Monster Hunter World Iceborne - How to Defeat the Tigrex

Monster Hunter World Iceborne - How to Defeat the Tigrex

Here's our Monster Hunter World Tigrex guide, including all attacks, weaknesses, armor sets, and more.

The new Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World has no shortage of ferocious monsters, and the Tigrex certainly fits the bill. In this complete Monster Hunter World Tigrex guide, we'll be walking you through everything you need to know about the beast, including attacks patterns, weaknesses, and more.

Iceborne Tigrex Guide

The main thing you need to know about the Tigrex is that it's quick. You'll notice a pattern for the beasts in Monster Hunter World Iceborne: they're all incredibly strong and incredibly quick, which is going to make bringing them down a bit of a nightmare.

One thing to note about the Tigrex is that it's a neutral beast. This means it doesn't have any elemental attacks whatsoever, so when you're choosing armor items to equip before you head into battle with the Tigrex, just pick the armor set with the highest overall defensive value.

Tigrex Attacks

The Tigrex doesn't have a massive variety of attacks at its disposal, but all of them can inflict some serious damage. Firstly, and most commonly, the Tigrex will whip its entire body around if you're standing either to the side of it or behind it for too long, but this can be avoided by a simple back dodge.

If you stand back from the Tigrex, you'll get one of two attacks. The Tigrex will either send three boulders towards you with one quick motion from its claw, or it'll lunge at you with its jaw wide open. Both attacks are fairly easy to dodge, and you can vault straight above both attacks if you're using an Insect Glaive.

Alternatively, the Tigrex loves to use both its claws to stampede across the battlefield, which covers a lot of ground very quickly. If you see the Tigrex begin to whack its claws on the ground, move either behind it or away from it entirely, because it can string well over four of these stomping attacks together in a row.

Tigrex Weaknesses

The Tigrex might not have any elemental attacks, but it does have elemental weaknesses. The Tigrex is weak to both fire and thunder elements, and one weapon in particular that's pretty easy to craft is the Firedance Rathmaul Insect Glaive, if you've got some experience with that particular weapon type.

Tigrex Armor

In terms of the armor you can craft from Tigrex-related items, there's two choices as usual. Below, we'll list out the perks of both the Tigrex Alpha and Beta armor sets.

  • Tigrex Alpha Set - 710 total defense, 10 Fire, -15 Thunder, -10 Dragon.
  • Tigrex Helm Alpha - Attack Boost 2, Earplugs 2.
  • Tigrex Mail Alpha - Earplugs 2, Free Meal 1.
  • Tigrex Braces Alpha - Speed Eating 2, Attack Boost 2.
  • Tigrex Tassets Alpha - Earplugs 1, Free Meal 1.
  • Tigrex Greaves Alpha - Speed Eating 1, Free Meal 1.
The Tigrex Alpha armor set. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom
  • Tigrex Beta Set - 710 total defense, 10 Fire, -15 Thunder, -10 Dragon.
  • Tigrex Helm Beta - Attack Boost 1, Earplugs 1.
  • Tigrex Mail Beta - Earplugs 2.
  • Tigrex Braces Beta - Speed Eating 2, Attack Boost 1.
  • Tigrex Tassets Beta - Earplugs 1.
  • Tigrex Greaves - Speed Eating 1.
The Tigrex Beta armor set. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

If you're only just getting started with the new Iceborne expansion, then we'd suggest checking out our complete Monster Hunter World Iceborne beginner's guide. Alternatively, you can head over to our MHW Iceborne clutch claw guide, our MHW Iceborne Barioth guide or MHW Iceborne Tigrex guide for complex beasts, our MHW Iceborne Master Rank guide, or our MHW Iceborne Hoarfrost Reach camps guide for more.

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