PUBG Sanhok Map Guide Tips and Tricks -How to Master the PUBG Sanhok Map on Xbox One and PC

PUBG Sanhok Map Guide Tips and Tricks -How to Master the PUBG Sanhok Map on Xbox One and PC

This is our complete guide to the new PUBG Sanhok map, which is available on PC and Xbox One.

The PUBG Sanhok map is now part of the full rotation of maps in PUBG Xbox and PC, bringing chaotic action in close quarters to the game. In this PUBG Sanhok map guide, we'll be walking you through all you need to know about the new map, so you can compete with the top level of players on the smallest map yet.

As of June 22, the PUBG Sanhok Event Pass has finally launched in Battlegrounds, bringing with it a bunch of brand new challenges and reward items. Head over to our complete PUBG Event Pass guide, if you want to full walkthrough of how much the pass costs, as well as all the new items you can earn.

PUBG Sanhok Map Guide Tips and Tricks

As you can probably tell thanks to the '4x4 map' nickname, the PUBG Sanhok map is incredibly small. The 4x4 name is actually how large the map is, and you can expect close quarters all across the Sanhok map, moving in between tropical buildings, beach fronts, and jungles with rapid pace.

These 4x4 dimensions mean the PUBG Sanhok map is exactly a quarter of the size of the Miramar map, which comes in at 8x8. As such, you can expect games of PUBG on the Sanhok map to be a lot shorter than they are on either Erangel or Miramar. You’ll be running into other players a lot more on the Sanhok island map, and we personally saw more players in one game on Sanhok than most games on either Erangel or Miramar.

Sanhok for PUBG on Xbox One and PC has generally been designed to have a tropical island feel to it, and as you can see from the screenshots littered throughout this guide, the whole environment is a vibrant green. As such, the dark clothing of players stands out a whole lot against this backdrop, and so we’d recommend moving quickly around the Sanhok map while you’re on the run, as you generally won’t be camouflaged by going prone against the ground.

PUBG Sanhok Map Vehicles and Weapons

Vehicles are the same as usual on the new PUBG Sanhok map, but just like gunfire, they’re going to draw a whole lot of attention no matter where you’re using them on the island, as the map is so small. We’d recommend staying away from vehicles unless absolutely necessary, and we’d also recommend prioritising weapons that you can attach a silencer to over all overs, even if this means throwing away weapons that you’ve got scopes or ammo for.

PUBG Sanhok Dynamic Weather System

Aside from the obvious feature of the new Sanhok map on the PUBG Experimental Test Server, there’s also the addition of dynamic weather for the first time in the game. While this is purely on the Experimental Test Server (for now), it definitely mixes up the flow of the game, as you can start out with a sunny game and be shrouded in the fog by the end of the match.

Make sure to use this dynamic weather system to your advantage wherever you are on the new Sanhok map for PUBG. If it’s foggy or raining and you’ve got reduced visibility, make sure to take risks of running across open ground, like you perhaps normally wouldn’t if the weather was sunny.

This might be the conclusion of our PUBG Sanhok beta map guide, but head over to our PUBG Vehicles locations guide for more, or our complete PUBG weapon stats guide for breakdowns of every weapon in the game.

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