Los Leonas, Chumacera is located fairly near the center of Miramar, and also features plenty of buildings to scavenge around, provided you're one of the first on the scene. It's a solid location to defend from, as it has high rising buildings and construction sites that are a sniper's dream.
  • Crater Fields - Although it might not seem like it at first, the Crater Fields area in the PUBG desert map is actually full of buildings, although you'll need to keep an eye on the surrounding cliffs, to make sure you don't have anyone aiming down at you.

PUBG Miramar Map New Weapons, Vaulting Feature

There's one small change to how the weapon carrying system works with the Miramar map. We've noted that there's a brand new sawn-off shotgun weapon, but this weapon doesn't actually take up one of your main weapon slots, and instead fits into your pistol weapon slot. This is incredibly useful for when you get caught in a firefight, and we'd actually recommend prioritising the sawn-off shotgun over a pistol, given its undoubtedly superior firepower.

There's also the brand new vaulting feature, only usable in the PUBG test server on the Miramar map right now. While you might think that this can only be used to climb over objects that are right around waist height, you can also use it to climb up objects to reach new heights.

It's essential to keep this in mind when playing on Miramar, as you can use the new vaulting ability to reach the roofs of previously inaccessible buildings, and recover any items you find up there. This is also great for getting the drop on any players below you, and if we had to bet on it, we'd say that this is where you're guaranteed to find sniper rifles the majority of the time.

There's also the brand new jet ski vehicle available only on the Miramar map right now. Although it's a speedy, useful vehicle, it can only realistically be used on the southern side of the Miramar map, given that this is where the majority of the water on the map is found.

PUBG New Kill Cam Feature

We should also note that the brand new kill cam is now available along with the Miramar map on the PUBG test server. While this might seem like a tiny feature, it's the first time that Battlegrounds has let players see exactly how they died.

We'd strongly recommend paying attention to the PUBG kill cam whenever you meet your in-game demise, as it lets you know how your adversary got the drop on you, and lets you strategize for the next game.

These are all the complete tips and tricks you'll need to get to grips with the brand new PUBG Miramar map, available right now on the Battlegrounds test servers. We'll make sure to keep investigating the map itself for any more in-depth guides, so make sure to keep an eye on this space.

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